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  • Take Me To Church - Hozier
    "My lover's got humour She's the giggle at a funeral Knows everybody's disapproval I should've worshiped her sooner If the heavens ever did speak She's the last true mouthpiece Every Sunday's getting more"
  • From Eden - Hozier
    "Babe, there's something tragic about you Something so magic about you Don't you agree? Babe, there's something lonesome about you Something so wholesome about you Get closer to me No tired sighs, no"
  • Work Song - Hozier
    "Boys workin on empty Is that the kinda way to face the burning heat? I just think about my baby I'm so full of love I could barely eat There's nothing sweeter than my baby I never want once from the cherry"
  • Someone New - Hozier
    "Go take this the wrong way, You knew who I was every step that I ran to you, Only blue or black days, Electing strange perfections in any stranger I choose. Would things be easier if there was a right"
  • Jackie And Wilson - Hozier
    "So tired trying to see from behind the red in my eyes, No better version of me I could pretend to be tonight. So deep in this swill with the most familiar of swine For reasons wretched and divine. She"
  • Cherry Wine - Hozier
    "Her eyes and words are so icy, but she burns Like rum on a fire Hot and fast and angry as she can be I walk my days on a wire It looks ugly, but it's clean Mamma, don't fuss over me When she tells me"
  • Better Love - Hozier
    "To the wild and to the both of us I confessed alone and I was dreaming of Some better love, but there's no better..."
  • Shrike - Hozier
    "I couldn’t utter my love when it counted but I’m singing like a bird about it now I could whisper when you needed it shouted but I’m singing like a bird about it now the light’s on above but never would"
  • Nina Cried Power (ft. Mavis Staples) - Hozier
    "it’s not the wakin’ it’s the risin’ it is the grounding of a foot uncompromising it’s not forgoin’ of the lie it’s not the openin’ of eyes it’s not the wakin’ it’s the risin’ it’s not the shade we should"
  • Movement - Hozier
    "i still watch you when you’re moving as if through water from the bottom of a pool you’re moving without movement when you move I’m moved you are a call to motion there’s all of you avert in perfect"
  • Almost (Sweet Music) - Hozier
    "i came in from the outside burned out from a joyride she likes to roll here in my ashes anyway played from the besides Stella by starlight there was my heart the drums that start off night and day the"
  • Dinner & Diatribes - Hozier
    "Honey, this club here is stuck up Dinner and diatribes I knew it from the first look of The look of mischief in your eyes Your friends are a fate that befell me Head is the talking type I'd suffer"
  • Guys And Dolls - Sesame Street
    "Spoken: Cookie Monster: Good evening, and welcome to Monsterpiece Theatre. Me your host, Alistair Cookie. Tonight, me present good old-fashioned musical called, "Guys and Dolls". It all about guys and"
  • The Four Seasons - Sesame Street
    "Grover: "Yoo-hoo! It is I, your little stage manager! Tell me when to drop the snow!" Prairie: "Get back, Grover! Everyone can see you!" Grover: (aside) "Sorry." Prairie, in singsong voice: "Oh, welcome."
  • Together We'll Make Music - Sesame Street
    "Herry Monster: Hi, we're here with our friend, Garth Brooks! Assorted Monsters: Garth Brooks! Yeah! All right! Herry: We're gonna sing a song together! Assorted Monsters: Sing! Yeah! Garth Brooks:"
  • The Limerick Song (Come On And Sing Along With Me) - Sesame Street
    "Susan: Don't shout grouchy Oscar don't shout That's not what our singing's about So if you can't take The noise that we make Go back to your trashcan and pout All: Ooooh, ABC, 123, pigs in a tree"
  • Brush Brush Boogie - Sesame Street
    "Maria: You use a brush to brush your hair Singers: Brush brush boogie Luis: You use a brush to paint a chair Singers: Brush brush boogie Maria: Hair Singers: Brush brush Luis: Chair Singers: Brush"
  • You Tickle Me - Sesame Street
    "Elmo: La la la do-dee do-dee ba da da da Frazzle: Ya da bada da! All: You tickle me You-ou-ou-ou tickle me You make me laugh, I'm happy as can be, 'cause You tickle me (Zoe laughs) Baby Bear:"
  • High School Slow Dance - Drowningman
    "I've got the stages, everytime I try to touch you, that's what it's like. I've got the something. I can't even breathe, they built a shelf on my neck and my back. I've got the stages. I can't even say"
  • You Moon - Sesame Street
    "Moon moon moon moon moon Moon m-moon m-moon Moon moon moon moon moon Moon m-moon m-moon Zoe: You moon! You are so big and so bright We see you mostly at night We love to watch you You moon! Elmo: You"

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