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hymn brazyliiumma isis

  • Isis - Alaska Y Dinarama
    "A veces me pierdo no se donde estoy un da aparezco en medio del gran caón trasmigración. Mi karma se altera nirvana fatal el hilo se afloja cuando comienza mi viaje astral litigio sideral Rocas, cenizas corderos"
  • Isis - Bob Dylan
    "I married Isis on the fifth day of May But I could not hold on to her very long So I cut off my hair and I rode straight away For the wild unknown country where I could not go wrong. I came to a high"
  • Isis - Faun
    "Ich hre deine Stimme in dem Wind Ich schliee die Augen, denn ich war blind Ich falte die Hnde, die Reise beginnt Ich hre deine Stimme in dem Wind Ich hre mich rufen, ich lache dabei Ich sehe die Wolken,"
  • Hymn - Hymn USA
    "Oh say can you see, by the dawn's early light, What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming? Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight, O'er the ramparts we watched, were"
  • Isis/Osiris - Xandria
    "I am birth - I am death Just an elusive symbol For eternal come and go For come and go Never, no never the day will go down on me Within knowing him by my side Sothis, o Sothis, don't pass me again Before"
  • Isis Veiled - Tear Garden
    "They're closing in I switched the pictures Painted all the walls I hung the medals Hid the magazines As caped crusaders crawled Down Freedom Street Guns of Liberation Ushered in the dawn One guy wears"
  • Isis And Osiris - Ayreon
    "''(A. Let The Journey Begin)'' HIGHLANDER: What heathen place is this that I've arrived in? Is now the time I pay for all my sins? I can't believe that this is God's creation This realm was fashioned"
  • Isis And Osiris - Star One
    "(Russell:) What heathen place is this that I've arrived in Is now the time I pay for all my sins I can't believe that this is God's creation This realm was fashioned by the Deil's ane hand (Floor:) No"
  • Hymn - Ke$ha (Kesha)
    "Even the stars and the moon don’t shine quite light like we do dreamers searching for the truth go on read about us in the news pretty reckless pretty wild talking shit and we’ll just smile don’t you"
  • The Isis Script - My Dying Bride
    "You know they lied. To us they lied. Remember them? The final words. All these years. All these fears. Remember them? Ancient words. We'll take it from you when we like. You will suffer for nothing in"
  • Isis and Osiris - Xandria
    "I am birth - I am death I'm an elusive symbol For eternal come and go For come and go I have come - I have gone I have shown you moira And her restless re-creation Your own re-creation Never, no"
  • Hymn - Big Head Todd And The Monsters
    "The city is spread Reach to the heavens This cloud cover breathing soft and rain Yes I'm good looking Yes I have money Don't it count for nothing over there. The snow falls dirty We watch our blue t.v. Educated"
    "mamy swój własny hymn kiedy nie nawet bali się zacząć mamy swój własny styl kiedy inni nawet nie wiedza za co możemy żyć możemy żyć możemy szyć za to nie płacąc możemy być wszędzie ale płacą za to pracą ty"
  • Hymn - Taylor Dayne
    "One true love All the soul can know One true heart Yearning to belong Wild is like the wind Blowing me around Chasing all my fears Keeping my trust down Now I see you here And my love has come alive Turn"
  • Hymn - Andy Stochansky
    "Fly down back by to my arms And sing your songs about the stars And when you're done, just be a bird There's nothing else, just be a bird And rest your song against the night And close your eyes, put out"
  • Hymn - Barclay James Harvest, The
    "Barclay James Harvest, The Gone To Earth Hymn Valley's deep and the mountain's so high If you want to see god you've got to move on the other side You stand up there with your head in the clouds Don't"
  • Hymn - Kaczmarski, Gintrowski & Lapinski
    "Kto w twierdzy wyrósł po co mu ogrody Kto krew ma w oczach nie zniesie błękitu Sytość zabije nawykłych do głodu Myśl upodlona nie dźwignie zaszczytów Kto się ukrywał szczuty i tropiony Nigdy nie będzie"
  • Hymn - Duncan Sheik
    "All the storms and oceans All the sheltering sky All this earth and she and I Wait until it happens Wait, the moment will come Wait, but all those are already one And she asks me How many sunrises Will"
  • Hymn - Brooke Fraser
    "If to distant lands I scatter If I sail to farthest seas Would you find and firm and gather 'til I only dwell in Thee? If I flee from greenest pastures, would you look for me? Forfeit glory to come after 'Til"
  • Hymn - Jars Of Clay
    "Oh refuge of my hardened heart Oh fast pursuing lover come As angels dance 'round Your throne My life by captured fare You own Not silhouette of trodden faith Nor death shall not my steps be guide I'll"

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