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i' m walking at the park marillion

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i' m walking at the park marillion

  • Walking Thru The Park - House Of Large Sizes
    "Walking through the park I was reminded of the time You was left Flowers hangin' in your hair I tell you man I was a little scared Of you Now I'm feeling just forbidding a wandering lusty thought What"
  • At The Park - Field Mob
    "(Hook - Chevy P aka Smoke) Rollin slow on molten 30's gold over my pearlies See a lady I get flirty this is how we do it in the dirty At the paaarrrrk Sunday at the paaarrrrk (Verse 1 - Shawn Jay) Now"
  • Amusement park - Faye Wong
    "The cigarette is no longer fragrant, how can it be smoked? The lights are no longer bright, how can I see the photos? That double bed cannot resolve too many desires I might as well find a place where"
  • Abney Park - Abney Park
    "Darkness, the streets of London he searched for souls Alone he'd never achieve his lofty goals Peasants and beggars he found to aid his plans Train them & give them the strength to share his lands Welcome"
  • Pablo At The Park - Aeon Spoke
    "Fading in the afterglow I wrinkle in my mind another fear With ears beside the bedroom door I close my eyes to keep inside the tears The question of its worth won't iron out It's tearing at the very thing"
  • Walking - Bosson
    "I pass some kids down at the playground I see two lovebirds holding hands And there's an old man that I meet earch day He's drinking the finest brand I am walking In the middle of the street of life I"
  • Walking - October Fall
    "She checks her watch It's just past four She's walking into the liquor store She's inside out And quick to dream With empty pockets she can barely breathe And she waits And she waits Doesn't"
  • The Park - Ol' Dirty Bastard
    "(feat. Coolio) Yeah, youknowhatI'msayin, to you? I was in Riker's Island, youknowhatI'msayin? High impact, youknowhatI'msayin? They they had me pickin cigarettes (SLAM!) A thousand cigarettes up off"
  • Nightfall At Electric Park - Great Lakes Myth Society
    "The lilacs hum against my Schwinn. There! Lions wait In the sweet faded grass. Thunder tumbling and Rising with the moon Revolving gates, I slip past. Down to Electric Park, Warmer winds are blowing. Twilight"
  • Park - Mustard Plug
    "last call one second left a minute maybe more too many complications ive forgotten what its for my own consistency has kept me straight in line i know ive often come here i just cant recall the time when you"
  • Park - Uriah Heep
    "Let me walk awhile alone among the sacred rocks and stones. Let me look in vain belief upon the beauty of each leaf. There is green in every blade. The treetops lean, providing shade. They are spining"
  • Theme Park - The Tubes
    "I'm goin' to the theme park Lookin' for a thrill Gonna stay 'til they close it 'Til I get my fill Spinning on a Tilt-A-Whirl Nothin' like it in this world Close your eyes and hold on tight We can"
  • Palisades Park - The Ramones
    "Written by Chuck Barris, who later created and starred in TV's "Gong Show" Last night I took a walk after dark A swingin' place called Palisades Park To have some fun and see what I could see That's where"
  • Palisades Park - The Beach Boys
    "Run run runnin' all the rides are runnin' Run run runnin' all the rides are runnin' Last night I took a walk in the dark A steamin' place called Palisades Park Turned around to see what I could see That's"
  • Walking Through The Park - Muddy Waters
    "I'm goin' out walkin', walking down through the park I'm gonna walk in the moonlight, till the night gets dark I'm goin' out walkin', along the old avenue I'm gonna walk for so long, till she won't know"
  • Meet Me At Washington Park - Broadway Calls
    "your voice it breaks followed by laughter i smile and watch my friends surround her let's go outside breathe in the night air washington park is warm i'll meet you there and we know wisdom comes at a"
  • Itchycoo Park - M People
    "(Marriott/Lane) (If you reach on high - do it. If you reach on high) (If you reach) Over bridge of sighs, to rest my eyes in shades of green under dreaming spires to Itchycoo Park. That's where I've"
  • Walking Out - Srbuk
    "who are you what you really do when you have to fight the agony that’s aiming back at you who are you who you run to depend, defend, hope on can you function on your own are you from those who will swallow"
  • Holland Park - Michael Ball
    "(R. Kerr/F. Musker) Walking through Holland Park Where romantic poets have left their mark The time of year, the way I feel I dream of you, the dream is real I watch the flowers grow Change their"
  • Theme Park - Tubes
    "I'm goin' to the theme park Lookin' for a thrill Gonna stay 'til they close it 'Til I get my fill Spinning on a Tilt-A-Whirl Nothin' like it in this world Close your eyes and hold on tight We can"

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