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i an albatros

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i an albatros
  • Nieznani Albatros
    "Miedziane niebo, słońca wściekły krzyk, Piekielna cisza w pustych żaglach tkwi. Ref.: Aaaaaa - cisza to śmierć, Aaaaaa - cisza, trzeba wiatru nam. Zbłąkaną strzałą ptak raniony padł, Zdrętwiało morze,"
  • Fernando Express Mit dem albatros nach suden
    "Rot war der Mond, still war das Meer, damals am schneeweien Strand, da warn die Sterne so weit, der Abschied so lang, in der Nacht als mein Herz zu Dir fand. Mit dem Albatros nach Sden mchte ich ziehn`,"
  • Bayer Full Beata z Albatrosa
    "Siedem dziewcząt z Albatrosa, Tyś jedyna Dziś pozostał mi po Tobie smutek - żal Miałaś wtedy siedemnaście lat dziewczyno W Augustowie pierwszy raz ujrzałem Cię A na imię miałaś właśnie Beata Piękne imię"
  • Janusz Laskowski Beata z Albatrosa
    "Siedem dziewcząt z Albatrosa, Tyś jedyna,Dziś pozostał mi po Tobie smutek - żal,Miałaś wtedy siedemnaście lat dziewczyno,W Augustowie pierwszy raz ujrzałem Cię. A na imię miałaś właśnie Beata,Piękne imię"
  • Albatros Africa
    "[00:08.55]You know [00:10.32]I never realized [00:13.42]That a world so incredibly far away [00:17.67]As Africa [00:20.60]Could be so closed to me. [00:24.66] [00:27.49]Look where we are right know [00:31.21]On"
  • Xuxa An
  • Enya An
    "(Sindarin) O mr henion i dhu: Ely siriar, l sla Ai! Anron Undómiel Tiro! El eria e mr I 'lir en l luitha 'uren Ai! Anron... Translation From darkness I understand the night: dreams flow, a star shines. Ah!"
  • Timbalada An
    "Quando angua ia A malha vinha Via Quando Aparecida aparecia Lia Se voc no entrar nessa ciranda O que ser no tarde no Que ser noite e o corao badalador Vai se rimar, amar com seu mimar Vai se rimar,"
  • IAMX An I for An I
    "You owe it to the willing souls, To the white light. Double bluff and figure: An Eye for an Eye. We go into the TV, To the motherland smile, Apocalypse and rapture psyche in: An Eye For An Eye. If you're"
  • Bella Morte I For An I
    "Here is life Don't think that I don't care because I Can't remember A time before A life went passing by me leaving so Many questions Here is life And what I've lost means more with Every fleeting moment The"
  • The Tragically Hip An Inch An Hour
    "i want a book that'll make me drunk full of freaks and disenfranchised punks no amount of hate, no load of junk no bag of words, no costume trunk could make me feel the same way an inch an hour, two feet"
  • Clannad An Gleann
    "Dul sos an gleann trthnóna arir D'imigh an scth an ton a 'tslibh An drcht 'na lu ar bharr an fhir An soal uilig 'nagcodhladh D'imigh an sctch as ton a 'tslibh Gan boal ar bith go maidin Drn an duche seo Ó"
  • Seventy 7 An Angel
    "I can feel you as an angel of my dreams Stay right with me listen to my calling I can feel you as an angel of my dreams I just need you to never feel alone Angel, you are my angel, you are my angel I"
  • So They Say An apology
    "Constant slow moving ocean, Can you hear me? Do you fear me? Can witches' magic potions ever cure me And make heaven seem so dangerous but so safe? Could wind blow through the trees And make light seem"
  • Kelly Family An Angel
    "I wish I had your pair of wings Had them last night in my dreams I was chasing butterflies Till the sunrise broke my eyes Tonight the sky has glued my eyes Cause what they see's an angel hive I've got"
  • The Kelly Family An Angel
    "I wish I had your pair of wings Had them last night in my dreams I was chasing butterflies Till the sunrise broke my eyes Tonight the sky has glued my eyes Cause what they sees an angel hive Ive got to"
  • Rheostatics An Offer
    "Tim Vesely See what I have to offer, and take your time. Then maybe make an offer that makes you mine. You reason hard and sober, that's half way true. Then after you've had your water, I wine, I wine. I"
  • Agathocles An Abstract
    "Love is an abstract Because it's so unreal Love is something Something I just can't feel. Is there something magic? When two people kiss, Is there something wonderful, That I should have missed? I call"
  • Negative An Ornament
    "Don't say "I'm sorry" again Doesn't give you the right To be someone else Would be pleased to love and share But inside I'm locked I can't even cry Love only matters When it comes to the end Love only"
  • Dervish An T-
    "T sciln nua 'gam le h-insint dóibhse Crsa spóirt agus comhr d ll bre gleoite do chuireas i mo phóca 'S ni bhfuaras romham ach prtn sl Ó mo thurse mar shileann mo shile Indiaidh an ll ud a bh bre bu An"

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