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id love you

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id love you
  • NOFX Id
    "One night, I fell asleep A man dressed in black in front of me I said "whatcha going to do to me?" He said "I'm gonna set you free." From all the pressures of society From all your responsibilities, your"
  • Michelle Branch Id rather be in love
    "I can not help it ,couldnt stop it if i triedthe same old heart beat, theres an emptyness i have insideand i heard that you cant fight love so i wont complaincoz why would i stop the fire that keeps me"
  • Wondermints My Id / Entity
    "(N. Walusko) Now can you fill this here cavity Warm and dark--this sick gravity I'm thinking about the things that you pulled from me And what they've grown up to be But I want you so, I don't"
  • Pearl Jam I God Id
    "My lips are shakin' my nails are bit off Been a month since I've heard myself talk All the advantage this life's got on me Picture a cup in the middle of the sea And I fight back in my mind Never"
  • England Dan & John Ford Coley Id Really Love To See You Tonight
    "Met you on a springtime day You were mindin' your life And I was mindin' mine, too Lady when you looked my way I had a strange sensation And, darlin' that's when I knew... That it's sad to belong to"
  • Karyn White ID Rather Be Alone
    "Mmm...mmm... I dont wanna be a fool, I dont wanna be a fool for love No, no, I wont, no Hey, no, ooh... I know that people do go through changes, yeah But this just dont make no damn sense If were gonna"
  • Chicken Shack Id Rather Go Blind
    "Something told me it was over when I saw you and him talking Something deep down in my soul said "Cry boy" when I saw you and him out walking I would rather, I would rather go blind girl than to see"
  • Little Texas Id Hold On To Her..
    "Yes I had my chance, my one shot at true romance.. Only a fool would let it slip through his hands.. So take it from the the one who dreams about the way things were.. If i were you id hold on to her.. Ive"
  • Alvin Lee Id Love To Change The World
    "I'd Love to Change the World (Alvin Lee) Every where is / Dykes and Fairys Freaks and Hairys. Tell me where's their sanity? Tax the Rich / Feed the Poor Till there are no / Rich no more. Chorus (I'd love"
  • Rita Coolidge Id Rather Leave While Im In Love
    "You've got a smile so bright You know, you could've been a candle I'm holding you so tight You know, you could've been a handle The way you swept me off my feet You know, you could've been a broom The"
  • Turner Core Alpha Id
    "I'm finding out patience doesn't grow on trees. You're welcome here if you're welcoming me! Why's it so hard to give out your trust, I can barely trust myself. Come save me! Come find me! The inner system"
  • Moloko The id
    "Mumma don't you turn away just because i've gone astray out of the fire and into the frying pan this is the story of a sorry man i have been known to deviate myself from the path that is set but let us"
  • Of Montreal Id Engager
    "(Ahh, yeah!) (Is it my concord on the alter?) (Looks good!) (Ahh ah Ahh ah Ahh ha ha ha!) (Talking to myself?) (One, two, three, four) Ooh ahh (4x) He's just a slutty little flirt and sister he's only"
  • Cast Look What It Did To My Id
    "Somebody's after me, I can't pretend to be Something I know I'm not And when they come for me - I'll just let them be 'Cause all that I need today, is all I need Chorus: I just wanna be thinking thoughts"
  • Steve Hackett Ego And Id
    "Heard you on the radio (You) sounded very strange Voices in the distance Way beyond my range Tried to call the station Panicked and I ran Tried to find the moment When you and I began Looking in the"
  • Pascal Obispo Le Chanteur Id
    "Un peu de rve Un peu d'espoir On est dans l'arne Des faiseurs de gloire A la semaine, et la chaine Une belle histoire Un conte de fes A qui en vouloir De vouloir aimer De rclamer, et d'acclamer Refrain"
  • Easy E Id Rather Fuck With You
    "Aaaah, this is one of them songs you can kick back and smoke a joint to And get real fucked up I like to dedicate this one to all the lovely young ladies out there Oh me? I'm Eazy E, alias a Hoe Taming"
  • Bernard Lavilliers Id
    "Il se lve, c'est l'heure, crase son mgotDans sa tasse de caf, teint la stroEteint le lampadaire, teint le plafonnierEteint dans la cuisine, met la scuritUn couloirUne porteUn litC'est la nuitQuelques pills"
  • Grzegorz Turnau Id
    "Idę cienistą stroną ulicy,a ty słoneczną a ty słonecznąpłyniesz w obłoczku zwiewnej spódnicystopą taneczną stopą taneczną.Idziesz słoneczna, sama, jak właśnierozkwitły z pąka liść,że idącemu cieniem jest"
  • Halina Fr Id
    "Niewiele mogę daćBo niewiele mam już dziśCoraz szybciej biegnie czasLedwie zaznaczając dniLecz podzielę sięDziś z Tobą tym co mamKażdą myślą słowem dobrym i złymKrzykiem ciszy kołyszącym jak PsalmKażdą"

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