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if i just

  • Just - Henry Ate
    "Lately I've been thinking what if I was wrong And the world never meant you and I to belong We'd have wasted so much time building castles in the sky Only to watch them all fall down Would it be all of"
  • If i - Modern Talking
    "All friends are gone, my heart it burns like fire When the night comes falling, falling from the sky I was wrong, how could I lose my desire How many times can we say goodbye Love is a sacrifice You have"
  • If i - Brandy
    "I don't understand why I'm crazy over you I don't know what to do I don't understand why I'm crazy over you (ooh) I don't know what to do If I had to I would give up everything Just to feel and be with"
  • If I - Strange Celebrity
    "I could stand and look at you forever While other lifetimes pass me by Well it'd be worth the wait To have one chance to see your face And catch a glimpse of your smile And I would run I could fly If I"
  • If I - Giles
    "If I if i was a young boy ready to die whould u bring pain whit tears hoping i'd lurn to fly hopin the angels whould bring me hope and pride so i couldnt say goodbye but should i still b afraide but"
  • If I - Justin Timberlake ft. T.I.
    "This is for the girls who get tipsy But never get too drunk This is for the girls who dance sexy But never show too much This is for the girls who get tipsy But never get too drunk This is for the girls"
  • If I... - Foxy Brown
    "Uhh, c'mon yeah Brooklyn, Brook-lyn, take it back, take it back If I... Fox Boogie, ragtop six drop Get caught, think not, light Brown Cause we're not to be stopped If I... I came up fast in this crap"
  • If - Insane Clown Posse
    "in order, for one to metamorphasize, from one's inner self being projected out into the astral plane and to rematerialize into an inanamite object or another living organism for that matter is entirely"
  • If - ICP
    "In order, for one to metamorphasize, from ones inner self being projected out intoThe astral plane and to rematerialize into an inanamite object or another livingOrganism for that matter is entirely and"
  • If - House Of Heroes
    "I could be in love if you wore that dress every day With your hair just so and your eyes of grey You'd make a beautiful bird on a line A beautiful bride of Frankenstein A beautiful drop of iodine If you"
  • If - Bananarama
    "Do you believe In what you see I need to know cos you come and you go as you please All I'm asking for Is a little more Just do a little bit more cos I need to be sure Hey hey amor Give me what I'm waiting"
  • If - Kelly Price
    "If I Could Love You If You Had Came Into My Life Before If I Could Turn And Walk Away I Would If I Could But I Can't So Please Understand If I Could Kiss You If I Could Hold You In My Arms Awhile If"
  • If - R.Kelly
    "I mean everybody say "What if." What if I could fly? What if man could fly for real? Wouldn't that be something? Man I would surely touch the sky if I could just fly. You know we have our dreams, we"
  • If - Two
    "Get out Come on and get out I can see that my hands are big And my life is really small I have everything wrapped up tight But I can't squeeze in this box Get out Come on and get out The more I do seems"
  • If - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    "And if I had a clue I'd know exactly what do to If I were the wiser of the two And if I saw it all so clear I'd write it down and bend your ear If I were the clearer of the two We can take a walk Into"
  • If - Destiny's Child
    "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh If I Don't Pick Up The Phone Like I Use To (For You) Don't You take It Personal If I Don't Do I All The Things That I Use To (To You) I Ain't Mad At You If You Get To Feeling"
  • If - Pogodno
    "Stop, have a time If I tell you what I'm feeling mmm, you're smily optimistic (lub your smile is so tasty ?:) ) If I tell you what I'm feeling I think that the most important thing is respect to the other"
  • If - Beyonce
    "He's always laughing And flirting with me And you act like you don't even care As a matter of fact You've been real distant lately Acting like i'm not even there He says that you Don't deserve a girl like"
  • If - Case
    "If you want me Just whisper, you could let me know Letting all my feelings go Don't want to be in love alone If you need me What you need to do is let me go And if I come back you know How wrong it feels"
  • If - Master P
    "(feat. Curren$y, Souya) Yeah shorty, we could be like Bonnie & Clyde, ya heard Go out there and get this paper You wit it? (yeah I'm wit it) Then let's ride then (alright) If them people find that"

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