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ignea planet war

  • Planet Earth - Reset
    "Planet earth is abused You know we're to blame Symposium shows it's not too late Constant threat, Nuclear war Corrective measures await us all Staring death, In the face The end of the human race No it's"
  • Poison Planet - Corrosion Of Conformity
    "Because you're old and rich You don't care about this earth Only about your filthy profits Poisoned Planet nuclear war It's not you're problem anymore The problems belong to your generation The consequences"
  • Planet Earth - Prince
    "Imagine holding Planet Earth In the palm of your hand With no regard for your place of birth Or claim to any land The only thing between us now is the truth we understand If Planet Earth was in the palm"
  • Planet earth - The Ramones
    "The solution to peace isn't clear the terrorist Thret is a modern fear there are no jobs for the young They turn to crime turn to drugs battle ships crowd the sea 16 year old in the army our jails are"
  • Save The Planet - White Skull
    "Look at the sky now can your richness buy it all ? There's no price you can state or politicians to pay No million dollars spent And i raise my head and Look for happiness but I can't statr i can't stop I"
  • Fistfucking God's Planet - Marduk
    "Dethrone the son The crucified one Dead and begotten Unfortunately forgotten Death on the cross Life was your loss You fell from Roman hands In thy holy land Still your words are being preached But now"
  • Light The Planet - INXS
    "Oh yeah Light it up There's no love where There's no life Where it's dark And we fuss and fight We've gotta lighten up We've gotta open up Everybody Gotta light the world up Any man Ain't that bad Neither"
  • Planet Earth 1988 - Ramones
    "The solution to peace isn't clear The terrorist threat is a modern fear There are no jobs for the young They turn to crime and turn to drugs Battle ships crowd the sea 16 year olds in the army Our jails"
  • The Daily Planet - Love
    "Verse 1: In the morning we arise and Start the day the same old way As yesterday the day before and All in all it's just a day like All the rest so do your best"
  • Planet - The Sugarcubes
    "Bjrk The universe it is so big, I feel dizzy when I think about it, My head swims I get giddy, Still I realize that long ago, It was so small I could have kept it, Underneath my little skirt, At least"
  • Planet - Kyte
    "Silence and suffering speaks the most The deep heavy feeling hot and cold Stop with the worst as you wait for the shallow And chase after castles like there's no tomorrow Sometimes dust flies up Hold"
  • Planet Of The Apes - Raekwon
    "(feat. Capone & Sheek Louch) I just had to say that right there Rae I just have to say you my nigga, understand? It don't get no realer than this, man Let's slow the fuck down You gettin' like a hundred"
  • Planet - Martinho Da Vila
    "Vem c amor Vem depressa olhar Uma onda grande Que vem l do mar E l no cu Uma lua nua Ilumina o campo Ilumina a rua E voc que minha energia Meu cantar de galo Minha poesia Meu entardecer Minha estrela"
  • Psycho-Time-Bomb-Planet-Earth - Pretty Maids
    "Purify my soul Someone clear my eyes Tell me if the grass looks greener On the other side 1994 Rotten to the core Power seeking parasites Outside your door Who'll offend you Bend you Condemn you Tell"
  • The Wildest Planet In Space - Acid Drinkers
    "First World War ... Second World War ... Third World War ... Fourth World War ... War between the big and small War between long hairs and skins War over nothing but shit War between the fat and thin They"
  • War machine - Chinchilla
    "I'm listening to the latest news, I cant believe its trueThe spokesman told and it will be, they fight for holy war15 minutes time to go or for their last showThis would be the end of all. The devils leave"
  • War Nerve - Pantera
    "Truly, fuck the world, For all it's worth, Every inch of planet Earth, Fuck myself, Don't leave me out, But don't get involved, Don't corner me Inside, ulcer, Unjust bastards, File out face first Meet"
  • War - Modern Life Is War
    "Between the world and me Pressure-splitting seams Imminent danger in the headlines Glamour on the T.V. Chasing fools gold Growing cold Drowning in anxiety Lack of reason Pushing symbols and clever phrasing False"
  • War Pimp Renaissance - Lard
    "War Pimp Renaissance War Pimp Renaissance War Pimp Renaissance War Pimp Renaissance Yippee Tai-Yai-Yai Yo Evil Commie empire's gone Yippee Tai-Yai-Yai Yay Now we're the only one Let there be peace on"
  • Observer To The Obliteration Of Planet Earth - Cephalic Carnage
    "Aliens hover in space Observing the human race Studying who to abduct Past abductees will be sought And now about me I'm a serial killer Demon of the earth Should have been killed through aborted birth Molesting"

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