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  • Ta - Jarecki
    "Tańcz, tańcz, tańcz, kiedy muzyka gra. Tańcz, tańcz, tańcz, pokasz na co Cię stać. Tańcz, tańcz, tańcz, nie ma co się dzisiaj spierać. Ratujemy się bez słów (...?...) Hotelowa"
  • In umbra ta - Praf in ochi
    "M-am decis. Oricum n-am de ales Viata-mi pare fara sens (Eu ma pierd fara tine, am sa cad in umbra ta) Te vei trezi, ma vei simti Atat de aproape Si zi de zi, te voi gasi Voi fi mereu in umbra ta Si nu"
  • Ta ta wayo wayo - The Cars
    "Hot sun in the city And the symphony is clear The girls are so pretty Post card souvenir. I feel it coming on Hot sun in the city I feel it coming on. But the joints are still ripping All faces aglow The"
  • Umbrela Ta - Akcent
    "Si stelele-mi zambesc cand esti aici Si raze ma privesc cand ma atingi Si ploi nu ma gasescCand sunt langa tine Lumea imi spune ca daSe vede chiar de aici ce mult va iubiti Se mira chiar si ea, ai ochii"
  • Ta Rasss - Nine
    "(nine) Ta rasss, who you think you playin with? It's the nine and I'm on some old word to jah type shit Flavor, spits from the larynx, check cd's Cassettes, brings checks up in my rest Mirror, mirror"
  • Privirea Ta - Dj Project
    "I: Mi se pare ciudat Zile intregi au trecut, tu nu m-ai sunat Nu vreau sa ma gandesc N-ai sa fii langa mine cand ma trezesc Iara stau si citesc, Stropi de ploaie de geam usor se lovesc Cu noaptea"
  • Lumea Ta - Dj Project
    "Te caut prin vise dar nu esti tu E doar un strain sau poate nu El nu ma iubeste si nu ma gaseste Intr-o alta poveste cum faci tu Sau poate ca si eu m-am schimbat Tot timpul ce ai fost plecat Ca zilele"
  • Ta da - Lil' Mo
    "Trying to make you disappear Make ya pack your bags Get the hell out of here Ding-dong, the sound I?m waiting for Your taxi?s outside And the driver?s at the door Vroom! Won?t you please disappear? Make"
  • Ta In Ett Helr - Magnus Uggla
    "Har just sett rikemansungar, i rosa sm skjortor, spendera som kungar. Och minst lika odiskret, raljera nere p cafet. Var r alla sexiga tjejer, som vill ka vit limousin? Det r d som bratsen sger, med verlgset"
  • Gots Ta Be - B2K
    "It's not my way, to talk to strangers But I feel like I already know you, And if you need somebody I wanna manage you, huh I can tell that you've been through some changes in your past, relationships But"
  • Gots Ta Be - B2krazy
    "It's not my way to talk to strangers but i feel like i already know you and if you need somebody i wanna manage you i can tell that you been through some changes in your past relationships but come on"
  • La Fereastra Ta - Semnal M
    "Vad,la fereastra ta tarziu O lumina si nu stiu De esti treaza sau visezi Vad, in spectacolul nocturn Cavaleri din vechiul turn Ce te-ndeamna sa-i urmezi Si, as dori sa pot intra Sa alung din preajma"
  • Enleve Ta Langue - Arno
    "Elle pense comme moi Elle parle comme moi Elle baise avec moi Mais elle m'aime pas Belle et frache Elle fait un geste J'suis dans la merde Elle fait le reste Enlve ta langue de ma bouche J'dis au revoir Je"
  • Bang Ta Dis - Benzino
    "Oh (I dont' know what they thought) Hangmen 3 Runnin off topic Aiyyo, stop what ya doin and bang ta dis Put ya glass down and grab a chick Don't even think you can hang with this Bitch-ass niggas can't"
  • Bout Ta' Bubble - Tech N9ne
    "Dedicated to all the DJ's all over the world, man. (One for the treble, two for the bass Come on Techa Nina, let's rock this place) (Verse 1:) Tech's in the place, everybody get mainy Punks betta cuff"
  • Smash Ta' Piece - Virtuoso
    "(Talking) Word up, Virtuoso Ahh...uh.. yo (Verse 1) Thunderous overture, roll over ter(tar) like Ben Hur I'm your mentor, so who you gon' send for, ten four I read you Your people are over ah now cause"
  • Waitin ta hate - Ice Cube
    "(Ain't no 'California Love') (Love) (Love)... I see them niggas You see them niggas? I see them niggas Look at them niggas just waitin to hate (wait) Waitin to hate, waitin to hate (look at them niggas)"
  • Tryin' Ta Win - Eminem
    "Uhh, uhh, uhh Stat Quo, Alchemist, YEAH! Direct respect, due to stress I almost lost my life My baby momma so much drama I gotta pay that price I'm a trip, I hate hoes on one hand The other hand I want"
  • Too Hot Ta Trot - Lionel Richie
    "Well you're too hot ta trot now baby Well you're too hot ta stop Whoo baby! Well you're too hot ta trot now baby Well you're too hot ta stop Whoo baby! The things that you do The things that you say That"
  • Preocupat Cu Gura Ta - Smiley
    "Multi spun ca sunt perfect Dar am nevoie de tine caci altfel sunt defect Multi spun ca sunt bogat Dar eu cersesc fericirea in patul tau sarac Multi spun ca sunt frumos Dar fara dragostea ta pot spune ca-s"

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