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it's in the monster

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it's in the monster

  • Monster - Monster
    "In the beginning everything was silence You could hardly hear a sound But suddenly you hear a noise that's coming You decide to check it out You can't believe in what your eyes are seeing You can't believe"
  • Monster - B 52s
    "There's a monster in my pants and it does a nasty dance when it moves in and out everybody starts to shout monster AHHH! monster ahhh.. get out of here monster! monster! monster! get out of here monster!"
  • Monster - Artillery
    "Behind the little boy's eyes his name is written in blood There is not a clue in sight, not a moment of clarity Grew up to be a man behind the white fence, he rules and he stands Frowning at the happy"
  • Monster - Panzer AG
    "I am the monster under your bed A creature with meat, a blood sucking creep I feed on little children, I molest you when you sleep I'm the monster in the water when you're swimming out too deep I know"
  • Monster - Kate Miller-Heidke
    "Now there is no room for doubt you chew it up and spit it out and you even start to think you know what you're about then it comes out of nowhere and it pins you to the floor it's a defeaning roar And"
  • Monster - Bonnie Pink
    "My life has been always too busy It's like a shuffle beat Easier to repeat Can my wrist watch be any louder? Do you think it chimes with you over time? Maybe I'm sad Maybe it's good for you You can decide"
  • Monster - Meg & Dia
    "His little whispers "Love me. Love me." That's all I ask for "Love me. Love me." He battered his tiny fists to feel something Wondered what it's like to touch and feel something Monster. How should I"
  • Monster - Venus
    "Spiders are jumping into the light Spiders on my skin, white night Some ice-cold whisky flows in my brain Deeper and deeper, cold are in my veins This is my cell where I used to walk This is my hell,"
  • Monster - Paramore
    "You were my conscience, so solid Now you're like water And we started drowning Not like we'd sink any further But I let my heart go It's somewhere down at the bottom But I'll get a new one And come back"
  • Monster - Charlotte Martin
    "I'm so uncertain of what's growing in my head That's how it goes when there are ghosts to put to bed What does it want from me, certificates of certainty? There must be help around the bend Ooh, what"
  • Monster - Beatsteaks
    "kick it kick it oh oh you've got it don't turn around you're driving now it's all allowed and double-checked make every second of it count and then you take her out and then you rise above you're gonna"
  • Monster, Monster - Lordi
    "Ooh it took me down I'm on the groung tryin' not the breathe 'cause I know I'll be found Dray the lord 'till I'm sore it's pounding me until I'm driven in I would be damned if I ever fell but could I tell I"
  • Monster - Steppenwolf
    "Once the religious, the hunted and weary Chasing the promise of freedom and hope Came to this country to build a new vision Far from the reaches of kingdom and pope Like good Christians, some would burn"
  • Monster - Twiztid
    "Fuck you and you're platinum chains I'd rather rip out your intestines and wear it on my neck just the same Making a charm outta ya Brain And having the gall to give it away To ya moms and pops in a box"
  • Monster - Killarmy
    "(Intro: ShoGun Assason (Killa Sin)) Yo, uh-huh, Nah, nah, nah, you know how to feel the deal baby? We gon' strike (Killarm' '9-9, 2000) (Chorus: P.R. Terrorist (Killa Sin)) There's gon be a monster when"
  • Monster - Shades Apart
    "Chasing after monsters You become one, too When you're staring into nothingness It's looking back at you Nothing's ever easy Does it come with time? There's a voice of question in your head Always asking"
  • It's A Monster - Extreme
    "Everbody was born in it Shure as hell gonna die in it Some people don't give a shit Whether or not they're full of it It's on my mind most of the time That's when you find we all go blind Then it will"
  • It's A Monster - Trax
    "One daywicked smile Reflexion in the mirror. MONSTER of myself Hey cunning boy! Stop being such a goody-goody Its time to blow up your fuckin rage Your life is sick & twisted Boiling blood is all dead"
  • God Monster - The Cramps
    "hide the virgins say your prayers here come trouble from the cosmic sea gouts of blood! kill all the squares1 it's the aztec mummy vs. murderous me! i'm the god monster from the end of the world i'm the"
  • Monsters - Before The Dawn
    "4am I'm still awake Before the dawn the Sandman will come with nightmares I won't let him in There's nothing in head Empty walls, empty bed I am just waiting Restless beats of heart and breathing break"

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