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  • Iceland - The Fall
    "A plate steel object was fired And I did not feel for my compatriots Hated even the core of myself Not a matter of ill-health It was fear of weakness deep in core of myself The fact attainment was out"
  • Shapes Of Insanity - Skyfire
    "(Music: Edlund/Hanner/Jonsson / Lyrics: Sjogren) Reach out and talk to me We're heading towards unexplored lands Never to look back At this world of deceit Searching for an answer When freedom is forever"
  • Iceland - Fall
    "A plate steel object was firedAnd I did not feel for my compatriotsHated even the core of myselfNot a matter of ill-healthIt was fear of weakness deep in core of myselfThe fact attainment was out of...Mounting"
  • Halfway Around The World - A-Teens
    "A-Teens Teen Spirit Halfway Around The World Written by tysper/jonsson/sepehrmanesh. Baby i will soon be leaving And i know that you are feeling down But every week i'll send a letter To let you know"
  • Upside Down - A-Teens
    "A-Teens Teen Spirit Upside Down Written by tysper/jonsson/sepehrmanesh My grades are down from a's to d's I'm way behind in history I lost myself in fantasies Of you and me together I don't know why"
  • Turning Up The Heat - Vanessa Amorosi
    "verse 1: love wasn't meant to be easy without a care and this love will be hard to keep from a distance without truning cold pre-chorus tell me what you think about us tell me how you're feeling when"

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