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juliana hatfield

  • The Juliana Hatfield song - Melissa Ferrick
    "(Girls With Guitars)Juliana Hatfield got 47 ads Before her record even came out Before her record even came out And I got five ads At stations no one even heard about Yeah but that's okay Because I am"
  • Hatfield - Widespread Panic
    "Wide awake in San Diego Smallest root shrinking dry The fish are swimming closer inside Lake Morena Still get no rain from the sky Men were firing cannons Hoping smoke might tear an angel's eyes Heard"
  • Juliana - Fernando E Sorocaba
    "Ela linda, ela tudo que eu queria, ela entrou no corao. Olhos Claros, que me envolvem de magia, e me deixa sem ao, No h lugar, que quero estar, se eu no tiver voc. Me abrae, no v embora, eu te quero"
  • Juliana - Gilberto Santarosa
    "Te escribo esta carta Julia Para que sepas de mi Y sepas como me encuentro Solo por tenerte a ti. Al escribirte recuerdo Las palabras de mama, Pero como la queria, Nunca la quise escuchar. Que no confiaras"
  • Juliana - Delta K
    "Juras de amor pra sempre Teu sol brilhou e eu me entreguei E foi to bom, teu corpo aquecendo o meu No mesmo tom, o beijo era uma cano Que tocava no meu peito Que invadiu meu corao Te ganhei num olhar Te"
  • Juliana - Michael Nesmith
    "In the morning When the sun is a lonely light just over the hill When the world is awake and yet all things are still My thoughts keep returning to you as they always will In the morning, I am watching"
  • Hatfield 1980 - Everything But The Girl
    "Suburbia, 1 am You're walking home again Shopping bags and broken glass I hate going through the underpass I wish there was some other way around But you got beaten up by the playground And it's no use You'll"
  • Vamos A Bailar (feat. Juliana Pasini) - Tom Boxer & Morena
    "Vamos A Bailar Vamos A Bailar Vamos A Bailar You my shine You my fire You my live My desire Vamos A Bailar Vamos A Bailar Vamos A Bailar"
  • Julian - Joan Sebastian
    "Cuando eras nino Julian me pediste que escribiera una cancion que dijiera lo que yo siento por ti eso no es facil Julian aunque escribir mil canciones lo mas bello del amor Julian se lleva en los corazones y"
  • Julian - Circa Survive
    "who left the lights on julian? make promises, broke them enough for being said. who left the lights on julian? they come, waking the whole house up. you've been longing for....wake them up. you've"
  • Julian - Say Lou Lou
    "I'll meet you in the city I'll pick you up at night I'll drive you through the suburbs I'll get you there in time I'll meet you in the city I'll stay clear of the light I'll get us through the checkpoints Yeah,"
  • Julian - K's Choice
    "I was feeling awful and I had too much to drink And I could only get a bit better if I just knew what to think I wanted to caress you and to hold you in my arms I wanted you to touch me while you strangle"
  • Julian - Waking Ashland
    "I will wait for you if you promise you will try So please will you whisper to my head all your plans I wanna understand And why you running? You're always running Is it me you don't see? But I'm"
  • For Julian - Dua Lipa
    "What would you do What would you do if I handed you a drug That would teach you something new What what you feel How would you feel if I took over the fake And made them all real What would you say What"
  • Pressure On Julian - Blur
  • Julian Thomas - My Friend - Julian Thomas
    "As I sit here behind my piano Thinkin about my worries Yesterday, today and tomorrow Wanna throw it all away When I'm down he helps me out To beat the missery Never leaves me alone and together we fight"
  • Boombox (Feat.Julian Casablancas) - The Lonely Island
    "Imagine in your mind a posh country club The stuffy old money where the poor kid's snubbed The spread is bland sauerkraut and boiled goose There's no way these people will ever cut loose But then I walk"
  • Instant Crush (feat. Julian Casablancas) - Daft Punk
    "I didn't want to be the one to forget I thought of everything I'd never regret A little time with you is all that i get That’s all we need because it's all we can take One thing I never see the same when"
  • Ocean Blue (feat. Julian Uhu) - Otsochodzi
    "chłodno, ciemno wciąż pamiętam kolor tamtej bluzy ocean blue zawód znów to podszept załóż znów te barwy na zewnątrz chłodno, ciemno wciąż pamiętam jedna z twych ulubionych bluz ocean blue potrzebuje"
  • Big Jobs No. 2 (By Poo And The Wee Wees) - Hatfield & The North
    "Took a trip through the night just to get here, tried being myself recently; but I try my best to make it sound nice and hope that the music turns you on like it's turning on me should be a laugh certainly. Now"

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