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kissed back matthew koma

  • Spectrum (feat. Matthew Koma) - Zedd
    "Breathing you in when I want you out Finding our truth in a hope of doubt Lying inside our quiet drama Wearing your heart like a stolen dream Opening skies with your broken keys No one can blind us any"
  • Years (feat. Matthew Koma) - Alesso
    "Years These will be the years Years The sun hits like a bullet of faith And then suddenly I’m wide awake Fake bliss or apologies made Was an enemy with no escape My hands were tied But now they're mine To"
  • Wasted (ft. Matthew Koma) - Tiesto
    "I like us better when we're wasted, It makes it easier to fake it The only time we really talk, Is when our clothes are coming off I like us better when we're wasted It makes it easier to say it Lay all"
  • Dare You (feat. Matthew Koma) - Hardwell
    "We?re a million lonely people All together on this needle in the sky Afraid of heights And your dreams were made illegal By the laws of lesser evil We call I, but not tonight I dare you to love I dare"
  • Cannonball (Earthquake) ft. Matthew Koma - Showtek & Justin
    "You and I have lost our minds I don't even know which thoughts are mine You're projected by a fear inside But I can see the light Say when you're ready to escape I'll be your shelter from the rain I'll"
  • End Of Pretend (feat. Matthew Koma) - Black Cards
    "It's just a kiss with the force of a fist And I just wanted your heart to know Our love is leaving you pistol whipped And our heat kicks your teeth down your throat. Maybe it's the end, baby, it's the"
  • Find You (feat. Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant) - Zedd
    "Silent love is calling faith To shatter me through your hallways Into echoes you can feel And rehearse the way you heal Make them dance Just like you Cause you make me move Yeah you always make me go I'll"
  • Kisses Back - Matthew Koma
    "I want my kisses back from you I'm takin' all my kisses back from you And every breath you held on to I'm takin' all my kisses back from you Give me the hellos and goodbyes And pack up every morning and"
  • Koma - Such A Surge
    "Sag' mir, was du siehst, wenn du ins Leere siehst Ich frage mich, ob du etwas hrst Wenn du mir zuhrst. Regungslos liegst du da - Koma Bewegungslos, als ob's schon immer so war Dein Zustand unklar, scheinbar"
  • Koma - Super Girl & Romantic Boys
    "halo to ja, czy poznajesz mnie. ręce z kieszeni, nie opieraj się. mam ciężką torbę, jestem zmęczona widzisz ustąp mi miejsce. zerwałam rozkład, nie znasz godzin dat. kaganiec załóż mi i w ścianę patrz. omiń"
  • Koma - Goethes Erben
    "Ich spre die Berhrung nehme Worte war sehe den Wechsel der Situation kann denken vllig klar. Der graue Schleier hat sich lngst gehoben das Neonlicht schmerzt Tag und Nacht der Wechsel ist kaum wahrnehmbar. Der"
  • Koma - Super Girl And Romantic Boys
    "halo to ja, czy poznajesz mnie.ręce z kieszeni, nie opieraj się.mam ciężką torbę, jestem zmęczonawidzisz ustąp mi miejsce.zerwałam rozkład, nie znasz godzin dat.kaganiec załóż mi i w ścianę patrz.omiń"
  • Matthew - Graham Colton Band
    "I don't know why The stars are up so high and we can't feel I taste your light I don't know why A god could ever let us feel this way inside What do I say What do I do? Where do I go? When I'm thinking"
  • Koma - Weto
    "Dunkelheit umfngt mein ganzes Sein Wie lange wei ich nicht! Mein Gefhl fr Zeit und Raum Bte ich vor einer Ewigkeit ein Gefhlos, blind, kann nicht mal schreien! Hr nicht das geringste Gerusch - meine Ohren"
  • Koma - Saltatio Mortis
    "Gefangen, sitz ich eingemauert in lebendiges Gestein Der Kerker ist aus Fleisch und Blut Der Kerkermeister meine Pein Schluche zieren meinen Krper Fesseln mich an diese Welt Fesseln meinen Lebenswillen Bis"
  • Narrow (Matthew 7:13) - Crimson Thorn
    "Our cry is for freedom For what feels good Aren't there many paths to God But none understood Behold the glory and the radiance All truth found in His word It's an all or nothing thing No man comes to"
  • Kissed A Butterfly - Dilana
    "Remember when we took a trip All the way from jersey to la I got a fake id You took your brothers chevrolet Car broke down in atlantic city We didn't even have a place to stay Uh-huh, uh-huh The slot"
  • You Kissed Me Sweetly - Gary Moore
    "Wild in the street With the wind at my back Dead, dead on my feet But I've just got to make tracks Straight, straight through your door 'Cause your love's got me trapped Yes, your love's got me trapped You"
  • Aloha, E Komo Mai - Jump5
    "I lai la Ua i la No mala hini ohana Welcome cousins, e komo mai Aloha e komo mai Oh when you're down, you're feeling low Got nobody by your side It can be lonely and you want to only Find a place, no"
  • Aloha E Komo Mai - Haylie Duff
    "I lai la Ua i la No mala hini ohana Welcome cousins, e komo mai Aloha e komo mai Oh when you're down, you're feeling low Got nobody by your side It can be lonely and you want to only Find a place, no"

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