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klang karuzel

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klang karuzel
  • Keimzeit Kling Klang
    "Ich steck' dir die halbe Tte Erdnusschips in deinen zuckersen Mund. Ich find dich in einem Comic-Heft wieder, fotografier' dich bunt. Graffitis machen graue Wnde lebendig, ich wnschte, ich knnt' das auch. Und"
  • Vicky Leandros Die Bouzouki Klang Durch Die Sommernacht
    "Auf Wiedersehn ihr Freunde mein so schnell verging ein Jahr. Habt Dank habt Dank fr jeden Tag an dem ich glcklich war. Auf Wiedersehn du alte Stadt mein Weg fhrt weit hinaus. Ich la in dir mein herz zurck denn"
  • Marcin Miller Na karuzeli życia
    "Życie gdzieś pędzi, każdy dokądś gna W tym wszystkim my, ty i ja Nasz równy krok wybija rytm Pędzimy w jasne, wspólne dni zakręćmy sie na karuzeli życia nic do stracenia nie masz wszystko do zdobycia będę"
  • Piosenki dla Dzieci Rok Na Karuzeli
    "Raz w koło raz w koło Rok się kręci wesoło Karuzeli nikt nie wstrzyma Wiosna, lato, jesień, sima Powiedz mi, którą z nich mamy właśnie dziś Zima A zimą, a zima pod śniegową pierzyna Zasną miasta i miasteczka A"
  • Donnie Klang Beautiful Escape
    "I met her on a Sunday, she was so pretty. Seemed like the type I could fall for quickly. I played my guitar, she want to come get me. A walk in the park, a stroll through the country. Then the rain"
  • Donnie Klang Broken Heart
    "Baby, I'm just gonna be real right now I know what you're going through I've been through it before I'm here for you, listen Girl I know the pain you feel I felt the same way too Over time your heart"
  • Donnie Klang Catch My Breath
    "Her hair hints little highlights of a brownish brunette The moonlight through the curtain shows perfectly her silhouette We've never met But we're in love (love... Oh) That she'd only come to me as"
  • Donnie Klang Dr.Love
    "They call me Doctor Love baby Paging Doctor Love to Emergency Doctor Love to Emergency I'm Doctor Love(Love) I'm Doctor Love(Love) Come be my patient(patient) I'll cure without a drug I'm Doctor Love(Love) I'm"
  • Donnie Klang Hollywood Girl
    "She moved out to Hollywood Because she wanted to be a big star And party on the floor with the rockstars gettin it on Five star resturaunts couldn't burn a bone She prayed for livin the life of a million"
  • Donnie Klang Hurt That Body
    "She on it. I want it. She doin' that shit. How can I ruin that shit? Explodin'. She noticed. She got me waitin'. I'm so impatient. Girl make me the one that rocks your body away. Rocks your body away"
  • Donnie Klang Intro
    "Just a stone (stone, stone, stone , stone) I guess I'm just a roling stone D.O.N.N.I.E (Oh yeah) Just a stone (stone, stone, stone, stone) I guess I'm just a roling stone D.O.N.N.I.E (Oh yeah) Just"
  • Donnie Klang Love In Stereo
    "She feelin' me though your girlfriend tellin' me you're ready to go On the floor to get my attention she dropped it low She was so seductive, I'd pay a fee if she'd let me touch it I'm outta my mind the"
  • Donnie Klang Not A Love Song
    "From justing looking at your face Gives me a natural high Its not to inrich you got me open wide Im so caught up in you girl Theres no alibi feeling guilty cause im pleeding for you I never felt"
  • Donnie Klang Pick It Up
    "You look so hesitant babe, And you won't let down your guard Cuz somebody broke your heart Im on a mission to fix that Theres no way in hell he's coming back. You get so sensitive when, Its not the"
  • Donnie Klang Pretty Girls Cry
    "Baby please don't fall in love with me I don't wanna be the first one To break your heart Oh baby please try not to care for me Loving me is such a gamble, don't bet it all baby Your mama told me"
  • Donnie Klang Rolling Stone
    "Ohh yea (Seven singing there) Ohhhhh (seven) Donnie starts) If I had a dime Every girl I thought was fine I would be a millionaire But I really don't care What good is it if I'm alone? If I'm alone... Guess"
  • Donnie Klang Spank Me
    "Channel Seven Damn.. (Verse 1) Well I Just Met Her It Was A Friday Night Pulled Up Beside Me Asked Me To Take A Ride And Usually I Wouldn't Ride Wit A Stranger But i Gave In When She Whispered That I Could"
  • Donnie Klang Take you There
    "(Diddy) Close your eyes (echo) Relax your mind (echo) Fantasize (echo) Come with me (echo) (Donnie) If you want to go far ..far Let me take you to the stars....the stars (I'm goin take you there) We don't"
  • Donnie Klang The Rain
    "Don't lie to me Don't lie to me Don't lie to me You were saying one thing but you meant another I should've known, I should've known Just went through the same thing trying to avoid another I should've"
  • Donnie Klang Which One
    "Let me start by sayin... I still love you, but when you were gone, I met somebody. I don't know... I don't know what to do. Which one? I never meant to be in the wrong, though I must admit that she"

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