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kodak black-too many years

  • Kodak Black - HELLFIELD, BANDURA
    "Chcemy Ice Drake VVS tony ... (cash) w aucie leci Kodak Black Chcemy Ice Drake VVS Money gang W aucie leci Ace of Spade Chcemy Ice Drake VVS tony ... (cash) w aucie leci Kodak Black Chcemy Ice Drake VVS Money"
  • Too many years - Jefferson Airplane
    "I opened the door and Ifound I was looking at dangerIt's been too many years but we'rehiding our faces like strangersShe says that she's got to gobut there ain't no wayI'm letting her walk whilethere's"
  • Too Many Years - Agresion
    "Can you please bring back what's gone I don't wanna miss it, I don't wanna grow can you please then take me home I dont wanna feel that, that i'm finally lost 'cause it's my soul/ that I've lost 'cause"
  • Prophecies In Kodak - Mozart Season
    "With those words that I said that I never meant to say why cant we put all these tears to bed tonights the night where everything will fall around you This house enchanted, velvet carpet sprees (your"
  • Too Many Nights - Diana Ross
    "Too many nights Too many tears Too many years Too many nights I've waited around for you As the nights turn into weeks, I couldn't even sleep Too many tears I've cried but now I'm through I'm ready to"
  • Too Many Teardrops - The Stranglers
    "Too many teardrops falling make a final blow Over the years for love are there any left for now Just when I need some soothing water None of my tears are left around Night and day they take so long Tears"
  • Too Many Martyrs - Phil Ochs
    "Em G D In the state of Mississippi many years ago Am Em A boy of 14 years got a taste of southern law Em G D He saw his friend"
  • Too many days - Maria Solheim
    "Too many days I wake up with an achingToo many days have been wasted like sandToo many hours have gone by without noticeToo many times ive let go of your handLay by the sea, bury all of your fearLady layLay"
  • Too Many Angels - Jackson Browne
    "There's an angel on a ribbon Hanging from the armoire door There's a Cupid with his feet crossed On the bird cage by the door There's a baby angel drummer His eyes are open wide And two more tiny cherubs On"
  • Too Many Secrets - Voodoo Glow Skulls
    "well, you told me not to tell them. because i'm not supposed to know. the minute people find the stories will never end. facts given to me can be used like a weapon. no matter how old you get the secrets"
  • Too Many Things - Baby Bash
    "(feat. Grimm) (Chorus - 2x) I got too many things, going on And not enough people who love me I got to deal with it all, right or wrong And nobody thinking of me My lifestyle so cold, holla for the"
  • Too many things - Babybash
    "(Chorus - 2x) I got too many things, going on And not enough people who love me I got to deal with it all, right or wrong And nobody thinking of me My lifestyle so cold, holla for the gold Some"
  • Too Many Tears - The Call
    "Now as you know It's your time on this earth From a rock in the cradle To a ride in the hearse We keep moving upward Toward everything free Kindly look downward The more you'll see me I've had six years"
  • How Many Years - Fatal Flowers
    "remember the time when you were such a pretty little girl now you and all your friends, you wanna rule the whole world well let me tell you baby, I liked you just the way you were without all your power"
  • Florida Boy (ft. T-Pain, Kodak Black) - Rick Ross
    "it;s all this here for a young Florida boy gold rims, good hope make a wonderful summer heard I was a genius the number do it for the young fathers still singing the lease and all the hustlers who got"
  • 1'2 Many... - Common
    "One wa-wa One, One Two, One Two One wa-wa One, One Two, One Two One tigga One, One Two, One Two (Dug Infinite) Dug Inf on production, my man Com for the discussion Check it (Common) One day, I was tryin"
  • Many Too Many - Genesis
    "(Tony Banks) Many too many have stood where I stand Many more will stand here too, I think what I find strange is the way you built me up Then knocked me down again. The part was fun but now it's over, Why"
  • One too many girlfriends - REO Speedwagon
    "Talkin' 'bout a hot-wired kid who thought he knew it allAnd what he didn't know, he didn't need toChangin' women like tires when their use wore thinRetread feelings, that's all we knewHe's been runnin'"
  • Many Many - Baby Cham
    "All di gal dem, All a di gal dem, Fi all a di gal dem... Well How many gal get slam true money? Many many, many many many How many gal get bounce a Brook Valley? Many many, many many many How many gal"
  • Too Many Of My Yesterdays - Peter Hammill
    "So many years ago, I thought you were the one who knows when people change, surrender into strangeness, adrift upon their lives, encompassed by the past? Who knows which one becomes the last goodbye? Don't"

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