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kombii silver bross

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kombii silver bross

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kombii silver bross
  • Kombii Awinion (Silver Bross remix)
    "Gdy wciąż cię pogania I wiecznie dogania czas. Poszukaj tych miejsc, białych plam Gdzie go zawsze brak. Bądź rankiem na wzgórzu Gdy słońce wynurza się z fal. I blisko bądź przy mnie, Gdy z oczu"
  • De Mono Siedem dni (Silver Bross remix)
    "Pierwszy dzień widzę Cię, miesza mi sie w głowie, Drugi dzień, ty widzisz mnie ten czas pod Twych powiek, Trzeci dzień razem gdzieś miedzy nami słowa, Czwarty dzień ośmielam sie Ciebie pocałować, Potem"
  • Georg Baker Selection Silver
    "There's a village by the seaside lt's the village I was born Lives a lovely girl named Silver By the colour of her hair. Yes we used to play together By the harbour an the beach. Yes we used to sing"
  • Kris Kristofferson Silver
    "Silver was a rounder with a wicked reputation Music was his magic and his madness rolled in one It's said he charmed the fairest hearts of this world's fairest maidens Quick as silver mercury and slippery"
  • Ride Silver
    "Who said 'time heals all wounds' I think it was me before I met you Your silver chains have slit my wrists When I fell in love, I never asked for this All this time, and I still can't see How your"
  • Peter Hammill Silver
    "You lay your plans, I take them as they come, I understand: we dance to different drums. It's not in any schoolbook, you're here to teach a lesson to us all... we play by different rule-books. What you"
  • Hearts Of Black Science Silver
    "You break away And you fall down Spin around Crash into the ground Black winter night Colored in blue Silver moonlight On the edge of morning sunshine You walk with me Killing your dream The wind is"
  • David Cook Silver
    "When writing your history, I will always be a footnote A distant memory A warning sign of mistakes made The kind that you learn from This song is the best of me Taking pills for solemn motive A better"
  • Machine Head Silver
    "Yes I hold some keys of gold With cigarettes and silver bullets Angels cry and devils lie The world is our stage Look inside and try and find The part of me that's whole I wish I knew But I got threw behind Take"
  • Echo & The Bunnymen Silver
    "Swung from a chandelier My planet sweet on a silver salver Bailed out my worst fears 'Cause man has to be his own saviour Blind sailors Imprisoned jailers God tame us No one to blame us The sky is blue My"
  • Echo And The Bunnymen Silver
    "Swung from a chandelier My planet sweet on a silver salver Bailed out my worst fears 'Cause man has to be his own saviour Blind sailors Imprisoned jailers God tame us No one to blame us The sky is blue My"
  • S.E.S. Silver
    "doo deul li ji ma never let me cry bi kyuh suh jwuh never can i stay with you (no) dol a suh jwuh nal ji oon ja li lo ggoom gyul gat eun mi len moo lae ha geh byun hat ssuh mal hae jwuh suh toon nuh eul"
  • Hundred Reasons Silver
    "See you around as a friend Eight days the same you'd bore me just leave it We prefer lies after rain She said leave it i can't leave it Say what you wanted to ask me While you were sitting down Say what"
  • 311 Silver
    "Don't fear mere words cuz if it takes a word ruin ya You should have already hard you're finished through and soon ya See that stifling sentences is so much more suspicious Much worse could come of that"
  • Nirvana Silver
    "Mom and dad went to a show They dropped me off at Grandpa Joe's I kicked and screamed, said please, don't go Grandma take me home (x8) Had to eat my dinner there Mashed potatos and stuff like that I couldn't"
  • Loretta Lynn Silver Bells
    "(Jay Livingston - Ray Evans) Silver bells silver bells it's Christmas time in the city Ring a ling hear them ring soon it will be Christmas Day City sidewalks busy sidewalks dressed in holiday style In"
  • Church Silver machine
    "I, I just took a rideOn a silver machineAnd I'm still feeling meanOh, do you want to rideSee yourself going byThe other side of the skyYou gotta know where I've beenAnd it flies sideways through timeIt's"
  • Solefald Silver Dwarf
    "I am your friend from way down Trapped in a dark forever Silver Dwarf This place is dead Silver Dwarf Night everywhere Chained to the Tree of Death I see no birds no life Silver Dwarf This is my home Only"
  • Pyogenesis Silver Experience
    "You're gonna take it gonna tear it apart Silver experience take it out of my heart You're gonna move it gonna make it today (Silver, silver, silver experience) Silver experience tell me why can?t you stay (Silver,"
  • Twisted Sister Silver Bells
    "Let's check that. City sidewalks, busy sidewalks Dressed in holiday style In the air there's a feeling of Christmas Children laughing, people passing Meeting smile after smile And on every street corner"

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