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la la laland lonely

  • La La La - Ava Leigh
    "You make me so (la la la) You make me go (la la la) I lose control (la la la) Do you wanna know? ((la la la) Don't wanna let you go Don't wanna let you go Verse1: Promises baby, truth and lies You mixed"
  • La, La, La - Brad
    "la la la... i get this feeling when i wake up late at night yeah you know, you ever wake up and just a-frightened feeling down in your soul? and you know you're gonna find pretty love most of the time i"
  • La Academia Expulsion - La Academia
    "Another night slowly closes in, And I feel so lonely. Touching heat freezing on my skin, I pretend you still hold me. I'm going crazy, I'm losing sleep. I'm in too far, I'm in way too deep over you."
  • Sha La La - Manfred Mann
    "SPIRIT IN THE NIGHT Manfred Mann Crazy Janey and her mission man Were back in the alley tradin hands Long came Wild Billy with his friend G-Man all duded up for Saturday night Well, Billy slammed on his"
  • Lonely - Libido
    "Quiero rerme, por fuera no estoy mal Un poco sexy por dentro simple Voy a rendirme hoy no puedo hacer ms Me siento feeling, me siento lonely me siento lonely lonely lonely me siento lonely lonely lonely me"
  • La Bouche - In Your Life - La Bouche
    "In your life x8 In your life Like sitting on a ferris wheel Watching the world go around and around it goes Maybe that's how lovers feel Up and down, where it stops nobody knows How many tears or"
  • La Contestaci - Los Lonely Boys
  • La Passione - Shirley Bassey
    "I stand alone Without a care Open the door But no-one's there The lonely night My only friend Love's wrongs are right I can't defend La Passione La Passione La Passione La Passione And now"
  • La La La La La - Fury In The Slaughterhouse
    "she is one of those downtown rats living with mummy in a cheesy flat brother's in the army and daddy's pissed off but she forgets it all when she takes her clothes off I'll buy you flowers instead of"
  • Oh, La - Ra Ra Riot
    "Say a word that's quiet, not half the way there Somedays our future...it seems to hang on so tight "Come quickly now the air hangs heavily today" "Oh no, but what is that crimson in the shade?" Oh la"
  • Shangri-La - Teena Marie
    "Orange marmalade-Chocolate coated candy kisses When my castle smiles-My heart beats and then it misses Can I break it down in your corner love will find you Love will blind you-So take me with you baby Satisfaction"
  • La passion - Akcent
    "I fell in love, I said I doI'm setting all my love for youNow all I have is memoryIt's the ?? she gave to me.Refren:Tu es toujours comme une ange de l'amourTu est la passion de ma vie.'Cause when the darkness"
  • All The Girls (La la la) - Abraham Mateo
    "Quédate aquí a mi lado Que no nos salga el sol Ya estoy desesperado Tu piel mi piel están en confusión Arden ya tus caricias Ya no puedo esperar De mi solo cenizas Quedarán niña si tú te vas If you leave"
  • The Sha La La Song - Toby Keith
    "Sha la la la la la la la la la la la la I'll get over you Sha la la la la la la la la la Just one more lonely night or two Do you remember, well I remember Every kiss, bittersweet and tender Every promise,"
  • La Tonya - Paula Cole
    "(Didn't your Mama tell you how to behave, girl? Didn't your Daddy tell you not to wear that little thing?) Been told you never get something for nothing My stepfather Dickie say I just might get hit If"
  • La Casa De La Mariposa - Rafo Raez
    "Estar solo es tener dentro de uno un animal, muy animal y oscuro No se queden solos esta noche, queridas y queridos, mis fantoches Vamos a la casa de la mariposa Ya estn abrazados en el ms ntimo rincón la"
  • La La La - When September
    "la la la la la la la, la la la la la la, la la la la la la la, la la la la la la x4 Living inside and waiting for the night, Living it up when someone aganist the light, My body would go where music"
  • La La La - Snoop Lion
    "(Snoop Dogg) Then I walk and I talk to this one Then I laugh and go to a better one Hey, once you want to get the getty, getty, and the problem will get real dretty, dretties WHo feels it lost, and I"
  • La La La - Erasure
    "(A. Bell / V. Clarke) Don't be naive, don't deny what you see. Where lies the truth? Hidden deep, in-between. Dance through the night, from sublime to extreme. Lift your voices high, from a whisper to"
  • La - Old Man River
    "The sun's coming up in the sky I'm watching the birds passing on by It makes me wanna cry It makes me wanna cry La la la la la la la la La la la la la la la la La la la la la La la la la la I'm lying"

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