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lament szczery do bulu

  • Szczerze - Pono
    "szczerze wiem co to strata szczerze, wiem co to smutek dusza staje sie bogata kiedy ciało jest bankrutem szczerze non stop sie uczę pewnie nieraz coś nabroję ale to jest moja opowieść mówię szczerze jak"
  • Szczerze - O.S.T.R.
    "Nie ma współczucia, nadchodzi wolny styl mistrza,Cel: wprowadzić ludzi w trans niczym Hare Kryszna.Potem prosto do czyśćca, w niebie nie ma dla mnie miejsca.Więc szukam wyjścia robia to, co słychać już"
  • Lament - J-Five
    "Jos uvek ja secam se, tih godina lutasmo bezbrizno mi Pod zvezdama iz sazvezdja nase mladosti. I secam se osmeha tvog, ociju tugu sto odase ti, I tvojih reci pred put bez povratka... Drugovi odlazim, dobro"
  • Lament - Symphony In Peril
    "let's not let the sun go down. to me, tonight is like a farewell from a silent yet beautiful dream. why do I have to run away? i want to stay with You. i don't seem to want to understand. it is so cold"
  • Lament - Blake Babies
    "You told me all about you, without ever saying a word. Every time you opened your mouth it was my voice that I heard. At least that's what I thought, or maybe I'm just lonely. Believing every minute of"
  • Lament - Bolt Thrower
    "The time has come to leave this place - never to return Nothing's left but ashes - my body now is spurned Your sorrow will subside in time - my one, true, only friend There is one thing we can do - to"
  • Gypsy Lament - The Tiger Lillies
    "The Nationalists, the Socialists, The Communists, the Capitalists They all agree you don't exist And they all watch as you slash your wrists Gypsy lament, Gypsy lament Gypsy lament, Gypsy lament They"
  • Daffodil Lament - The Cranberries
    "Holdin' on That's what I do, since I met you And it won't be long Would you notice, if I left you? And it's fine for some 'Cause you're not the one, you're not the one There There, there, there... There,"
  • Teen Lament - Band De Soleil
    "Band De Soleil Redemption Dream Teen Lament I was holding an invitation to meet some danger around the corner from an evil love affair Something told me feet get tread to be moving 'cause I felt like I"
  • Busta's Lament - A Tribe Called Quest
    "Fuck the car-jacking, Phife Diggy is rapping Got dawgs with love and plus dawgs that's packin So what's the deal Captain, if it's time for some action Watch me roll with hon, try to push her back Which"
  • Lament wielorybnika - Cztery Refy
    "Słowa: Jerzy Rogacki Muzyka: trad. Na tym słonym oceanie, tam gdzie wielorybów ślad, Myśli moje mkną do rodzinnych stron, Do kumpli mych sprzed lat. Przez wiele szliśmy sztormów, poprzez śnieg i mróz,"
  • Cooper's Lament - Arlo Guthrie
    "by Arlo Guthrie Hey brothers, hear me call It ain't that I had to fall Wasn't no one's fault last night When I looked up and felt the light Here's hoping you'll understand I want to fell like a natural"
  • Sun's Lament - The Mitch Hansen Band
    "I loved those few months I wish that things stayed the same But all of that changed when Your cold one came For a moment I was your sun But now he's back and All I can do is run Where did you go? The girl"
  • Mother's Lament - Cream
    "''Are we wallin'? A-one, a-two, a-three, a-four...'' A mother was washing her baby one night, The youngest of ten and a delicate mite. The mother was poor, and the baby was thin; 'Twas naught but a skeleton"
  • Victoria's lament - The Bella Cullen Project
    "The ballet studio The others did it I saw the video How could they do this? It began when we came on their land We found out she was human Gotta find myself a new man. So I came back Hes gone, shes not Mate"
  • Bullshitter's Lament - Blues Traveler
    "I walked clean through the party Without a sin put to my name Then they got to know me Then all the sins they came To fruitions visibility I suppose them always there Back when no one knew me I saw no"
  • Lunatic's Lament - Kevin Ayers
    "Rock and roll !! rrrrrrrrrr!! I'm here lying on my bed Just trying to hold on to my head But if you came in through the door You'll find me crawling on the floor Just looking for the things you threw"
  • Dreamer's Lament - Amazing Transparent Man
    "Bright and sunny day, The sun shines on my face Fields of grain are flying past my eyes On an endless road, Where it stops I'll never know I'm orchestrating my demise How do you like me now Now that"
  • Casanova Lament - Frank Turner
    "I check that I've got all my things before I leave the house, Because when I'm gone I'm never coming back. I'm not being melodramatic, it's just I neither have your number or a key. An evening spent pretending"
  • Antonia's Lament - Linda Perry
    "To só e convincente Raciocina o corao Raciocina um passo, no mais Ra sus ton qui ra ses ta Ou no me fira On nucom no sesto sesh On no shi sofa si querer Ou no mais supero eu sei eh Um barum-pa, um barum-pa Ou"

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