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live of live

  • Live, Live, Live - Melon Diesel
    "Yeah, the sun is shining It's so ever blinding yeah It fills my eyes with gladness Yeah, my life is turning It was ever burning, yeah And now the best things lie ahead So pick yourself up and never drop"
  • Live - Zug Izland
    "Clear out your mind Look to your past and see what you can find Stole soul afraid Of the prophets perfect picture falls away Is this the life that we choose to live Or is this the life that has been giving Now"
  • Live - Lenny Kravitz
    "Gettin' it straight in 98 y'all Tired of all the talk they're talkin' all over this town I'm tired of all the negativity that's going 'round We focus all our energy on things that bring us down Let's"
  • Live - Krystal Meyers
    "Another sinking sun And I am filled with worry With every morning comes Uncharted territory Am I too young and restless To live the way the fearless do? I think it's time I start to... Live Unafraid of"
  • Live - Crush
    "People say I'm crazy I'm starting to believe them I'll throw it all away for something I don't know I haven't lived my life yet Start to live my life right now and I need a way of achieving and I got a"
  • Live - Arena Tina
    "Arena Tina Notre Dam De Paris Live A million stars light This beautiful night This is not a night to die Let me sing and dance Beneath the sky I have such love to give To give I want a chance to live Live"
  • Live - Dr. Dooom
    "South Bronx, New York (evil laughter) Chorus: x3 Is it live, live, live, live, live (evil laughter) Verse one: I heard your CD is wack wasn't fucking impressed Who's the nigga with the big mouth I live"
  • Live - Tina Arena
    "A million stars light This beautiful night This is not a night to die Let me sing and dance Beneath the sky I have such love to give To give I want a chance to live Live For the one I love Love As no"
  • Live - Ben's Brother
    "I used to be a dreamer Who couldn't fall asleep Trying to find an answer A reason to believe Living in between worlds This one and the next Trying to make my mind up Which one of them is best And every"
  • Live!!! - Onyx
    "Let all the live niggas in Kick all the bitch ass niggas out We came to rock and shock the house Turn it out and out and out Aiyo, the words could get intricate, vocab's in my temple but I'ma do this"
  • (Live!) - Half Man Half Biscuit
    "Saint Vitus came to my townAnd visited the cemetery.The dead got up and everythingBecame one big one big cacaphony.They all went down the social andThey claimed their supplementary.And all the necrophiliacsWere"
  • Live - Kid Rock
    "Let me hear you say "Kid Rocks up on the stage" Hey slick, check it I'm the Rock you know, i'm gonna smoke it up So i can rock it through old school disco cuts I'm the crisco slick, checkin sisco's shit I'm"
  • Live Let Live - Brian Wilson
    "I've got a notion we come from the ocen And God Almighty has his hands on the water Blue pacific, as azure as the sky Perfect for fish, making a wish Just like a teardrop to fall Whale passin' me by,"
  • Live 2 Live - Vanishing Point
    "Live 2 Live If life is overrated, empty space in me This twisted mortal coil denied inside of me I pushed away my anger, psychoanalyzed I lived my years, I lived them deep in your lies I see a new sunrise I"
  • Live Long - Kings Of Convenience
    "Summerchild that sits by the water Weaving sunlight threads in his hands The golden river that day a shelter A stream where he could make pebbles dance You looked around you, nobody had taken Any"
  • Let Live - Of Mice & Men
    "I was all for you, you fell over my love, I just can't afford it this time. Here's a story, just bare with me, met a drug that changed my life. Something like a classic movie, just one look, all stopped"
  • Live Again - Course Of Nature
    "I'm calling you out on what you've done. I want you to feel the way I do. I'm starting to hate what I've become. and its all because of you. The guilt you put on me was enough to get me down. Took everything"
  • Live Free - Youth Of Today
    "Waving your flag a blind patriot can no longer see cause your eyes are shut love it or leave it is your sentiment instead of working for improvement but I want to live free and won't settle for this mediocrity waving"
  • Live & Learn - House Of Fools
    "Said I'd move on and I'd leave it alone But before I walk out there's something I need you to know I got lost in a blink of an eye And I can never get back No I never got back You were not there when I"
  • Straight (live) - Agents Of Good Roots
    "Agents Of Good Roots Straight Around Straight (live) The moon was drifting over jordan As the street lies under control And the she slips into the middle Head on, the tour takes it's toll You bring bring"

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