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love is found shade

  • Found - Josh Gracin
    "Like a beat up boat that never made it to the shore, Like an old love letter hidden in the bottom drawer, Like a shiny penny heads up on the ground, I've been found. Like a message in a bottle in the"
  • Found - Hillsong United
    "Amazing love Now what else shall I need Your name brings life It's more than the air I breathe My world was changed When Your love You gave for me My purpose tehorng.com found And all that You want for"
  • Found - Beloved
    "Beloved Happiness Found (Incidentally, this is my favourite love song and is "our song" for my fiancee and I.) (??? Something inaudible is whispered. ???) Well, tell me one thing; Is there madness in"
  • Found - Claire Toomey
    "Cut the ropes Undo the ties I'm sick and tired, of listening to lies What you want Well, I'm all out And I don't think love was what this was about You're the one who let it all fall tumbling down"
  • Found - Weeping Willows
    "We took a walk it was chilly and it was dark and we talked yeah, we talked as we walked you said you've never seen stars like these never seen a moon so blue or is it golden? just like you just like you. I've"
  • Falling Shade - Xiphea
    "Tell me is it arrogant to dream of building my beloved cathedral? shivering of cold that you cause with little judgmenst? I am not your sweet ghost! So tell me is it ignorant to waste somebody's dream? Falling"
  • Evening Shade - Dolly Parton
    "(Dolly Parton) My train of thought was broken by a sudden burst of laughter Something badly needed to brighten up the chores Seemed old Mrs. Bailey had accidentally fell In the water being used to scrub"
  • Love Found - Aisha
    "(You see) love takes sacrifice and compromise Fail to do so and in it lies its demise But now that you're around Love found Verse 1: Was it love Or did they drop the ball Are you equipped to make that"
  • Shade - Joe Nichols
    "I don't want a fast car Don't need a four lane highway There's not another place i'd rather be Cuz out here in the country Bluebirds sing for nothing And the shade comes free with a tree Yeah the shade"
  • Shade - Supe
    "Everything I had to say falls inside the shades of gray the shade Everything I fail to see takes another part of me the shame I have opened the third eye in me screaming all directions its chord"
  • Shade - Indukti
    "Cold mists, burning fire on my face Written names in the sky, I read my fate Red eyes, hear them calling out my name You'll never taste the bliss of the chase The world is black and white I'm running with"
  • Shade - Feeder
    "Would it always be the same Give it all to reason Let me down You watch me drown Hold me down I can't explain Though I never could - that's the problem Fight about the plate again, Climbing up to free"
  • Shade - Lonewolf
    "There you stand, with your head in your hands, crying out. Once again, it has been like then before. Oh.. it hurts, oh.. how it hurts. T'was all your fault, like all these, these times before. It's not"
  • Third Shade Of Green - Ocean Colour Scene
    "I see double up ahead Where the riverboat swayed beneath the sun Is where the river runs red Like a king who stalks the wings and shoots a dove And frees an eagle instead It's more or less the same as"
  • In The Shade - Labyrinth
    "Livin' in a wasteland without any shadows what's left for me to see? I wonder with my soul Your Angel-eyes are shining bright I wanna take your hand All I know is I can't live with you In the shade,"
  • Light Ang Shade - Fra Lippo Lippi
    "He will paint the light and shade The colors of the trees He will climb the steepest hill Believing what he sees He will lay down on the ground Beneath the old oak tree He will sleep forever If you try"
  • Light And Shade - Fra Lippo Lippi
    "He will paint the light and shades The colours and the trees He will climb the steepest hill Believing what he sees He will lay down on the ground Beneath the old oak tree He will sleep forever If you"
  • I Found Love - Lone Justice
    "I was mindin my business like a good girl should A little too careful for my own good It was just like living life in the dark 'Till somethin jumped up and it grabbed my heart I found love (I found love) I"
  • I Found Love - Taleesa
    "Singing hi-dee-hi-dee, singing hi-dee-ho This is for my love and I can't let go Hi-dee-hi-dee, singing hi-dee-ho This is for my love and I can't let go 'Cause I found love Hi-dee-hi-dee, I found love I"
  • Love Found Me - DecembeRadio
    "Back in the day i used to misbehaveride around town rockin lemon paradelivin it up seizin the dayrunnin like the devil till i heard the choir saycome on, come homemy life is never gonna be the samedontcha"

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