Aisha: Love Found

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Aisha: Love Found

(You see) love takes sacrifice and compromise
Fail to do so and in it lies its demise
But now that you're around
Love found

Verse 1:

Was it love
Or did they drop the ball
Are you equipped to make that call
And how many loves left standing tall
Tell it to a broken heart
That's falling apart
In life
We try to do what's right
When love comes in your life
Like a thief in the night (2 Peter 3:10)
And can so easily leave the same
But was it in vain (no)
Ah two people meant for each other
Love that is greater than a brother
G-d brings two together
In a love that will last until forever
But if they chose to let go
How can love grow
If they choose to let go
Then where can love go


They hurt love
With their deeds
And in the process
Sow the seeds
Love is not a labor
Love is not a duty
When you fail to see its blessing
You miss its beauty
Love lost
You see love takes sacrifice and compromise
Fail to do so and in it lies its demise
But now that you're around
Love found

Verse 2:

(I say) How do you reconcile
Losing love all the while
Down to the letter

You pray that things get better
You remember them with bittersweet tears
And silent stares
Cause through the years
Your heart doesn't clear the memory
And you don't think of them as an enemy

Repeat chorus:


Oh love
A beggar's purse
A blessing or a curse
How it will end
Will all depend
On you two
So, to those who cry for a love lost
And take the time to ponder its cost
To you I say
Things will get better one day


I have come to this conclusion
Without illusion
That I have no palpable answer to this question
Only a hard learned lesson
Love doesn't fail
People fail
A beggar's fare
Sacrifice a love
For a few that don't compare
And love will leave you
Standing there
So here's your second chance
To make things right
And this time
I hope you see the light
I will remember your sins no more (Hebrews 8:12)
Only what this love is for
Love found

Now that you're around
Love found
Love found
Love found
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Aisha: Love Found

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Aisha: Love Found

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Aisha: Love Found

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