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  • Armstrong - Reg Lindsay
    "Black boy in Chicago Playin' in the street Not enough to wear Not near enough to eat But don't you know he saw-aw it On a July afternoon Saw a man named Ar-armstrong Walk upon the moon Young girl in Calcutta Barely"
  • Armstrong - Patricia Kaas
    "Armstrong Armstrong, je ne suis pas noir Je suis blanc de peau Quand on veut chanter l'espoir Quel manque de pot Oui, j'ai beau voir le ciel, l'oiseau Rien rien rien ne luit la-haut Les anges..."
  • Armstrong - Nanci Griffith
    "(John Stewart) Black boy in Chicago Playing in the street Not near enough to wear Not near enough to eat Don't you know he saw it He saw a man named Armstrong Walk upon the moon Young girl in Calcutta Barely"
  • Armstrong - Lobo
    "(John Stewart) Black boy in Chicago Playin' in the street Not enough to wear Not near enough to eat But don't you know he saw it On that July afternoon Saw a man named Armstrong Walk upon the moon Young"
  • Armstrong - Nougaro Claude
    "Paroles : Claude Nougaro Musique : Traditionnel amricain "Let my people go" Arrangement : Maurice Vander 1991 codition by les ditions du Chiffre Neuf et Emi Music Publishing 1 Armstrong, je ne suis pas"
  • Armstrong - Claude Nougaro
    "Armstrong, je ne suis pas noirJe suis blanc de peauQuand on veut chanter l'espoirQuel manque de potOui, j'ai beau voir le ciel, l'oiseauRien rien rien ne luit l-hautLes anges... zroJe suis blanc de peauArmstrong,"
  • Luis Rios - Luis Rios AKA El Rey
    "F**ken Mexican Haters If you hate Mexicans then f**k yall niggaz This that boy Luis Rios AKA Lil' Ruiz Putos dont f**k with us Representin that Dirty SouthWest Houston This dat boy Luis Rios Porque"
  • Stretch Armstrong - Angry Salad
    "Angry Salad Miscellaneous Stretch Armstrong she says, "he's writing a novel" i told her that's called smoking dope she said a boy my age should have learned to cope by now, by now she's got more bounce"
  • Stretch Armstrong - Canibus
    "(Canibus) Yo, it's Can-I-Bus the illest emcee Get slapped in the face with Murder Mixtape Part 3 Aight, keep it locked ya'll Stretch Armstrong and Whoo Kid Live and direct, live in the flesh Mixtape"
  • Doctor Luis - El Reno Renardo
    "Doctor doctor Luis, hoy me duele aqu Doctor Doctor Luis, he cagao de color gris Es la malaria o el dengue Lo que me hace estornudar Tengo el cimbrel blandengue Y no deja de supurar Asma, lepra e hipertensión Piorrea"
  • Pequeno Luis - Elvis Crespo
    "Ha nacido una bella criatura/con sus llantos llena de musica y partidura/Padre y Madre estan contentos,Estan feliz/Se acabo la espera/Ha nacido el Pequeno Luis/Abrio los ojos/Ya se sonrie/Y ya dice Mama"
  • Stretch Armstrong Freestyle - 50 Cent
    "[50 Cent] Uh, yeah, 50 Cent It's Murda Mix Tape Vol. 3 Whoo Kid, Stretch Armstrong nigga Take that, yo, aiyyo Niggas don't wanna see 50 on a track I got these cats that rap scared of me like I'm Ace and"
  • Armstrong, Aldrin And Collins - The Byrds
    "Minus 20 in counting...19..18..17..16..15..14..13..12..11.. 10..9..8..7..6..5.. we have ignition..3..2..1.. We have lift off Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins were launched away in space Millions of hearts"
  • Armstrong And The Guys - Spirit Of The West
    "(Kelly/Mann) High above the clouds Bring on the trolley Release three loons For a screw-top red And as we watch the Earth diminsh Will it linger on the finish? Rest's assured when the bottle's dead We'll"
  • Neil Armstrong Ou Gagarine - Pascal Obispo
    "Le ciel peut bien Nous attendre encore un peu De faire ce pas par humanit Le seul qui nous rendrait vraiment heureux On rve tous D'au-del, de lointains karmas Un jour de tout quitter pour les cimes Comme"
  • A Luis Emilio Recabarren - Victor Jara
    "Pongo en tus manos abiertasmi guitarra de cantor,martillo de los mineros,arado del labrador.Recabarren, Luis Emilio Recabarren,simplementedoy las gracias por tu luz.Con el viento,con el viento de la pampatu"
  • Maria And Luis' Wedding - Sesame Street
    "Big Bird: (whispers to Maria) You look beautiful! Priest: We are here today to celebrate the marriage of Maria and Luis. When two people get married what they do is make a promise to each other. Luis"
  • A Luis Emilio Recabarren - Inti-Illimani
    "Pongo en tus manos abiertas mi guitarra de cantor, martillo de los mineros, arado del labrador. Recabarren, Luis Emilio Recabarren, simplemente, doy las gracias por tu luz. Con el viento, con el viento de"
  • Baby (feat. Marina & Luis Fonsi) - Clean Bandit
    "Sé que te gusto a ti todavía Tres, dos, uno... Standing here in an empty room I saw you there and my blood ran cold Take me back to that long September Don't know how I ever let you go I was young,"
  • What's Your Number? (feat. Tim Armstrong) - Cypress Hill
    "I met her a club, heExplainr friend liked me but she didn't She noticed a lot of girls giving up their phone digits She didn't wanna be one of those hoes In clothes exploiting her body from head to toes She"

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