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lukas graham 7

  • 7 Years - Lukas Graham
    "Once I was seven years old my mama told me, Go make yourself some friends or you'll be lonely Once I was seven years old It was a big, big world but we thought we were bigger Pushing each other to the"
  • Lukas Song - Racoon
    "It took a lotta years, never got it right from the start All the little efforts were never too serious Set a lotta business straight then took it apart Summer in your eyes won't turn to winter that's obvious Got"
  • Heather Graham - Da Vinci's Notebook
    "I love a girl She fills up my whole world When she appears I forget Britney Spears When I see her, I feel mushy Robert Downey touched her tushie I want to root around her pantry I bet she tastes like"
  • Graham hill - Chumbawamba
    "For twenty years Graham HillRisking life and limbDrove the circuits of the worldAnd they said it would kill himGoing so fast is a fine way to winBut one crash could make a mockery of that famous cheeky"
  • Graham Greene - John Cale
    "You're having tea with Graham Greene In a colored costume of your choice And you'll be held in high esteem If you're seen in between Stiffly holding umbrellas Catching the fellows making the toast To the"
  • FLY Graham Parker - Graham Parker
    "Intro Am C (twice) (C) Am C As you look into an invisible landscape Dm7 C and the waves of time part behind your back "
  • Lu Lu Lu Lukas Podolski - Jurgen
    "2x: Poldi Poldi Halleluja Poldi Poldi Halleluja Poldi Poldi Halleluja Es gibt einen Fuballgott Jrgen: Manche Spieler, die sind einfach schwach Du regierst den Ball und hlst ihn flach Manche, die sind faule"
  • Jolie Jolie Graham Parker - Graham Parker
    "Intro: A Bm A Bm A Bm A Bm G A There's no remedy G A I just keep yearning for the sound of your voice G A I"
  • STRONG WINDS Graham Parker - Graham Parker
    "Intro G D C G G G D Have you seen her run through the wild things D C C D Dropping behind her the child's"
  • Wrapping Paper - Graham Parker - Graham Parker
    "Pre>intro e / emaj7 / amaj7 / b / e E 022100 emaj7 021100 amaj7 002120 Asus2 002200 b 004440 E emaj7amaj7 asus2 Ive broken your glass, called someone a dirty name E asus2 b Made a nuisance"
  • BEAN COUNTER - Graham Parker - Graham Parker
    "Pre>in answer to the question about the groove this song is based on here Is a rough version. Im not sure if its right nor not. its possibly Ive made It (the chorus especially) needlessly over-complicated."
  • MILK TRAIN Graham Parker - Graham Parker
    "Am Dm7 G You know your mamma's good lookin' you're gonna eat a lot of her cookin' Am Dm7 F Sweet potato"
  • Without You (ft. Lukas Meijer) - Gromee
    "I am the water you are the Sun when you are closer, closer one come undone no I am not a here and I’m trying to run heart beating faster, faster skin can be the one because I’m dying every day Without"
  • Alexander Graham Bell - Sweet
    "A candle flickers in a window Two thousand miles away she was there There's a young man thinking by a window How was she to know just how much he cared He always knew just what he could do He always knew"
  • Alexsander Graham Bell - Sweet
    "A candle flickers in a window Two thousand miles away she waits there There's a young man thinking by a window How was she to know just how much he cared He always knew just what he could do He always"
  • Alexsander Graham Bell - The Sweet
    "A candle flickers in a windowTwo thousand miles away she waits thereThere's a young man thinking by a windowHow was she to know just how much he caredHe always knew just what he could doHe always knew"
  • Graham "Abo" Henry - Frenzal Rhomb
    "Childhood never silent His father was a violent drunk So he went back home and punched him out again Looked for something better Not content to sit around 15 years old, gonna burst with anger And it wasn't"
  • 7 - Orange 9mm
    "Forget what I said and why I said it I don't think you ever wanted to know You'd wanna make an excuse on your own Rather decide who you could blame it on I get the picture you like to deceive Whatever"
  • 7% - Sunna
    "I don't remember being dead I can't remember hell I don't remember heaven as well But a familiar smell If you're feeling trust you know who I am To be real is a must that's me if I can When I'm feeling"
  • 7 - Liquido
    "1. I wish I was a killer of every single day I get and I am a sinner Ive done it all by now with no regret and I like it by now I cannot strike it considering what life is - all for nothin` 2. ...and I"

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