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magdalena pal' order by 1 --

  • Magdalena - A Perfect Circle
    "Overcome by your Moving temple Overcome by this Holiest of altars So pure So rare To witness such an earthly goddess That I've lost my self control Beyond compelled to throw this dollar Down before your Holiest"
  • Magdalena - Frank Zappa
    "Mark Volman (lead vocals) Howard Kaylan (lead vocals) Ian Underwood (woodwinds, keyboards, vocals) Aynsley Dunbar (drums) Don Preston (keyboards, mini-moog) Jim Pons (bass, vocals) There was a man A little"
  • Order - D.O.A.
    "the home viewers just don't care they're getting tired of the regular fare they want something new and it isn't there so here it comes, the big idea the public trustworthy panacea completely different"
  • Order - Pipedown
    "Follow us, reaching out of us, to strain against determination. Superfluous is our structure, maintained by the predication. We're so continuous. Intent on the will, to follow us. Intent on the will,"
  • Pal - ONAR
    "Dzięki wszystkim tym Za te przyjaźnie zmarnowane Z mojej i z waszej winy Wóz albo przewóz Cii! Nic nie mów! Cii! Nic nie rób! Rzeczywistość przeżuj Wypluj Zahartuj się jak stal Bo w kilku Sytuacjach może"
  • Magdaleno - 4ever
    "O , o, o, o Magdaleno O , o, o, o Magdaleno Magdaleno ona ma w sobie to coś co sprawia ze taki ktoś jak ja gorące ma serce i kiedy jest blisko to wiem powietrze ma taki smak że mi brak słów by opisać"
  • Magdalene - Jaromir Nohavica
    "Dont you cry Magdalene please wait for me I wanted to offer a shoulder to lean A road waits ahead through a thicket of thorns If I left you behind Id rather never be born Just a shirt on by back and"
  • Magdalene - White Zombie
    "get your head down bite the dust interiors rolling on another brotherhood of the gun clean up this town back to the wall Pecos, Texas flanked by the law got a rocket skull mantle piece boy, kiss the holy"
  • Magdalena (Live) - A Perfect Circle
    "Overcome by your Moving temple Overcome by this Holiest of altars So pure, so rare, to witness such an earthly goddess That I've lost my self-control, beyond compelled to throw this dollar Down before"
  • Barbaric Order - Sinister
    "Dark outer garment Shapeless mark god-fearing man Hail sincere cruel tyrant Thy servant anticipates pain The reason why things come together Acts Performed in elaborate way Quit sedate pronounced sentence Sober"
  • Zero order - Reactor
    "Neoadvent by cold fusion Non inductive current drive to the frozen iron core Neoadvent by cold fusion Non inductive current drive to the frozen iron core Chrome tunnels of redemption A time gap propelling"
  • Law & Order - Futuristic Sex Robotz
    "In the entertainment industry's war on its customers, the CEOs of media conglomerates are represented by two separate yet equally-important groups. The Motion Picture Association of America (the MPAA),"
  • Love Order - Embrace
    "Remember me when the circus comes to town and you're welcomed in, but can't get out and no one hears you shout remember me remember me cause i'm drying, lost at sea for a day that won't be happening"
  • Pale - Deathbot
    "Hail your heart Hail these hands I'll run my love, luck Where I stand Now my city calls To just roll nowhere Aint no wanderlust left Behind these stares Just pale pale pictures On these wide wide windows"
  • Pale - Aesthetic Perfection
    "Let's dispense the formalities, If it's all the same to you, If you can tell a lie without thinking, Save your breath for dirt. Why don't you stand by my side? "Why don't you get a life" Why don't you"
  • Pal Hajs - Wuwunio
    "Palenie jest okej [joł] ja tak sądzę Kurwa ja kocham palić pieniądze Palenie albo zdrowie wybór należy do ciebie Palisz hajs i czujesz się jak w niebie 10 złoty kurwa chyba żartujesz Ja pale 100-złotówki"
  • Mario Magdaleno - Nazir
    "1. Znałem w życiu swym dziewczynę, która miała oczy czarne, usta piękne, namiętne Lecz ona nigdy mnie kochać nie chciała, ja powtarzałem wciąż "Mario kocham Cię" Ref.: Mario, Mario"
  • Magdalene Laundries - Joni Mitchell
    "I was an unmarried girlId just turned twenty-sevenWhen they sent me to the sistersFor the way men looked at meBranded as a jezebelI knew I was not bound for heavenId be cast in shameInto the magdalene"
  • Mary Magdalene - Kate Ceberano
    "He sat down there beside me Looked real straight then politely Asked me if I believed in love I was deafened a bit by Back ground noise of the club I Moved in closer to hear what he said and he said, you"
  • Mary Magdalene - Me'Shell Ndegeocello
    "I often watch you the way you whore yourself You're so beautiful You flirt and tease enviously I wish you'd flirt with me Perhaps I'm enticed by what you are I imagine us jumpin' the broom foolish I know"

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