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magma aisha
  • Magma Aisha
    "Znów dziś przeszła obok mnie. Nie istnieję dla niej chociaż wiem. Na spojrzenie czekam lub gest, prosze Aisha żądaj czego chcesz. Rzuce ci klejnoty do stóp, złoto i pereł jasny sznur. Owoce znajde"
  • Paluch / Chris Carson MAGMA
    "Choć na co dzień mam tak jak małpa I musze być twardy jak skała Dziś płynę po mieście jak magma Mam wolne dla duszy i ciała I wchłaniam to wszystko jak Packman Wiesz dobrze co na mnie działa Stres niszczy"
  • Death In Vegas Aisha
    "Aisha We've only just met And I think you ought to know I'm a murderer Bathed need blood I have a portrait on my wall He's a serial killer I thought he wouldn't escape Aisha He got out We live"
  • Aisha dynamit Aisha i Delfin
    "Znów to samo powtarzasz mi mało kto o tym wie I subtelnie zamykasz drzwi Tak chcesz uwieść mnie Zimna pościel i ciało me Twoje słowa twój szept meile Chcesz tak łatwo dziś zdobyć mnie o nie jeszcze nie Ref:"
  • Morning Musume Aisha loan de
    "(Po! Po!)Harikitte arubaitoRoon de katta aisha neHarikitte migaiteruNichiyou no shougoHirikitteru anata niAkireteru watashi waHakkiri itte sukoshi dakeYakimochi ne kuruma niPikapika no aisha ni watashi"
  • Magma D/
    "Magma ss dh hndin / / Bln Uniwria Zkt / / / / / Magma ss dh hndin / / Bln Uniwria Zkt / / / / / Magma ss hndin uz tendiwa ' Nnd/ Bln Uniwria Zkt / / / / / Magma ss dh hndin Kreuhn Khrmahn Ding"
  • Magma Hortz Fur D
    "'' '' Dowri wisshndoh wora Dowri wisshndoh wora (2x) Elh whs lh whs lh whs wh lw sndi Elh whs lh whs lh whs wh lw sndi Elh whs lh whs lh whs wh lw sndi (2x) Elh whs lh whs lh whs wh lw sndi Elh whs"
  • Magma Zeuhl Wortz
    "Da Zeuhl Wortz Mkank Zeuhl Wortz Ewhn dh lakhnd/ Wrr n dos whlilip zmeuhn Dh reuG rkahn Meurdk Da Zeuhl Wortz Mkank Zeuhl Wortz Dos Mkank kamka Ewhn dh lakhnzan Zeuhl! Wurdah dh reuG rkahn Meurdk Da Felt"
  • Aisha Amazing Grace
    "Amazing grace how sweet the sound That saved a wretch like me I once was lost, but now am found Was blind, but now I see It was grace that taught my heart to fear And grace my fears relieved How precious"
  • Aisha Bachelor Of Hearts
    "Intro: He's the bachelor of hearts Don't even start He's got a degree in being a single man and breaking hearts is his only plan He's out everyday Searching for his prey Chasing anyone that passes his"
  • Aisha Mr. Right
    "Intro: Cinderella looking for the right fella Snow white looking for Mr. Right Verse 1: All my life I've believed There's someone out there God has for me And someone God has me for In a matter"
  • Aisha The Lord Is My Shepherd
    "The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want He maketh me to lie down in green pastures He leadeth me beside the still waters He restoreth my soul He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His name"
  • Aisha The N Word
    "Chorus: Racist faces One who cases A person's color But calls you brother Or bro or however it goes Do you even know Or are you just going with the flow Then you use the N Word Where it can't be heard Behind"
  • Aisha Why Did This Happen To Me
    "Verse 1: Oh my, what have I done My life has just begun It's so easy to make a mistake And my heart feels like it's gonna break I've cried so many tears Had to face all of my fears But I'm not afraid"
  • Aisha You Talk Like A White Girl
    "Chorus: You talk Like a white girl Do you think That you're white, girl A line some drew in the sand Some will call you an Uncle Tom If you support Uncle Sam Verse 1: Ebonix or Hooked On Phonics"
  • Aisha You Wouldn't Date A Black Girl
    "Intro chorus: You're famous now You've made it You know the game And you've played it But black people helped bring you into this world So why don't I ever see you with a black girl (A pause in"
  • Aisha Contemporary Girl
    "Intro: Contemporary Girl Living in this world Verse 1: The world today Has come a long way From radio to TV From fire to electricity Airplanes and jets Computers and the Internet What an entry Into"
  • Aisha Disciples Dirge (Symphony No1)
    "Movement 1: The scripture holds true Father forgive them For they know not what they do Among men He may have seemed the least Why didn't they hold their peace The wisdom in this Our eyes could"
  • Aisha Everything Is Gonna Be Ok
    "Chorus: Today, everything is gonna be okay God will help you find your way I know it will work out fine If you just give it time Verse 1: Sometimes life doesn't work out the way we planned The moments"
  • Aisha Heart Versus Mind
    "Verse 1: I was in love I could feel it And my heart tried to reveal it But my mind said no I told you so When you asked me out I had my doubts Uncertainty You were right for me Were we meant to be Were"

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