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married life

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married life

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married life
  • Julia Marcell Married To Life
    "I have a beautiful wife She's gonna stay with me till the end. Everyday I wake up by her side She says good morning and she smiles She waits with a dinner and she washes the dishes and she's raising our"
  • Bonnie Tyler Married man
    "The world is full of Married men With wives who never understand Their looking for someone to share The excitement of a love affair Just as soon as they find you The wine you and dine you You fly on the"
  • Bette Midler Married Men
    "The world is full of married men with wives who never understand. They're looking for someone to share the excitement of a love affair. And just as soon as they find you they'll wine you and dine you. Fly"
  • Bruce Robison Just married
    "She walked down the aisle in her satin and veil My heart was beatin' like an old church bell The preacher man asked her anf she said "I do" My knees went week and I said "I do too" The world stood still"
  • Lady Saw Married Man
    "Chorus #1: We been together already but when you pack up an gone. Well the feeling inside it still lingers on. Mi waan your body bad mista married man. Mi no care if mi haffi back out mi secret weapon."
  • Pizzicato Five All About The Married Life
    "(konishi) Translators: ed valdez, ted mills Pizzicato mania no Mina-san Konbanwa Pizzicato five desu Anata wa toki-doki Totemo kimagure Watashi no koto nado Wasureta mitai K shite futari de iru no ni Itsumo"
  • Paul McCartney We Got Married
    "Going Fast, Coming Soon We Made Love In The Afternoon. Found A Flat, After That We Got Married. Working Hard For The Dream, Scoring Goals For The Other Team, Times Were Bad, We Were Glad We Got Married. Like"
  • MU330 Fat And Married
    "We love you, We need you, We just can't breathe without you. We love you, We need you, We just can't breathe without you. You're happy, ecstatic, Your life is so traumatic. A lifetime of wondering just"
  • Stephen Sondheim Getting Married Today
    "JENNY: Bless this day, Pinnacle of life Husband joined to wife The heart leaps up to behold This golden day. PAUL: Today is for Amy Amy, I give you the rest of my life To cherish and to keep you To honor"
  • Kelly Price Married Your Girl
    "(Chorus) How does it feel now that you know you coulda had me but you let me go. Your on the outside of you own world cuz someone else married....... Destiny said we were to be, but you tested fate so"
  • The Ark Lets Get Married
    "Hey you feeling old and blue You think you've got the answer But you haven't got a clue So don't give me that crap 'Bout old times coming back Cause I can see you've been Away too long To know anything"
  • N.O.R.E. Married To Marijuana
    "Yo why the fuck you just don't leave that nigga Nore alone (You don't understand I love him) But he ain't feelin you (he's feelin me) He's feelin that other bitch (Nah) Face it when he goes to the studio"
  • Brave Combo Don't Get Married
    "One thing I know for sure I will never marry I don't wanna find someone To be my baby I don't wanna find someone To be my baby I live my life simply in a Small one room house I keep my things with me There's"
  • Randy Newman We're Gonna Get Married
    "Into a life of pain came something beautiful Someone who loved me much as I love her There have been trials and tribulations, and not just a few But we made it through And now the time's at hand We're"
  • Sparks I Married A Martian
    "(Ron & Russell Mael) Well, I married a Martian And boy, am I sorry Well, she came down from the sky She couldn't stand the attitude there She took human form, not bad She seemed different She had a European"
  • Nellie McKay I Wanna Get Married
    "I wanna get married yes, I need a spouse I want a nice Leave it to Beaverish golden retriever and a little white house I wanna get married I need to cook meals I wanna pack you cute little lunches for"
  • Prince Let's Pretend We're Married
    "Excuse me but I need a mouth like yours 2 help me forget the girl that just walked out my door Funny but it seems that you're alone like me If U r go let's come see what we can see Ooh, little darlin'"
  • B.B. King Want To Get Married
    "I want to get married But no woman will hear my plea I want to get married But no woman will hear my plea Yes, it seems somehow I can't get one to walk down the aisle with me Well, I've only been in love But"
  • Tina Turner Let's Pretend We're Married
    "(prince) Producers: carter Album: the collected recordings (94) B-side of the us/oz "show some respect" single B-side of the uk/ger "i can't stand the rain" single Excuse me but I need a love like yours To"
  • Kurhaus Married, Cold, Half-Dead
    "people change and so did we maybe you're right, let us at least be honest better a clean cut than a festering wound better live all life alone than live this lie one more day better end this lie right"

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