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meet the orphans

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meet the orphans

  • Orphans - Deacon Blue
    "i now describe my country as if to strangers this train is full of songs of local winners and the wind surrounds the towers and the flags they are blowing and the bunting and the distance stretches over"
  • Orphans - Beck
    "Think I'm stranded but I don't know where I got this diamond I don't know how to shine In the sun where the dark winds wail And these children leave their rulers behind As we cross ten leagues from a"
  • Orphans - Jack's Mannequin
    "I'm looking for a sign My spirits faded She holds on like a vine Patterns and traffic That sound just like my heart racing the dark In time to catch you No one should let you Go wandering off into the"
  • Orphans - Coldplay
    "boom boom ka buba de ka boom boom ka buba de ka rosaleem of the damascene yes, she had eyes like the moon would have been on the silver screen but for the missile monsoon she went woo woo woo woo o o"
  • Battlefield Orphans - Abigor
    "We loaf around the fireplace War-weary and calm We watch the sunrise motionless The war has been won (repeat) We hear melodies unsung Mesmerized... We survived - but why? A new beginning - for what? Too"
  • Widows And Orphans - Seven Witches
    "Alone... When it's all good on your horizon Seems you could never lose your tomorrows Born into this world the same as you are now Alone and crying Squirming and sorrow For you I grieve Widows and orphans I"
  • Orphans of Sickness - Gorguts
    "In the tombs of pain and innocence Forever were buried Souls of those who've never asked to be Scornfully immolated The art of transplantation Has saved a lot of lives By frauding a child's adoption I"
  • Bastards and orphans - OGOTAY
    "Oto stoimy tutaj, pośród ciszy i ciemności Niczym szczury w ściekach i piwnicach Niczym kwiaty zła na grobie cywilizacji Poszukiwacze śmierci, nowe pokolenie nihilistów Bękarty i sieroty Zrodzone przez"
  • Two Little Orphans - Dolly Parton
    "Two little children a boy and a girl Sat by and old church door The little girls feet were as brown as the curl That fell on the dress that she wore The little boys clothes were all tattered and torn"
  • Orphans Of Wealth - Don McLean
    "There is no time to discuss or debate What is right, what is wrong for our people Time has run out for all those who wait With bent limbs and minds that are feeble And the rain falls and blows through"
  • Orphans Of Living - Augury
    "Signals recieved The parasite awakes, in a peeble mind Devil sat on his shoulder Took over the reins The now fumble guiding a carrion Toy soldiers, they walk among us Activated tools of the trade, engineering"
  • We're Not Orphans - Gatsbys American Dream
    "artificial prosthetic hands are sympathetic but i'll put and end to this i can't keep fighting, do i have to keep fighting stop breathing it's not the same because i was just a kid it does not do"
  • Fully Dressed Orphans - Various
    "Healy This is Bert Healy saying ... Hey, hobo man Hey, Dapper Dan You've both got your style But Brother, You're never fully dressed Without a smile! Your clothes may be Beau Brummelly They stand out a"
  • Orphans Of The Empire - Johnny Clegg & Savuka
    "In ships they came from Europe, across the salt sea Come for the build and raise a colony And in the jungle green their citadels did gleam In tribute and homage to the old country And soon their children"
  • Song To The Orphans - Bruce Springsteen
    "The moltitude assembled and tried to make the noise The black blind poet generals And restless loud white boys But time grew thin and the axis Was left somehow incomplete Where instead of child lions We"
  • Meet You - Simon Townshend
    "Thinking of loving you Waiting to make my move Been here a hundred times Fluttering heart and eyes Shaken up by romance Looking for another chance I'm wasting all this time Searching out my first line Fumbling"
  • Powder Meet - Puffball
    "Preparation took long but now it feels just right. Had to make a few calls to make sure it'd be a helluva night. Jumped into my sneakers, stopped by at a couple of bars. Now line up the action, I got my"
  • Meet Virginia - Grammatrain
    "She doesn't own a dress Her hair is always a mess If you catch her stealin' she won't confess She's beautiful She smokes a pack a day Oh, wait, that's me, but anyways She doesn't care a thing about that"
  • Meet Virginia - Train
    "She doesn't own a dress Her hair is always a mess If you catch her stealin' she won't confess She's beautiful She smokes a pack a day Oh, wait, that's me, but anyway She doesn't care a thing about that,"
  • Meet Virginia - Counting Crows
    "She doesn't own a dress Her hair is always a mess If you catch her stealin' She won't confess She's beautiful. Smokes a pack a day Wait that's me, but anyway She doesn't care a thing about that,"

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