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michal lazar his mine

  • His Hand In Mine - Elvis Presley
    "(Mosie Lister) You may ask me how I know my Lord is real (my Lord is real) You may doubt the things I say and doubt the way I feel (the way I feel) But I know he's real today he'll always be (he'll always"
  • With His Hand In Mine - Jean Shepard
    "There are times for no reason I feel so alone Even though he's beside me where he's been all night long In the dark I reach for him though he sound asleep Take hold of his hand and find the comfort I need There"
  • Mine - Tinashe
    "I always get you back baby /2x [Left his house right off the bat Fuck around on me and I drop it like that No second chance, no relapse Mark my words, karma's coming right back Couple months pass, saw"
  • Mine - Everything But The Girl
    "Blown in winds of mischance He would stay but that's not his way What escape for her she swims in the dark In too deep but still waves - "I'm okay And I don't need his name, thank you Mine fits me nicely"
  • His Story - TLC
    "Yo, this is a story of a male female threat to society You know being misjudged and not respected for what we are But I want to send this special shout out to my girl Tawana Brawley Cause no matter what"
  • His Shoes - Billy Ray Cyrus
    "(Keith Stegall/Gary Harrison/Carson Chamberlain) I remember the time Before you were mine And I was dying to be in his shoes Now he's gone away And I'm in his place But his memory hasn't moved The shadow"
  • His Hands - Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
    "There were a lot of things in his touch Sometimes the slightest whisper could hurt so much I could feel him coming nearer his little noises and such And then my man would lay his hands on me He might"
  • His Woman - Miss Lady Pinks
    "Hello? Is this Monique? Who is this? This is Renee. You might not know who I am but I'm just calling to let you know that I be with your man too. Don't think you're the only one. The hell you talking about?"
  • His Song - Stina Nordenstam
    "...there she goes Waiting for her love There she goes Waiting for her love There she goes waiting for the big surprise That'll change her world That'll change her world That'll change her world That'll"
  • Mine All Mine - Van Halen
    "Ow! Forgive me father, for I have sinned I've been through hell and back again I shook hands with the devil Looked 'im in the eye Looked like a long lost friend Ow-ah, anything you want, any dirty deeds He's"
  • It's mine - The Shirelles
    "Why oh why since my baby left me you said i shouldn't be in misery it's not your heart that's breaking it's not your heart that's aching it's mine (it's mine) it's mine (it's mine) it's mine (it's mine)"
  • She's Mine - Brett Dennen
    "well the witches stare with their limbs akimbo silhouettes of statues up in the window call me to come here with a crooked crescendo but i don't devotees dance among the pantomime on the promenade into"
  • Kentucky Mine - Diamond Rio
    "(Monty Powell/Jimmy Lee Sloas/Dale Oliver) His eyes are greener than the meadows His hair is greyer than a ghost His lungs are blacker than the shadows That dance in circles down below You see them every"
  • Mine Field - Petra
    "Words and music by Bob Hartman Based on Proverbs 3:6, 1 Peter 5:8, Matthew 16:24 Smell the burning powder? There's danger in the air A voice from deep inside is telling you, 'you must beware' Then"
  • She's Mine - Burning Spear
    "Oh, I love a girl Yes, I love a girl And her name is ... Oh Jill, oh Jill, oh Jill, (don't mess with Jill) Oh Jill, oh Jill, oh Jill, (don't mess with Jill) Don't mess with Jill (don't mess with Jill) Don't"
  • He's Mine - Mokenstef
    "He might be doing you But he's thinkin about me, So lady think about another lover And go find another brother. I know he's my man He's all in my hands If feels good when he calls my name Don't you wish"
  • Angel Mine - Cowboy Junkies
    "He searched for those wings that he knew That this angel should have at her back And although he can't find them He really don't mind Because he knows they'll grow back And he reached for that halo that"
  • He's Mine - CrystalCherry
    "I can call him mine It was only a matter of time Before I got tired of your ways I tried to make you fire, But you were only ice And you didn't seem to wanna change So then I looked at someone new And"
  • Yours & Mine - Jermaine Dupri
    "(feat. Jagged Edge) J.E. y'all, uh, J.D. y'all, that's me Swizz Beats, come on What is yours and mine Yeah, uh huh Break this up, none of that stuff This right here What is yours and mine "
  • Be Mine - Grits
    "hey baby hey baby hey baby slow down hold up i want you to be,want you to be mine hey baby hey baby hey baby slow down hold up i want you to be,want you to be mine hey baby hey baby hey baby we can hook"

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