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micheal jachson

  • Micheal - Mae
    "You said you made us in the middle of the afternoon while we said we're frusterated. But you tried to take us. "Go on, get ready, cause it's coming soon" you said. Well no thanks, we'll make it. So"
  • Radio Dancing - Engelbert
    "Come here sweet girl let me hold you I'll kiss the tiredness away. There's so many good things I owe you And you're gonna have them all some day. Got no money no place to go But we can dance the radio. 'Cause"
  • We're Not Makin' Love Anymore (Duets With Michael Bolton) - Patti LaBelle
    "(feat. Michael Bolton) Patti: here we are going through the motion one more time you look into my eyes and you don't see. micheal: and here I am feeling like a stranger in your arms I touch you I hold"
  • Not Your Bottle - The Dandy Warhols
    "That's not your bottle Nor what's inside I guess they brought it just for them How'd you get in That's fucking right None of my friends would bother To even bother Benjamin's marijuana Micheal brought"
  • Those Were The Days - The Simpsons
    "Boy, the way the beegies played Movies John Travolta made Guessing how much Elvis weighed Those were the days And you knew were then Watching shows like "Gentle Ben" Mister we could use a man like sheriff"
  • Flower Parade - Book Of Love
    "Curly locks Snowdrops Fair Maiden Blush Buttercups Blue Peter Fall Days Bright Eyes Wysteria Pink Spangle Goldenrod New Moon Mertensia Lilac Moonshine Snow Queen Golden Drop Solme Cheerfulness Blushing"
  • Paul (skit) - Eminem
    "H Em it's Paul uhm, listen, I just got a call from the label. And you're probably not gonna be surprised but uhm, Micheal Jackson is extremely upset about the Just Lose It video, and uhm, I mean he's pissed"
  • Karaoke King - Nerf Herder
    "He might sing for all the ladies In the front row The luckiest one will catch the scarf that he throws In the mood for Huey Luis Or maybe a show tune He'll dedicate 'The Rainbow Connection' for you Oh"
  • Frustrated - Crystal Lewis
    "copyright 1987 Bill Baumgart, Tim Heinz, Micheal Campion, Craig Friberg Frustrated, aggravated, each time I fall Frustrated, simply stated, wait on his call The walls are closing in around me I know"
  • Kaci Intervention Divine - Ms. Dynamite
    "Sarah's screaming, another daddy's leaving how can that much hurt be justified? Frankies a dealer, his nickname is 'The Healer' He makes a living helping people die Babies making babies, people going"
  • Canadians - Bif Naked
    "Canadians Jim Carrey is a Canadian K.d Lang is a Canadian Martin Short is a Canadian Pierre Trudeau is a Canadian Micheal J. Fox is a Canadian Leslie Neilson is a Canadian Shannon Tweed is a Canadian M.A.C"
  • Role Model - Steel Pulse
    "David Hinds CHORUS In the belly of the beast in dis ya struggle Dem chopping down OUR role models In the belly of the beast in dis ya struggle Dem a cutting down OUR role models Cause every single time"
  • Ding Dang - Colonel Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade
    "They used to call him nigger boy When he was but a tike So he grew up to be An angry young man They said: "Run now nigger boy!" At football games in highschool He grew up to be An angry young man If"
  • Part Ii: Lilith's Embrace - Ancient
    "Caine: "Alone in the darkness I can hear the sweetest voice whispering words of surcease and I rejoiced! Who would dare speak to one so condemned as I? Do you know of my most wicked crime?" Lilith: "I'm"
  • Already Home - Wayburn Dean
    "ALREADY HOME (Micheal O'Brien, Steve Reischl) One more day here in the trenches Back on the merry-go-round again Sometimes it feels like death by inches When will this rat-race ever end I do my best to"
  • Tyrone's Rap - Fame Musical
    "Dont need no rich bitch To tell me which fork to use I paid my dues In a rat trap building called New York Livin off beans greens and pork In a basement Tenament No-ones gotta tell me what its like to"
  • Fuck Hollywood - Anti-Heros
    "Anti-Heros American Pie Fuck Hollywood 1 2 fuck you fuck hollywood fuck'em today fuck the million dollar movies with nothing to say fuck the sixties fuck Oliver Stone Fuck Rambo and Sylvester Stallone Fuck"
  • Waan The Ting - Alborosie
    "Michael Rose : Stingdingding da dingding woohj, this is michael rose and Albarosie (hatottotweeh) wostana wostana wostana hooj (ooohhj) Aaahhh! Chorus: Waan the herb, waan the herb, Smoke the kali weed waan"
  • Teenage Kicks - Feargal Sharkey
    "I'd like 2 let u all know including Maz that this song is by "THE UNDERTONES" as a band- not just Feargal Sharkey he was on vocals but he wasnt the only person involved here give Damien O'neill, Micheal"
  • This Is It (Intro) - Hush
    "(Numbers Being Dialed - Phone Rings) (Hush) "Hello." (Shane Capone) "Whats up Hush?" (Hush) "Whats up, who this?" (Shane Capone) "Shane." (Hush) "Oh, whats up?" (Shane Capone) "Shit, what the"

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