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mike bros

  • Bros - Enid
    "Reden wird er, Knig vor sieben Jahren. Das Ross des Nordens, goldbedeckt... tot! Merlin im tiefen Grabe wehklagend also spricht: "Ich hab' das Wort des Rtsels, und ach, sie hren's nicht! Das Wort"
  • Mike - Xiu Xiu
    "dad, what was Nigel supposed to do with your body? a life that I will never understand whose false teeth were gently pushed back into your mouth by your daughter's husband what am I supposed to do with"
  • Moron Bros - Rancid
    "Talkin' 'bout the Moron Bros., tattoed fingers tattoed toes. They're idiots, they're losers, they're scum. Yeah they'll take advantage of everyone. You're a dog, they're your fleas. Yeah they'll do"
  • Death Bros - Cancer Bats
    "No contemplation, no need, no cause It's our distinction, it's in our flaws Not in presentation, it's in our hearts We don't fit in, we're unwanted parts It's called recognition Living or dying We'll sing"
  • Smith Bros. - Raekwon
    "Take it back 1993, '94 or something Yeah, runnin' through the stairs and shit Trynna to get to the roof Narcotos is on, some other shit My niggas won't stop til we straight, select bigger gates We won't"
  • Chaos bros - Die Toten Hosen
    "No need for you to cross over when you see us walking down the street. We're just looking for a good time with everyone we meet. If you like some "how's your father", if you like a bit of fun, no need"
  • Chaos Bros. - Die Toten Hosen
    "No need for you to cross over when you see us walking down the street. We're just looking for a good time with everyone we meet. If you like some "how's your father", if you like a bit of fun, no need"
  • Summer Of Bros - Randy
    "The sun is here and the summer is near, ahan, ahan We have a plan for tonight so make sure that you're there, ahan, ahan Summer only comes once a year round here Make sure you spend it with someone you"
  • Super Mario Bros. - Benefit
    "(intro) borrow my car.. then u giv it a test.. what the mario test? mario? marios a fucking psycho (verse 1) Its 1986 im in the first grade im workin real hard to get mario laid i gotta save the princess"
  • 9 Milli bros - Ghostface Killah
    "Intro: (RZA) Bob Digi, U G.O.D, Raekwon the Chef, the Inspektah DeckM.E.T.H.O.D. (Man), the B.O.B.B., straight up, Masta Killa, the Gza, the Genius..It's the Ol' D-d-dza-za-za Diiiirty Bastard! (music"
  • 7 Chinese Bros. - R.E.M.
    "This mellow, sweet, short-haired boy, woman offers pull up a seat Take in one symphony now, we've just begun to battle Wrap your heel in bones of steel, turn the leg, a twist of color Autumn waited hold"
  • Mike Tyson - Ludwig Von 88
    ""I'm the greatest, I'm the king..." Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Tyson Mike Mike Mike Mike Tyson! Punchin' on his right and punchin' on his left Punchin' in your face, no blow below the belt First round"
  • Mike Cwel - Acid Drinkers
    "Mike does these things gratis He is very well known in the city His ass is his decoy and a trap for the children Mike is the first playboy of the railway station He is the favorite of suckers Mike is a"
  • Hey Mike - Yellowcard
    "Hey Mike, if you're listenin' I'm callin' home to tell you how it is It's real bad, it's cold out here It's been a long and lonely year It's been a long and lonely year It's been so long Don't give up Don't"
  • Mike Kalinsky - Clem Snide
    "mike kalinsky had asthma he was often absent from school but he still performed well on tests & quizzes so all the other kids felt like fools mike kalinsky had asthma spinning bottles never pointed his"
  • Admiral Mike - The Monkees
    "(Michael Nesmith) Peaceful Music (BMI) Lead Vocal: Micky Dolenz You're selling ads you slimy toad Don't smile at me and shake my hand You're killing me You're killing us Because you're only 'only selling"
  • Mysterious Mike - Venerea
    "There's this guy I know He's been to some of our local shows In bloody clothes He's a psycho He's got this whim: wants us to write a song about him And simsalabim this is it (Chorus:) Mikey Do it one"
  • Mike (Remix) - Acumen Nation
    "it seems that i have found mr. razor, only i don't die in fact it keeps my soul alive it's like you said it was, except without the pain you know i'd feel it all, for you where is my, where is my where"
  • Morocco Mike - Murs
    "(Murs) Ay it's like, me and this nigga Eclipse been workin on this shit hella hard for hella days Y'know, knahmsayin? Been since like '95, both graduated and shit Shit changed a grip for me this year '95"
  • Mike Check - Tom Green
    "So what you wanna do, what you gonna wanna say? When I bust a rap in an old school way. I rock it when you hit the club to the break of day. Don't come a-knockin' if ya don't wanna play. And if ya wanna"

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