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  • milli vanilli (chillwagon) - BARTOLO
    "Znów jakaś bladź woła Chcę tylko wstać z kolan Na musie mieć fun dolar A nie kur* pracować Za jeb* 2 koła W pracy, której nawet nie lubię I później żałować Nie robić za fantoma Grac koncerty tak jak kiedyś Grałem"
  • Girl You Know It's True (Maxi Version-Super Club M - Milli Vanilli
    "I'm in love with you girl 'cause you're on my mind, you're the one I think about most every time. And when you pack a smile in everything you do, don't you understand, girl, this love is true. You're soft,"
  • All Or Nothing - Milli Vanilli
    "All or nothing... push All or nothing... Girl let it be Night after night it starts the same Talking with my baby on lovers lane You're real sweet and all a glow Turn me on and then you're ready to go I"
  • Blame In On The Rain - Milli Vanilli
    "You said you didn't need her You told her good-bye (good-bye) You sacrificed a good love To satisfy your pride Now you wished That you should have her (have her) And you feel like such a fool You let her"
  • Girl I'm Gonna Miss You - Milli Vanilli
    "Hey, at least these lyrics are real! I knew it from the start You would break my heart But still I had to play this painful part You rapped me 'round your little bitty finger With your magic smile You"
  • Girl You Know It's True - Milli Vanilli
    ""So what are you doing back?" "Well, I set back and thought about the days we used to do. It really mean a lot to me, you mean a lot to me." "I really mean that much to you?" "Girl, you know it's true." I'm"
  • I'm Afraid Of Britney Spears - Bif Naked
    "I only just turned 15 I'm filled with hopes and dreams I turned my radio on and I hear the strangest song I'm afraid of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera Backstreet Boys and Nysnc I don't know what"
  • I'm Fine - Kimya Dawson
    "sally monelli met milli vanilli they all got real sick and ran for hillbillies and beverly clearly told me a story now i honk for beezus in all of her glory jesus he came and turned water to wine i turned"
  • Defari Freestyle - Defari
    "*after shoutouts* Yo, I gets busy, throw a cat off me like a frisbee He test me, now he's gillespee, now he's dizzy Tiger strike pants, wear jiggy niggy Rather roll wit family like agony tha philly Break"
  • Say Liza (Liza With A 'Z') - Liza Minnelli
    "It's Liza with a Z Not Lisa with an S 'Cause Lisa with an S Goes "sss" not "zzz" It's Z instead of S Ly instead of Lee It's simple as can be See, Liza! I'll do it again... It's Liza with a Z Not Lisa"
  • Welcome - Church
    "Camus and Tony Curtis and Donna StoneHarry Houdini and Al CaponeScipio Africanus and Leon RedboneAnd Harold FlowersTree Sri Govinda and Snow WhiteEdgar Cayce and Shere HiteFrancis Drake who also was a"
  • I've Got A Feeling - Pearl Jam
    "I've got a feeling. A feeling deep inside oh yeah. Oh, yeah. I've got a feeling. A feeling I can't hide oh no, no. Whoa, no. Yeah. Yeah, I've got a feeling, yeah. Oh please believe me. I'd hate to miss"
  • Welcome - The Church
    "Camus and Tony Curtis and Donna Stone Harry Houdini and Al Capone Scipio Africanus and Leon Redbone And Harold Flowers Tree Sri Govinda and Snow White Edgar Cayce and Shere Hite Francis Drake who also"
  • Blame It On Me - Barenaked Ladies
    "Here we are again and we're looking at each other as if each other were to blame. You think you're so smart, but I've seen you naked and I'll probably see you naked again. MillI Vanilli told you to Blame"
  • Mad Rapper - Mase
    "And welcome back from that commercial break Um I found out some please ladies and gentlemen Hold your applause please can you hold your applause I found out something very interesting The mad producer,"
  • Unhappy - Outkast
    "Drowning in the gray cell To dwell in earthly hell A pimp warrior fell One-two! Sir Lucious Left Foot in the muthafuckin' booth! Lucious! (Lucious!) Sir Lucious Left Foot has just entered Might as well"
  • Gilded Lily - GWAR
    "Well I've been wearing a Gilded Lily Cunningly carved in a manner frilly To my design it was created No deviation was tolerated My Gilded Lily he think he funny My Gilded Lily he worth cash money"
  • Lecę - Obywatel MC
    "Z buta wchodzi Klasyk, motyw kina drogi Podróże, ucieczki Moi ludzie Przygody Pamiętasz PCP 79? Jestem, oby? Nadchodzi czas zmian Nadchodzi czas zmian: było monolog, są rozmowy Młody, miasto, jeszcze w"
  • It's A Fight - Three 6 Mafia
    "Intro Yeah Yeah We ain't playin' wit cha We ain't playin' wit cha Step yo ass up What chu wanna do Get yo ass knocked down What chu wanna do Get ready What chu wanna do Three six mafia... mafia Let's go"
  • I Wanna Be Your Lady - Cam'ron
    "Boy you should know that (what?) I got you on my mind (okay) Your secret admirer (uhuh) I've been watching you (killa) At night I think of you (Dipset) I want to be your lady, baby If your game"

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