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no no nowhere

  • Nowhere - Skepticism
    "if here once was a shore it has gone nowhere further away Black islands, Rose the bay is calm Approach Close Distant Nowhere Forest on fire Bitter Mist on the walley To move is to vanish To stay is"
  • Nowhere - Balzac
    "(Nowhere) I'll be back (No way out) I'll be back again My heart feel pain I'm waiting for the night (Nowhere) I'll be back (No way out) I'll be back again My heart feel pain I'm waiting for the light Soshite"
  • Nowhere - Aqualung
    "So Is it over Time Would have told you Piece By piece Til the stillness Echoing No-one Nothing Nothing No-one Could make me feel The way I'm feeling No-one Hands Let me hold you Eyes Let me see your face Smile"
  • Nowhere - Rainbirds
    "thank you lover you made me forget myself i fell unconscious and when i woke up i was dreaming that i need you thank you lover but now i am far away from you yet i`m another part of you and i like to be"
  • Nowhere - 112
    "If ever you wondered If ever you were nervous about it You gotta know, I aint never, Lemme say that again, I aint never, goin nowhere Listen to me Last night I allmost cried when you told me That you"
  • Nowhere - Fiction Junction
    ""Nowhere " tamashii no hanashi wo kikasete yo hitomi wo sorasazu mitsumete yo anata wa watashi ga doko nimo inai to omotteru mienai basho made hashiru nara iranai kazari wa furisutete kokoro wo mukidashi"
  • Nowhere - Lucy Kaplansky
    "So cold today Wind is blowing You turn your face away Can hardly see where you're going Walking downtown Eighth Street, Washington Square Stepping carefully In the footprints someone left there While"
  • Nowhere - FictionJunction YUUKA
    "'''' '''' ''We will reach to nowhere landTake me to the nowhere land'' {{Translation|Japanese}} ==Romanized Japanese== tamashii no hanashi wo kikasete yo hitomi wo sorasazu mitsumete"
  • Nowhere - Kiley Dean
    "Bubba Sparxxx featuring Kiley Dean (Intro: Timbaland) Listen, first you must travel A long desolate road This road you shall travel Will seem like nowhere But that nowhere Will turn into somewhere Keep"
  • Nowhere - Bubba Sparxxx
    "Listen, first, you must travel, a long, desolate road This road that you shall travel, will seem like nowhere. That nowhere, will turn into somewhere Keep your head up Bubba, dont let nobody get you down, Cause"
  • Nowhere man - Anti-Nowhere League
    "Nowhere Man, Nowhere Man You laugh at the things you don't understand Nowhere Man, Nowhere Man Wash my blood from your feeble hands And even though you're trying hard To make a better life All you do is"
  • Nowhere For No One - Sinergy
    "Chaos is my wake up call Another day of suffering Waste time staring at the wall Nowhere to go, no one to see So many voices are stalking my mind I can't sleep because they're screaming at me I can feel"
  • Nowhere To Run, No Place To Hide - Caliban
    "No regrets! You caused me so much pain, I can still feel the wounds You left on my tortured skin... I won't forget your chainsaw And the games you played. Come on, little angel, Will you play my game I'm"
  • Nowhere Fast - Mary J. Blige
    "Eh, eh, Eh, eh, eeh Hope your not thinking, you ain't the one Seems your annoyed by my voice Because your out there trickin' 'Til five in the morning I don't play that shit (oh) Hope your not thinking,"
  • Nowhere Man - John Butler Trio
    "I'm in and i'm out Australian, and so the rest dont know what the hell i be on about but from here and there i belong nowhere it seems some men..... and life dont seem to be the same..... but all my"
  • Nowhere Road - Fastball
    "There's trouble on the subway There's something on the tracks It's a dead end waiting and we can't go back So take it to the highway Head back and open wide Step right up and take a nowhere ride It's"
  • Nowhere Man - The Beatles
    "He's a real nowhere man Sitting in his nowhere land Making all his nowhere plans for nobody Doesn't have a point of view Knows not where he's going to Isn't he a bit like you and me? Nowhere man,"
  • Nowhere Fast - Head Automatica
    "I needed just a hit, one hit It's a very little hit, I'm sure I won't like it I needed to be heard, one hit would send me flying I got away with murder last night in the parking lot In cold blood, I have"
  • Nowhere Generation - Rise Against
    "We are the Nowhere Generation We are the kids that no one wants We are a credible threat To the rules you set A cause to be alarmed We are not the names That weve been given We speak aa language you don’t"
  • Nowhere Fast - Josh Turner
    "I used to think that I was living big Bet my money on almost anything Time and time, I got caught struggling Oh, I had plans, I had dreams And I had an open bar policy Spending time tryin' to numb the"

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