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  • Lima limon - Villanos
    "Sale a la calle solo para comprarNadie en el barrio se lo quiere cruzarPide fiado, no puede pagarEst hecho un bardoCompletamente limadoDemasiado rockeadoYa tiene reservado un lindo cajónEst enajenado y"
  • Corona Con Lima - Gary P. Nunn
    "Chorus: ''Corona con lima'' Corona with lime ''Todo el tiempo'' All of the time ''Con mucho gusto'' I'm havin' such a good time ''Corona con lima'' Corona with lime (repeat Chorus) ''Regarda una chica"
  • Luís Nazário de Lima - Quebonafide
    "Wracałem ze szkoły i rzucałem ten plecak na wyro Nic się nie liczyło, tylko biegać za piłą Nic mi nie robiło ze jest melanż i piją Miałem własny świat, tak jak dzieciak z Rio Ani w te, ani w te, jak"
  • A La Lima Y Al Limon - Concha Piquer
    "La vecinita de enfrente no, no, no tiene los ojos grandes. Ni tiene el talle de espiga, no, no, ni son su labios de sangre. Nadie se acerca a su reja, nadie llama en sus cristales. Que sólo el vieno"
  • Limo - the Getaway People
    "Come on in from the rain now baby, come sail away with me Who's been there to take care of you lately? So put your trust in me Don't cry those tears anymore, accentuate the positive You'll be fine 'cause"
  • Lim - Julieta Venegas
    "Tengo que confesar que a veces no me gusta tu forma de ser luego te me desapareces y no entiendo muy bien por qu no dices nada romntico cuando llega el atardecer te pones de un humor extrao con cada luna"
  • Lim - Hamlet
    "Has dudado alguna vez Sobre si estoy vivo o me siento bin? Sobre todo lo que he hecho hasta llegar? De tener que hablar en bajo a poder participar Sobre que hago yo aqu, no es mi lugar Casi siempre odiado,"
  • Limo life - UK Subs
    "I'm sitting here and I wonder why Could this be true I'm a dog I am selfish And did I really do this to you One day I'll wake up from this dream And I'll wonder where I am This God forsaken everybody's"
  • Lemon Lime - Soul Coughing
    "But I have not seen it now or ever Women descending on escalators Coupled with this but also the same thing Dolled up and spat out So many denominations I remember what you tasted like A gumdrop Lemon"
  • Lim?o - Djavan
    "O vu luminoso do sol na bruma Cobre a serra molhada Por um buraco na nvoa, Vara a espada de luz Libertando a terra ao toc-la A chuva parou, O dia renasce para o passeio, Para o amor, para o trabalho A"
  • Chemo limo - Regina Spektor
    "I had a dream Crispy crispy Benjamin Franklin came over and babysat all four of my kids Then in my dream I told the doctor off he said "if you don't wanna do itThen you don't have to do it"He said "the"
  • Lime Tree - Bright Eyes
    "I keep floating down the river but the ocean never comes Since the operation I heard you're breathing just for one Now everything is imaginary, especially what you love You left another message said it's"
  • Limo Wreck - Soundgarden
    "Tears of the feeble Hands of the slaves Skin of the mothers Mouths of the babes Building the towers Belongs to the sky When the whole thing Comes crashing down Don't ask me why Under the shelf The shelf"
  • Lime Green - Diesel Boy
    "I run down to your house and leave a trail of crumbs So maybe I can eat my way back home I know that you can't understand the things inside of me that tick So maybe I should be alone I don't want you"
  • Key Lime Pie - Kenny Chesney
    "Big straw hat, banana drink I can't remember what it is I think And my, my, my - my key lime pie Ocean breeze, tire swing Coconut fall if you shake that thing And my, my, my - my key lime pie Not too"
  • Key Lime Pie - AFI
    "Key lime. Infatuation that shouldn't exist. Key lime Pie. Indulge and I am in your debt. Key lime pie. Inspire me with foolish love. Key lime pie, your green filling makes me inept. Flaky crust"
  • Key Lime Pie - A.F.I.
    "thanks to Travis Mauthe for submitting the lyrics Key lime. Infatuation that shouldn't exist. Key lime Pie. Indulge and I am in your debt. Key lime pie. Inspire me with foolish love. Key lime pie, your"
  • Lime (Tequila-ila) - Edyta Górniak
    "Łoooo, łoooo Nananna Your With the top down Your love hit me up I am on my way now To the ocean And the breeze Baby, you and me Sounds like … Red dress fallen on my Sunset moven to the closer We’re"
  • Lime Street Blues - Procol Harum
    "Lime Street in the afternoon everybody crazy as a coon I'm running round in my underpants trying to find some kinda romance Quarter past three on Lime Street I got whipped right offa my feet Didn't"
  • Bittersweet With Lime - Tad Dreis
    "Wet the glass and salt the edges Use the special kind Cut the citrus into wedges Bittersweet with lime Ooo Mock the way I hold my glasses Slip your hand in mine Talk about how our time passes Bittersweet"

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