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  • Feathers-Oar Blades - Cocteau Twins
    "Their fate And hot Their face They're haters Then they form, then hands Crestfallen Weaken Here comes the oppressors Oppress, fallen, weaken Feathers-oar blades Spitting their feathers Spitting out"
  • Como Se O Oar - Nando Reis
    "Quando eu vi as fotos da casa Tudo se esclareceu Tudo se acalmou Como se o mar Entrasse em casa Lavasse as mgoas E nos trouxesse calma Quando eu vi as fotos da casa Tudo se esclareceu Tudo se acalmou"
  • Like The Oar Strikes The Water - Grand Magus
    "Defile your life with religions And sell your soul You put all trust in your holy man You may deny it's illusion Just worthless rules You turn away when you think you can Corrupting life with suppression The"
  • Fly Straight Or Drop The Oar And Wreck - Lemon Demon
    "My very existence makes you chew up pencils. My very existence makes you cringe. One would think that after so much hurt and pain, An ordinary human would unhinge. Detnaw ton ma I nehw wonk I, efil ruoy"
  • Patiently - O.A.R.
    "Well patiently you slipped away from me i want that day back, i want that day back but so patiently i went home that night and i sat down to write but i couldn't think of anything to write that night i"
  • Ran away to the top - O.A.R.
    "I don't know nothing, and I don't know a thing But if I just keep on listening then together we'll sing I been walking for about a thousand years And my feet are tired of crying all those painful tears"
  • Revisited - O.A.R.
    "Peter sat on a mountain top. northern wind blows through his hair all day long. Peter never took no time for him to stop. just stood right there and he stared. singing, oh. he don't need us anymore, cause"
  • Right on time - O.A.R.
    "I know it's been a long, long year. God forbid you listen to me now. I may have laid the pressure on good, but since that day I'll never ask again. It's funny, it's come right down to this. I have to steal"
  • Risen - O.A.R.
    "I'm not quite sure how I got here. A minute passed and I'm on my feet. I nver knew life could taste so good. I need a little minute, just a moment to breathe. No matter where I go, no matter who I see"
  • Road outside Columbus - O.A.R.
    "There's a road outside Columbus, Ohio. Feels like I drove along for years. This Midwest way of ease it surrounds us. I can't deny the rhythm here. And as I pull away from Riverside beside me. That High"
  • She gone - O.A.R.
    "He walks these streets sometimes until way past twelve. His mind can't decide if he's in heaven, he just can't tell. He sees her standing there smiling by the lamppost shine. His heart can't remember ever"
  • Short a try - O.A.R.
    "I'm picking up these broken pieces again i'm feeling like i'm lost and all i do is find you there we've been here before i'm never coming back again, not again tomorrow is too soon for you my dear i pushed"
  • So moved on - O.A.R.
    "I woke today, felt another way, everything was gonna be fine. My head rose up then my legs came too, quarter past nine was the time. I used to lose floating memories, found myself wishing I'd remember"
  • Someone in the road - O.A.R.
    "I was riding down the highway when I thought I spotted someone in the road I said, "You going my way?" And he turned his head and said, "Man, I don't know." So I asked about his government and he turned"
  • That was a crazy - O.A.R.
    "My twenty thrown down in my fist of rage And the man to my left just folded down Johnny doubled up with a Royal Flush I had three jacks and a pair of nines My mind is turning just two shots more There's"
  • The dangerous doctrine - O.A.R.
    "This is a song for the average American. Let go of your realities (middle class small town mentalities): The truths - your truths - That even now dominate your little world. There are lives, and hopes,"
  • The wanderer - O.A.R.
    "Down the road there was a man walking, walking Knapsack round his back radio talking, talking And his blue suede shoes are covered in mud, but it no matter cause the boys on the run Black sunglasses and"
  • To zion goes i - O.A.R.
    "Light of the candle bright ones soul one shined Woke up new one morning feeling better than ever, fine My chest no hurt no more something feel better What's all the hate for? Now something feel better"
  • Toy store - O.A.R.
    "Hoping to find something better At least better than what ya thought So many aisles to venture down So many choices you thought Then a man come walkin down the aisle With a smile as wide as the rain But"
  • Untitled - O.A.R.
    "She takes it deep to the heart right from the start she talks softly over a glass of wine. Now and again she's more than a friend, why don't you just throw me that line. It would be great if she'd dedicate"

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