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one direction what make your beatiful

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one direction what make your beatiful
  • Tom Gregory What Love Is
    "I’ve been wait, witing foe days I would wait a thousand more Just for one more secondo r two To explain the way that i feel If we get it right This could be paradise Just you and me /2x It ain’t no sacrifice"
  • Katy Perry What Makes A Woman
    "Is it the way i talk sweet The way my skin is soft Or how i can be a bitch And make you keep your fingers crossed Is it the way that i praise you The way that i please you Or how fast i change my mind And"
  • Katie Melua Your Longing Is Gone
    "It used to really feel like we were high flying you could say our days were too good to be true I loved it when you showed me that inside you were dying like I had to answer that pull from you and"
  • FINNEAS What They'll Say About Us
    "You’re tired now lie down I’ll be waitin’ to give you the good news It might take patience And when you wake up It won’t be over So don’t you give up We’ve got the time to take the world And make it better"
  • Birdy Open Your Heart
    "I feel so lost sometimes Trying to read between the lies I am waiting here for you Giving it all Try pic kit throughwhen you treading carefully God in your heart Hiding for me But i;ll never know Never"
  • Keith Urban One Too Many (ft. Pink)
    "I don’t remember muc about last night Woke up on a couch sun-rise Saw the living room through these bloodshot eyes of my mine Cold sober You didn’t like that i come home late"
  • Sebek Tylko ona w myślach
    "siedzę sam i znowu przeglądam insta tyle ładnych kobiet ale tylko ona w myślach tyle ran od pani co szybko przyszła a na tej siłowni ty chba za póżno wyszła"
  • TOP-ONE Tamte Chwile To Ty
    "gdzieś zapisałem nam wiele stron tylko ze mną bądź gdzieś wyszeptałem daleko stąd podaj swoją dłoń"
  • Bob One & Bas Tajpan Nie martw się
    "mamo ty nie martw sie o mnie ja rade dam zawsze gdy lecę na twarz mam w głowie plan b"
  • You me at six MAKEMEFEELALIVE
    "Where is your empathy Drain me of Energy Snakes keep on circing me Hiatus from the haters They ain’t the ones that made us And no one came to save us Age, sex, location Divided as a nation The lost generation? Lets"
  • Metallica The Unforgiven
    "Lay beside me Tell me what they've done Speak the words I wanna hear To make my demons run The door is locked now But it's open if you're true If you can understand the me Then I can understand the you Lay"
  • Jojo Lonely Hearts (feat. Demi Lovato)
    "i know myslef well i know just what ti di whit my won touch I can spray my chanel in this empty hotel king bed at the roosvelt where I can’t abuse my trust switch up and ghost on us I cannot fuck me up"
  • INNA x Farina Read My Lips
    "Baby, I don't hear what you sayin' Bass a little loud Culo shaking We could make our own sign language You know You ain’t messing whit no basic We go ohohoh Make me wanna Oh-oh-oh-oh And if i am throwing"
  • Disturbed If I Ever Lose My Faith in You
    "You could say I lost my faith in science and progress You could say I lost my belief in the holy church You could say I lost my sense of direction You could say all of this and worse, but If I ever lose"
  • Stryper Do unto Others
    "We all have questions Many concerns Simple frustrations Respect is what we yearn We are offended Easily on cue Often unfriended Without a single clue If we could step back To see what matters We would"
  • Kool & The Gang Ladies Night
    "Mmmmmmm oh, yeah What a night Oh, yes, it's ladies night And the feeling's right Oh, yes, it's ladies night Oh, what a night (Oh, what a night) Oh, yes, it's ladies night And the feeling's right Oh,"
  • Duo Cartoonist Trust In me, child
    "You want to change the events ahead for you dread what you've just seen through the glass so if you pay the price and you make a deal with me. The day she takes her final breath will never come to pass.. You"
  • Widespread Panic Ain't Life Grand
    "watchin people roll by wonderin where they're goin hey, what's your job what are you knowin drivin to the grocery store pull my money out passin by the liquor store throw my money down ain't life grand ain't"
  • Bay City Rollers Bye Bye Baby
    "If you hate me after what I say Can't put it off any longer I just gotta tell ya anyway Bye Bye Baby, baby goodbye. Bye baby, baby bye bye. Bye bye baby, don't make me cry Bye baby, baby bye bye. You're"
  • Holy Grove Huntress
    "For a woman she's got the damndest needs In you she'll confide Her laundry list of evil deeds The more than happy to abide For her disease is burning straight through you A hole so black it'll take your"

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