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one last stance

  • Stance - Puissance
    "Where do you stand? And what do you belive in? The rise and fall of an empire? Picking up speed... The winds of change. To send you hurling back into the fire... Its a sad fact that you never heard the"
  • B-Boy Stance - K-OS
    "Yeah, it's so hard to remain authentic Everything is round me in changin Even the earth is movin in two different places In the United States, but one thing remains the same Till the end of time I think"
  • Humble Stance - Saga
    "Lately I've been watching a little complex grow You know, you gotta know That's why I chose to tell 'ya That humble stance and timid glance Makes your world turn so slow You know, you gotta know There's"
  • Mic Stance - Afu-Ra
    "Yeah, Afu-Ra, the Body of the Life Force Yo, you know how I do son (yeah) Yeah, so why don't you (yeah) Get on this mic and represent one time Some MC's you know they artificial Some get straight chewed"
  • Buffalo stance - Neneh Cherry
    "Who's that gigolo on the street With his hands in his pockets and his crocadile feet Hanging off the curb, looking all disturbed At the boys from home. They all came running They were making noise, manhandling"
  • Perfect Stance - With Honor
    "Hollowed out, we've watched months erase the memories of years It's not tradition, not meaningless ideals It's a fire thats draws us near So come close, let your eyes meet mine Try hard to deny this burning"
  • Gun-Low-Stance - Warcloud
    "Artist: Holocaust Album: Smugglin' Booze in the Graveyard Song: Gun-Low Stance Typed by: Knowledge God (Intro: Elegents 'Little Star' sample) Where are you 'Little Star'? (Where are you?) Whoah oh,"
  • Great Solar Stance - Jeru The Damaja
    "What niggas deal, they last 24 I did in the first Before the doctor cleaned off the afterbirth I kicked a verse, smoked a blunt, shooked the Earth Smacked the physician, and f**ked the nurse The truth"
  • Soap Box Stance - Witness
    "Well, it must have gotten cold in hell George got his holy grail Writing his heroic tale like Tennyson had wrote in Braille Tell my friends to hold my mail Gentlemen, unfold your sails Denizens of roach"
  • Hands on stance - Ignite
    "If you care, love something And see it threatened You'll get angry and fight A scorched earth policy Nature's not valued by our society Sometimes you fight and you win Most of the time it's a loss up against"
  • My Ever Changing Moral Stance - Stiff Little Fingers
    "Well, I find it hard to concentrate While you sit there and contemplate Why success is such an aphrodisiac Cos when push comes down to shove And you start to talk of love I don't know why I don't get up And"
  • The Stance Of Evander Sinque - My Dying Bride
    "He was a poor man, though he was genius Would they listen to this crazy man Would they help him to his end He was a tall man, pale skin and broken back And no-one knew him, though he was genius They feared"
  • The Stance Of Evander Sinoue - My Dying Bride
    "He was a poor man, though he was genius Would they listen to this crazy man Would they help him to his end He was a tall man, pale skin and broken back And no-one knew him, though he was genius They feared"
  • Rudeboy Stance (feat. Promoe) - Grubson / OER
    "GRUBSON REF.: Panie prezydencie, panie oficerze, cały rządzie Nie uciszajcie nas, bo my tylko chcemy tańczyć Hej b-boys, b-girls, graficiarze, DJ’e, MC’s i nauczyciele Rozwińcie skrzydła Nie wycofujcie"
  • One Last - Dusty Drake
    "When she picked up the telephone His voice came on the line She said this can't be happening And tears fell from her eyes She said 'What am I supposed to do I can't handle losing you?' He said 'I just"
  • The Last One - Number One Fan
    "I know I change my mind all the time, but this one's gonna stick for awhile. You wanted everything right, I wanted everything wrong, That way I could walk away from the mess, 'Cause you don't impress"
  • Last One - Days Of The New
    "Alone with pain I thought i'd made a friend Why do you leave now Is this what you've planned Wait your turn It's a long time Before you'll breathe Stay underwater and tell me are you free I cannot complain The"
  • Fightin' Stance - Big Dumb Face
    "yeah big job buck up to the pocket of you know what hot damn, hot damn, hot damn my man hot damn ready to win money in my pocket wearin' a grin lots of flocks on the rocks wearing boots without no socks whoopin'"
  • Tough stance - Fusion
    "Sick mind attending my soulDark abyss deep in myselfStrong drives disposing my wayDeformed veins affecting my lifeWild lust infectd my thoughtsPur hate restrained my biliousnessRough score raises my laughReverse"
  • The Last Last One - The Weakerthans
    "You always stole all my last words. Here's no exception then, one more for me to send. And nothing happens in the end. I'm thinking of you less, more concerned... and more is less, I guess it doesn't matter"

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