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orange apple
  • Kevin Ayers Orible Orange
    "I'm an orible orange Covered in chemical spray. I'm absolutely nasty That's why I have to say That I'm an orible orange (he's an orible orange) I'm an orible orange (he's an orible orange) I'm an orible"
  • Alien Ant Farm Orange Appeal
    "Half the rude you brought once has cold We send with friends All the evil actions worked my mood on you As the energy comes from the waves at cliffs Moan miss We look for leaves on the family tree Ahthee"
  • Alien Ant Farm Orange Appeal(bonus Track)
    "Alien Ant Farm Miscellaneous Orange Appeal(bonus Track) orange appeal(bonus track) Alien Ant Farm (Anthology) Half the rude you brought once has cold We send with friends All the evil actions worked my"
  • Molly Metal Orange
    "Orange can be hard, sometimes she knows Orange is the way the summer blows Orange can be hard, orange can be hard, sometimes she knows Transty can also love alone Oranges can be hard, orange can be smart Orange"
  • The Dandy Warhols Orange
    "If I look down this road It's not so old, I know. Ain't it white like snow, But somehow painted gold. And when I'm lost and torn, A soldier of orange, I. Like a roll in snow, on A doctor's show, I. If"
  • The Filthy Youth Orange
    "If youre pissed off cause youre underpaid, Well thats okay. If youre pissed off, give yourself a break, And then thats okay. I was taken by the hands and led off, Before I was feeling gray, I mixed this"
  • KinKi Kids Orange
    "doko made susunoba nigori naki sora oogeru no? hie kitta Soup wa nomi zuraku tomo nomimasu soko made yowakunai... namaiki wo iu tsumori monaku aumaku ikitai wake demo nai tada tada te wo tsunagitai tada tada"
  • Kirsty Hawkshaw Orange
    "We are moments in the flow Here to witness the seeds we sow Then to fade into the beautiful unknown Never to forget Never completely alone There's a feeling in the ether But I am none the wiser There's"
  • Another Breath Orange
    "Splinters buried to the bone. Headaches like aneurysms - One can only hope. Nightmares ever harder to control. Always in the back of my mind. Never letting go. No, I can't explain this to you because it's"
  • Lil'B Orange
    "Romaji: mijikai yoru ni mayoikonda ME-RU heya to kodoku terasu mabushii gamen onaji toki onaji kimochi no ureshisetsunasa ima kono kyori jikan sae mo tobikoete naki warai suki kimi no kokoro wa ima donna"
  • Whirlwind Heat Orange
    "The night time is not the right time, It's time to get worked up. I don't imagine you could tell, about my conversation cuts. This is a good day to lie. This is a good day to die. This is a good day to"
  • 10000 Maniacs Orange
    "Lineage close dDissolved In its birth Tragedy Prelude a balance Is a synergy Of reason Malicious hope As techno atrocities Lapse their effects Associate these ends Their clarity Demands your revenge Please"
  • 10,000 Maniacs Orange
    "[ music: John Lombardo/lyric: Natalie Merchant ] lineage closed dissolved in its birth tragedy prelude a balance is a synergy of reason malicious hope as techno atrocities lapse their effects"
  • Bonnie Pink Orange
    "Kurisumasu ibu wa Subani ite kureta hito o Subete omoi dasu shikumi ni natteru Entotsu ga nai yo Momi no ki mo nai kedo Sore demo shiawase desu ka? Sore wa dare no sei desu ka? Konna ni mo orenji Atatakai"
  • Idaho Orange
    "Is there a questionI am supposed to knowThe dirt from the trailIt has gotten into my lungsThe light turns orangeWhile the tank runs outNever going down againI'll never feel like that againThe dirt on the"
  • Seo Taiji Orange
    "Dangshinun mwonga mwonji nan inji jocha mothan muji nan ne hodjomman chadgoso modbakoso uchuldemyo ne binthum mekwoso nol dadgo kun choghego gathmod chadgo modurul kalbwagodman ne humchin gachinun bunggoedoen"
  • 1000 Hours Apple
    "(verse 1) can you see that i can't be what you want me to be you'll see the stars in the sky that i don't see in the, passed i wasn't all that i could be army moto proper lifestyle from your tree (verse"
  • Joe Brooks Apple
    "For your consideration I offer myself with no sign of hesitation Well let's get these wheels in motion Cause this old guitar is gonna sing by the ocean side Oh Apple you're my life Feel like a before"
  • Bebe Rexha Apple
    "Shoutout to Lauren cause she said it right That thing, that thing He just wanna bite Don't let him hit it and quit it If he hits it and quits it You probably won't see him no more, no more And i hate"
  • Cibo Matto Apple
    "When apple leaves fall You may feel something in your mind's eye When the earth drinks in squall You may plan to escape on the sly Ohhhh, ohhh, ohhhhh, ohhh... I heard her sobbing Her tears tasted so sweet I"

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