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pixie lott we own the night

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pixie lott we own the night

  • Bright Lights (feat. Pixie Lott) - Tinchy Stryder
    "Flash lights and the good life, keep calling out my name And I pray somehow something’s gonna change Bright lights in the skyline, let me lose my way ‘Cause I know somehow something’s gonna change Uh,"
  • Pixie Jane - Blink The Star
    "Shadow box with perfect sound Pick up the blue, follow through A cinematic experience From the gut I ask you Who's the blackest of them all? And is he 65 or not at all? Pixie jane still comes through Works"
  • Pixie Jane - Blinker The Star
    "Shadow box with perfect sound Pick up the blue, follow through A cinematic experience From the gut I ask you Who's the blackest of them all? And is he 65 or not at all? Pixie Jane still comes through Works"
  • Pixie - Ani DiFranco
    "I'm a pixie I'm a paperdoll I'm a cartoon I'm a chipper cheerful free for all And I light up a room I'm the color me happy girl Miss live and let live And when they're out for blood I always give The man"
  • Pixie - Pig Destroyer
    "Young unicorns snatched from the impossible skies precious horns, ordinary chainsaws. I am left with horses revolting in the normalcy shipwrecked by a face all sweet and empty Like a hollow candy or an"
  • We Own The Night - The Wanted
    "May our hearts be full like our drinks tonight May we sing and dance till we lose our minds We are only young if we seize the night Tonight we own the night Tonight we own the night When my time is over,"
  • We Own The Night - A Bird A Sparrow
    "I'll take the flight out of california sun Through the terminal gates...... I feel so lost sometimes, another sun fades away Oh how the time goes by Raise up your glasses, I wanna make a toast Tonight"
  • Here we go again - Pixie Lott
    "RedOne Pixie All my friends are going out But I've been thinking Maybe I better stay in bed The ceiling's spinning round Like I've been drinking I've got this banging in my head boom boom boom I need my-y"
  • Break Up Song - Pixie Lott
    "By the grace of your lips I have not searched happiness And the love in our hearts Shone a way through the dark But lately lately lately lately I Have found it overwhelmingly to cry And maybe maybe maybe"
  • Best Day of My Life - Pixie Lott
    "I had a dream so big and loud I jump so high I touch the clouds I stretch my hands out to the sky We dance with monsters through the night I'm never gonna look back I'm never gonna give it up, no! Please"
  • Mama Do Uh Oh Uh Oh - Pixie Lott
    "Every night I go Every night I go sneaking out the door I lie a little more Baby I'ma helpless There's something bout the night And the way it hides all the things I like Little black butterflies Deep"
  • Ocean - Pixie Lott
    "I'm an ocean pouring from my eyes Built a boat and catch the rising tides I'm so over yesterday, Now just watch me sail away on this ocean Oooh, the tears I've cried It's deep in the night I miss you"
  • Kiss the Stars - Pixie Lott
    "Baby, baby, we're on the rocket Venus and Mars now can't be apart now. Baby, baby, put me in your pocket, We're on a mission, get in position. Put the plug in the socket, give me all your power, When you"
  • We Own The Night (ft. Luciana) - Tiësto & Wolfgang Gartner
    "We're burning with the stars We shine so bright like Jupiter and Mars We own the night keep running with the fires This time is ours We're dancing through the clouds We own the night! Something in the"
  • All About Tonight - Pixie Lott
    "I bought a new pair of shoes I got a new attitude when I walk 'Cause I'm so over you And it's all about tonight I'm going out with the girls Ready to show all the boys what I got I'm lettin' go of the"
  • High Hopes - Pixie Lott
    "When the storm Hits me deep, down to the bone It'll wash away All the struggle that I've known When there's no shooting star In the righteous sky I don't stop looking up Til I see it shine If you find"
  • Caravan Of Love - Pixie Lott
    "Are you ready for the time of your life? It's time to stand up and fight Hand in hand we'll take a caravan to the motherland One by one we gonna stand up with pride, One that can't be denied Now the children"
  • We Don't Own It - Joan As Police Woman
    "We don't own it You will know by the way That he cuts his eyes Looks away from the door That walked in you You will know it will go Down in history How sweet he was to you And all the others So hand"
  • Own The Night - Chaka Khan
    "Feeling the heat, I can't keep the pressure off me. Hear the man say Earn your pay or I'll let you go today. But that's not for me I was born to be alive not livin' to survive Come closer to me, baby Make"
  • We Break Our Own Hearts - Michael Ball
    "(r. kerr/d. black) If I'm honest, I knew I'd never share my whole life with you You knew it too When you fall in love You don't think ahead You believe whatever said Chorus: We break our own hearts We"

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