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  • Bisz (B.O.K.) Pollock (muz. Bob'Air)
    "Na chu* mi rolex, atomowe zegary, budziki? Teraz jest zawsze teraz, wystarczy umieć liczyć do zera Ciężką nogę wbijam w podłogę, wbijam się w moment, Nie samochodem - korek zabiłby mnie myśląc, że stoję (Nie"
  • Pezet Obrazy Pollocka
    "Chciałbym być znowu młodym żeby zaczynała się wtedy wiosna zostawiać ślady na tych ścieżkach nowych i dostawać rady co mam z życiem zrobić nie mieć planów nawet weekendowych nie mieć w kręgosłupie płytek"
  • Emma Pollock New Land
    "Hold up your glasses A shout for the masses Here we go And so begins the show And not for the first time You step on the fault line Just like that We watch the fireworks start Oh, sleep if you can You"
  • Emma Pollock Acid Test
    "This house does not feel like a home Is it occupied? This life is not one that I own Do I dramatize? These days I think I'll stay at home By the fireside Just leave the outdoors to get on While I theorize There"
  • Emma Pollock Limbs
    "Dancing in the day Her body Strengthens in the way We don't see In you in me These limbs They can take you higher They can take you higher Tailored by the moves she makes So well Perfected by the symmetry Her"
  • Emma Pollock Adrenaline
    "This adrenaline rush is keeping me high Keep it coming around It keeps the days alive and makes the hours fly Keep it coming around And when the hold-ups Start holding you down Keep your eyes to ground And"
  • Emma Pollock Fortune
    "There is fortune in my name Currency in letters If this life is just a game I'll try to play it better We all started just the same The hopeful and the hopeless On the streets we made our name Our confidence,"
  • Emma Pollock You'll Come Around
    "Such an ugly girl Took another girl home Let her feast on her friendship As she'd never known She makes up these games to play But I'm not laughing alone today Someone punching my life away No matter"
  • Emma Pollock This Rope's Getting Tighter
    "I drive through streets I could walk for weeks Full of life or full of loneliness Whose eyes will I watch from today? The day I signed my heart resigned My glass was overflowing, celebrate This rope's"
  • Emma Pollock The Optimist
    "Given the light, give it some truth Given the maybe, give it some proof This body is cleaner, I'm one to behold My truth is uncovered, untainted, untold Hello to the people I considered old Oh, the optimist Teach"
  • Therapy? Totally Random Man
    "I hate everyone but you Sometimes I even hate you too When you make me see me as I am I feel like Captain Beefheart sounds I feel like Jackson Pollock looks Something I don't wanna be but am Understand"
  • Buzzcocks Don't mess me round
    "Gonna have to cut you down to sizeyou're running out of styleI'm gonna kit you outwith a subterranean profiledon't you push me too farit's gonna be bad for your healthyou'll wind up just a friendto the"
  • The Buzzcocks Don't Mess Me 'Round
    "Gonna have to cut you down to size you're running out of style I'm gonna kit you out with a subterranean profile don't you push me too far it's gonna be bad for your health you'll wind up just a friend to"
  • Bisz / Radex Pokaż mi język
    "językiem wycieramy gęby, szkoda gadać od prania brudów, mózgów, barwy zblakły a obraz świata nie jest biało czarny Czasem to Pollock, innym razem Chagall nie czujemy bogactwa faktury kory dębu, piaskowca"
  • Kent Palace & Main
    "Jag skt en DJ sent igr Blodet stnkte, blev en Pollock i hans bs Jag flyr genom en nedslckt korridor Och mitt indiehjrta slr och slr och slr Jag str p en flygplats och vntar p knslan En man vid en avsats,"
  • Courtney Barnett Dead Fox
    "Jen insists that we buy organic vegetables and I must admit that I was a little skeptical at first; a little pesticide can’t hurt? Never having too much money I get the cheap stuff at the supermarket,"
  • Patti Smith Rock N Roll Nigger
    "Baby was a black sheep. Baby was a whore. Baby got big and baby get bigger. Baby get something. Baby get more. Baby, baby, baby was a rock-and-roll nigger. Oh, look around you, all around you, riding on"
  • Pezet Gorzka Woda (feat. Paluch, KęKę, Sokół, Ten Typ Mes)
    "stary ta płyta będzie sukcesem pieprzonym klasykiem, jak jebany rock może tej zimy śnieg nie zasypie wszystkich zmęczonych, niechcianych samotnych niegrzeczni chłopcy, jak Detroit chłopi to od dawna nie"
  • Doug Anthony All Stars Funk You
    "I don't know much about ART but I can tell you this Duchamps's Urinal is a piece of piss Van Gogh cut off his ear to spite his face (So What) Me, I've got a message for the whole human race I want to be"
  • Mozart Season Look Mom, I'm On TV
    "(feat. Jon Mess) Well I can see right through that Bitter smile you wear so proudly on your face, You're nothing more than a huge disgrace. So children take my hand we'll Lead you down the road that you've"

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