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propaganda i wroy
  • Sparks Propaganda
    "(Ron Mael) "Hello soldier boy," oh boy, shes spewing out her propaganda, propaganda Might makes right, though you're wrong, you're right to fight her propaganda, propaganda, propaganda "Come to our side","
  • Uliczny Opryszek Propaganda
    "Co i jak należy mówić, Co i kiedy trzeba pisać, Jak i gdzie się zachować, Propaganda powie Ci. Propaganda! x4 Radio i telewizja kłamią, polskie gazety kłamią, kłamie polski ksiądz i kłamie Lech Wałęsa. Propaganda!"
  • Falco Propaganda
    "Hey Conchita lady with the blood-shot eyes Der Kubaner - so flink Der CIA - so link Der weie Mann entbehrlich Denn der Stamm der Roten Mittlerweile ungefhrlich Im weien Hause Turbulenz Die Vlker ignorieren"
  • Briskeby Propaganda
    "jesus christ, what have I done I find it hard to justify each time I try to solve just one problems seem to multiply now its just to late to wrap a smile around my face (2x) this is propaganda you know,"
  • Gaba Kulka Propaganda
  • God Forbid Propaganda
    "Why Don't You Get A Life And Grow Up Why Don't You Realize That You're F**ked Up Why Criticize What You Don't Understand Why Change My Words, You're So Afraid You Think You Have The Right To Put Me Down Propaganda"
  • Sepultura Propaganda
    "Why Don't You Get A Life And Grow Up Why Don't You Realize That You're Fucked Up Why Criticize What You Don't Understand Why Change My Words, You're So Afraid You Think You Have The Right To Put Me Down Propaganda"
  • Dead Prez Propaganda
    ""Let me now turn, to our program for the future..." "The economy right now, is extremely supportive of the president and his policies" "FBI scientists have found chemical traces, consistent with a bomb"
  • Eve 6 Propaganda
    "I passed by some familiar faces, But they flipped me off & cursed my name, I watched the hippies raise their signs and I saved my tears for another time I just wish that they could understand that I had"
  • Acid Drinkers Propaganda
    "Show me more blood Show me more bones Let me hear more screams Help me rot to the core Show me more fear Give me more pain in my ass I am ordering horror I am ordering a frightful shock My fists are going"
  • Limp Bizkit The Propaganda
    "Uh, yeah! Tell 'em how to sell it this propaganda Don't tell me how to keep my composure It ain't over 'till I get me some closure Wanted dead or alive here's my profile Hostile is the frame for my"
  • Sepultura Propaganda (Live)
    "Why don't you get a life and grow up Why don't you realize that you're fucked up Why criticize what you don't understand Why change my words, you're so afraid You think you have the right to put me down Propaganda"
  • Andrzej Rosiewicz Propaganda Sukcesu
    "1. Szła sobie drogą z kulawą nogą,głodna i biedna, obdarta z marzeń,deszcze padały, psy ją szarpały,szarpali też dziennikarze.Już przez nikogo nie kochana,jak nocna służba, jak druga zmianazapomniana przez"
  • 1349 Satanic Propaganda
    "Guided by the voice of silence, I seek the chosen ones To fulfill the wishes of the master beneath Their souls are mine to keep sold for hopes and dreams Signing with their own blood I rule their destiny I"
  • Superior Propaganda - X
    "I came to you To save your souls To reveal to you- Truth of fear and pain And maybe tonight Release will come to you I am the one Who'll take the load Away from your bones And I proclaim now: (Chorus:) Never"
  • Path Of Resistance What Propaganda Hides
    "Suppress what gnaws, nurture the myths In the silence of their conscience Cut through excuses til I clearly see Truth not opinion, fact not fantasy Sentient beings' freedoms denied Fight to see through"
  • Lightyear Pre-Teen Propaganda
    "The right To learn Ability Was pushed Aside In front Of me An education thought before its time A compromise of see-through truth A controlled thought, no room for growth Well I stood there, now I"
  • Kurhaus Propaganda Of Dance
    "dance, dance like we could still change the world with the power of conviction like everything would still matter - like it would dance, dance like there was no tomorrow for indeed there won't if we refuse"
  • Cool Kids Of Death Ministerstwo propagandy
    "Wczoraj rano przysłano mi pismoPełne stempli, podpisów i datKtóre miało wyjaśnić mi wszystkoWytłumaczyć mi cały ten światNa kopercie był znaczek, a na nimKtoś mi pięścią wygrażał i stękałCiekawość niezdrową"
  • Zaunpfahl Propaganda
    "Ich bin lieb und du bist bse Ich bin gut und du bist schlecht Denn ich bin im Recht Denn ich bin im Recht Er spricht mit gespaltener Zunge Was war ist das sage ich Mit der Kraft meiner Lunge Schreie ich"

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