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randy edelman please don

  • Please Don - Black Milk
    "got a vicar with a dice to see the world is not my size to breed a creed that keeps my mind from off this world for sure there's a traitor without fear screamin' truths into my ear yes I've surely got"
  • Please Don - Little River Band
    "PLEASE DON'T ASK ME WRITER GRAHAM GOBLE Please don't ask me what am I thinkin', it's about you, please don't ask me, I never can see you, what can I do ? My first impulse is to run to your side, my heart's"
  • Please Don - Eddi Reader
    "Please dont ask me to dance Please dont ask me to dance Skin remembers what the heart forgets And I might do something that I will regret How can you smile at me now After all the ugly words we used Dont"
  • Please Don - Brodiepunk
    "She's been my best friend She's been there for me Always had good times Nowhere else I'd rather be One day a friend came over and asked me Are you completely blind how can't you see She keeps it"
  • Please Don - The Kelly Family
    "Yo momma so fat that her senior pictures had to be arial views!Yo momma so fat she's on both sides of the family!Yo momma so fat everytime she walks in high heels, she strikes oil! Yo momma so fat she"
  • Baby Please Don - Thin Lizzy
    "I tried to warn you baby I tried to tell you I was down Oh yeah yeah You would not listen baby You would not hel pme when I was down Oh no no He tells her "Doesn't anybody understand I love her?" That"
  • Don - Little River Band
    "DON'T BLAME ME WRITER GRAHAM GOBLE I was just thirteen when I left home, living in my daddy's shadow, there was so much goin' on that he couldn't feel, there were times when I was scared, hell, but nobody"
  • Don - Rihanna
    "Please don't stop the music (4x) It's gettin late I'm making my way over to my favorite place I gotta get my body moving shake the stress away I wasn't looking for nobody when you looked my way Possible"
  • Don - Bitch Alert
    "Dont say She never says what she feel insaid She never go... She is no angel thats for sure Just please tell me why are these things happening?? She really love you, 'cuz theres no limit to that,no"
  • Please Don?T Go, Girl - New Kids On The Block
    "We've been together for a long time, baby Do you have to leave? Please don't go girl I just can't live without you Please don't go girl So listen to me... (Don't go, girl) Please don't go girl You"
  • Jeb Rand - Bedouin Soundclash
    "Jeb Rand, running from bullets of his past Jumping, from rock to rock, just out of grasp Orphan boy, coming from ships across the sea Memory is what you know not what you see So please understand"
  • Random thinking - Faye Wong
    "Want to cry, want to smile I also want to jump Want to call out, want to shout I want to possess Thinking of someone all of a sudden Thinking until the sky is hazy and the earth is dark I also don't want"
  • Randy - Dolly Parton
    "(Dolly Parton) Randy in your eyes, I see the promise of a future The promise of a love like I have never known Randy, cradled in your arms, I feel like I'm in heaven And heaven knows I've needed someone"
  • Randy - Cat Stevens
    "Oh Randy if they knew I think they'd take me away Just for loving you you All alone in my own quiet way Cause that's the way that I want it Wish I could see you now You and your cherry black eyes My heart"
  • Randy - Justice
    "Get up and shake it off It's time that you listen up And hear the call There are the water But at night you're on fire Back against the wall Don't stop, try to make your mark And make your mind up Don't"
  • Please don`t turn me on - Craig David
    "Mmm-hmm I mean it (I mean it) Dont say it, babe (dont say it, babe) Hear me now now Said ah, please dont turn me on No, no listen, listen Baby, wont you keep your distance Youre getting too close"
  • I don - But Really
    "I don't want to be I dont need to be anything other than a prison guards son I dont need to be anything other than a specialists son I dont have to be anyone other than the birth of two souls in one"
  • They Don' Care - Dri
    "I got a letter in the mail just the other day Opened it up, this is what it had to say: "Wouldn't you please give us the pleasure Of having you at our table tonite? From, the donner family" We've been"
  • Please Me - K-young
    "I, I , I`ve been missing you all week My, my moon is so complete I, I , I`ve been missing you all week My , my moon is so complete I got a light on a my mind I got to get where I `m supposed to be I think"
  • Don?t Sleep - Tupac
    "(feat. Lil' Scrappy, Nutso, Yaki Kadafi) Ahhh shit hahaha When I enter the first zone Worst known mic holder My Hummer roll up Evacuating strapped soldiers Inside strategy Manifestin' military styles Casually"

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