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rap text demo

  • Beat & Rap - Samy Deluxe
    "Hier kommt der Lyrisis, der fast schon irre is'. Mic in der Hand und die deutsche Sprache im Wrgegriff. Oh Ladidadida, Sam und dann Lagida fr die Rap-Fans, nicht die HipHop-Dogmatiker, alle die erzhl'n,"
  • Sex Rap (Demo Version) - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    "Time to swing a little melody To make you all feel something sexually And now we're gonna get it on in the groove The groove that makes those smooth hips move We are pumpin' that drivin' bad rythm To make"
  • Coffin Text - Unwritten Law
    "There was a time when men would prosper They saw a sign that would offer them the key Immortality The desert sand held a place of recourse Their motivation driven by higher source A higher source They"
  • Text Book - Lana Del Rey
    "I guess you could cal lit tekst book I was looking for the father I wanted back And i thought i found in Brentwood It seems only approriate You’d easily had my back And then there was the issue of her I"
  • It's A Demo - Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo
    "(x4) People in the audience Kool G Rap is my name I write rhymes and insert them inside your brain And DJ Polo, the man I'm behind He operates the turntables when I'm rocking my rhymes, see... (x4) Psychopath"
  • It's a Demo - Kool G Rap & DJ Polo
    "(x4) People in the audience Kool G Rap is my name I write rhymes and insert them inside your brain And DJ Polo, the man I'm behind He operates the turntables when I'm rocking my rhymes, see... (x4) Psychopath"
  • Murder Rap - Above The Law
    "(Now I got a murder rap) (Cause a brother like me said, well...) Yo, Cold 187 They tryin to give you a murder rap And you ain't even like that Yo, serve these niggas, cause they deserve to get dissed (Yeah)"
  • Rap Perfekt - Prinz Porno
    "Der beste Text aller Zeiten wurde vor genau 2 Tagen, auf sechs leere Seiten meines Blockes eingetragen, darin stellte ich Fragen, die die Antwort suggerierten, dass die Dinge die passierten nur in eine"
  • Rap business - Massey
    "Tak wygląda polski rap biznes Mimo syfu dalej w tym cisnę Ja te wszystkie machloje wywlekam Podczas gdy ty od tematu uciekasz Pozowany hardcore, oni udają twardzieli Mówią, że jestem jak Nelly lubię widok"
  • Murder Rap - Insane Clown Posse
    "Legs Diamond in the house And we sendin clown love out to Above the Law When I sit there and right the shit for the mic I hold I make sure my beats are loud, and bold, and cold Violent J is the name"
  • drunk text me - Lexi Jayde
    "Shouldn’t you be sad right now Said you never liked big crowds Acting like you like them now Without me Cause you’re with your friends all proud At some shitty bar downtown Do you taste me on her mouth Or"
  • Układanka (Demo) - Sampler
    "Mam zamiar układać te bity i iść dalej nie chce skończyć jak Jonas Brothers moje życie to układanka kłamstw ,która z dnia na dzień staję się coraz cięższa do ułożenia. Są takie chwile które dają w kość"
  • Battle rap II - Killer
    "Sorry, but lying and posting up in subliminal text will never get Passed,We clearly can see your more ass than 100 pages of the Playboy Mag.But thats irrelevant, I could just post a few bars that question"
  • Demo Nello Stereo - Fabri Fibra
    "Oh, dai, Fibra Dai, caccia due rime Dai È meglio avere un morto in casa che dissare Fibra Mi sale la scimmia per ogni rapper che mi cita Rinnego la sconfitta, la schifo La fama è una puttana che ti guarda"
  • Text me an sms - Bobi Andonov
    "Ooh ooooh no yeah So far away A place where you are Its a place where I am With my thoughts in my head Far away ( far away ) A place in my mind I am counting the days Since youve been away Wanna see your"
  • Slim Shady (The Best Text) - Eminem
    "(the women) May I have your attention please, may I have your attention please, will the real slim shady please stand up, I repeat will the real slim shady please stand up we're gonna have a problem here (Verse"
  • Demo - Akurat
    "Demo demokracji Demo uczciwości Demo demonopolizacji Demo miłości Demo robienia swego Demo średniej krajowej Demo czasu wolnego Demo kultury masowej Demo aktywności Demo prokuratury Demo oryginalności Demo"
  • Rap Devil (Eminem Diss) - Machine Gun Kelly
    "oh my God, Ronnie ayy somebody grab him some clippers his fucking beard is weird tough talk from a rapper paying millions for security a year I think my dad’s gon; crazy Yeah Hailie you right Dad’s always"
  • The Beta Band Rap - The Beta Band
    "We're the Beta Band and we're nice and clean We're always polite and hardly ever mean Times have changed, we used to be smelly, We lived in a squat 'til a punk nicked our telly Since we've been signed"
  • Rap - Curse
    "ey mach mal langsam, was isn los? ich hör leute sagen ich hätt hip hop verraten und hätt keinen flow, ich glaub so langsam ihr peilt es noch nicht, zeig mir einen mc der so abwechslungsreich am mic"

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