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ringo star only you

  • Ringo - Lorne Green
    "Narrated: They lie in boot hills all through the west. The outlaws, the gunslingers, the Billy the Kidds and worse. Say a fella like the coward that shot Bill Hickok in the back. Theres always one like"
  • Act Naturally featuring Ringo Star - Buck Owens
    "They're gonna put me in the movies They're gonna make a big star out of me We'll make a film about a man that's sad and lonely And all I got to do is act naturally Well, I bet you I'm a gonna be a"
  • Ringo - Umphrey's McGee
    "Crack of a whip and a sty in your eye, midsummer's trip on the Fourth of July; living off soul and the food of guru, trickle-down process, six pack of Blue Moon. And if your wish could be granted, what"
  • Ringo, I Love You - Stereo Total
    "Ringo, I love you yeah yeah yeah More than anything in this world I wanna be your only girl Please let me hold your ... Ringo, they say yeah yeah yeah I'll never get to hold it tight But still I dream"
  • Only Star - For Stars
    "You are the only star You are the place that spaceships only dream of You are the place that people say they've been But I don't know I've never seen one Sometimes I want to be one I'll travel far for"
  • Ringo Starr - La Grande Sophie
    "Ringo Star , Fait semblant de pas me voir , Ou carrement , De me pas me connatre de me pas me reconnatre, De dvier son regard au dtour de mon regard , Ringo Star , Ecoute moi , Va falloir que sa change"
  • Master Ringo - Frank Zappa
    "Dear PFIQ, Since you printed my question and photo in issue number 29, PFIQ, I have received many letters. I'm glad I'm retired so I have plenty of time to answer all. I finally got rid of the smell"
  • Total Ringo - Happy Mondays
    "That's sickly clean This mild and meek I could launch it with a poker No danger for a weekend It opens its mouth Theres no words, just a squeak I could launch it with a poker No joker for a weekday Bing"
  • My only star - Initial D
    "When you are dancing I realize That you're the guy that I'll love forever You keep on dancing I see I'm alive The light is shining thru **This is my life When you are dancing I see I 'm alive And I 'm"
  • My Only Star - Amberian Dawn
    "After a day turns into a night I will light up my light in the sky Don't shed a tear on the ground I once laid Cause I'll be here From your tears I'll make a crystal necklace To surround my heart and my"
  • Star - Kate Walsh
    "Safe driving to Mars, safe driving to Venus My past dont mean anything to me Pray, twinkle again Pray, and I dont wish on you to hard 'Cause clovers dont care about me And I cant afford to lose you, star Oh,"
  • Star - Jain
    "get it get it up get it on the ride I’m the captain of my own life hide in front of my eyes I’m gonna make you mad billionaire got tones of them fear is on the rise and rules are by my side music goes"
  • Star - Beanie Sigel
    "You cannot be me (Ha ha) Deke what I tell you! What I tell you! Look at they face now! You cats cannot be me it's only one me Look at they face now! Stupid! All of them! I'm not the second nobody, it's"
  • Star - Simon Webbe
    "All of the girls and the boys at the party And I'm the only one alone So I crossed the dance floor Heading for the back door Ready to make my way home But wait a minute what's this I see J-lo glow and"
  • Star - Erasure
    "We go waiting for the stars To come showering down From Moscow to Mars Universe falling down You got to look real hard There's a fiery star Hidden out there somewhere Not the satellite of love But a laser Shooting"
  • Fusion Star - Kotoko
    """ {{Translation|Japanese}} == Romanized Japanese == hanbun dake na no? RINGO wakeru mitai soba ni isugite kotae mitsukaranai "tokubetsu" ni natte mitakatta PAJAMA no mukou"
  • The Only Star In Heaven - Frankie Goes To Hollywood
    "Enjoy it or get out the game It's such a shame to lose a game So use your brain and play it sane It's just a game i another plane And when I call you on the phone Then show me that you're really home Let's"
  • Ringo Buys A Rifle - Dead Milkmen
    "We aren't ourselves Brains on the shelf We'll all wake up When Ringo buys a rifle We live we breathe We spread disease That all must end When Ringo buys a rifle People told him what to say Ordered (???)"
  • Ringo - Adriano Celentano
    "Colpito a piombo nella schiena lo vidi steso nel deserto che respirava come un morto scatto brillando la mia lama e la pallottola levai e la sporca vita gli salvai a quel ringo ringo - ringo Per tanto"
  • Star No Star - Jack Off Jill
    "I cannot distance myself You were the one who believed that only half of a girl half more than you could deceive I watch your face on TV All that I am turns to fear When you're the boy that I want I will"

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