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rule rule rule

  • Rule - Ayumi Hamasaki
    "Dareka ni kime rareta Rule Sonna mon hitsuyou nai Datte kono bokura ga Rule Soko n toko yuzure nai Konna jidai no ittai doko ni kibou nante aru no ka tte Me ni mie nai mono o furerare nai mono o shinjite"
  • Rule - Nas
    "Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, Nas, uh, yo, yo Life, they wonder, can they take me under? Nah, never that, nah, yo, yo I come from the housin tenement buildings Unlimited killings, menaces marked for death Better"
  • Surfers Rule - The Beach Boys
    "It's a genuine fact that the Surfers rule It's plastered on the walls all around the school now (Surfers rule, Surfers rule) Becoming just as common as a golden rule now (Surfers rule, Surfers rule) Take"
  • Idiots Rule - Jane's Addiction
    "I got a lie A fat fuckin' lie About a law Idiots obey They made it easy Now cheaters have their way You hi-di-ho's You're living on your knees Forget the rule! Oh - idiots rule! Forget the rule!"
  • First Rule (No Rule) - Abrasive Wheels
    "Everywhere we go we get pushed around But why whats our crime Just in the wrong place and at the wrong time Were always out of line And all of your restrictions Could never change what I believe Contradicting"
  • Rebels Rule - Stray Cats
    "(Brian Setzer) Teenage rebels rule okay I'll be damned if I work all day I think that you look okay I won't even look your way Teenage rebels out all night Teenage rebels drink and fight Rockabilly rebel"
  • Home Rule - Prong
    "More conquest more proud division Another rape for a strong man It scares you into submission Now's the time to face the home rule More conquest more proud division Another rape for a strong man It scares"
  • We Rule - Quincy Punx
    "Kiss stepped on puppies alice drank spit lee ving beat up hippies GG ate shit quincy punx quincy punx we rule this fucking place quincy punx quincy punx big dicks in youre face we mix molotovs"
  • I Rule - Tarot
    "I was crowned a king in a womb, tore my mother apart at birth, gnawed at my father's bones, then gave them to the earth Bowels of a grave turned loose, spat out the one the reaper couldn't use. I RULE! I"
  • We Rule - Special Ed
    "[ VERSE 1 ] I got somethin for sucker MC's Rhymes so dope that niggas wanna buy ki's But I don't sell weight, I sell hits Druggin your mind with em one at a time I hit em up with a couple of bars I'm breakin"
  • Steel Rule - Poison Idea
    "There's no cooperation in the "me" generation Greed fueled self-dictation Downfall of the nation Looking out for number one You lost, You lose, I win, I won Piece of the pie, I want some Rat race, still"
  • Rule Breaker - Ashlee Simpson
    "Oh, excuse me, but uh, is this thing on? I got a boyfriend, he likes to fight a lot We got a lot in common and he thinks I'm fucking hot We like to break rules, both got tattoos We came to smash things"
  • The rule - Gentleman
    "Its a dreadful situation what has happen on creation/ see mankind is heading to distruction/ we must make a stand rise and make a change/ before we wipe away the humans on this earth/ if man would abide"
  • Self rule - Oxymoron
    "Ruling class, we don't need you. All governments out, don't need no leader. We had a lot of systems, they all failed. All warlords have been wrecked by their own wargames. Get up, get up, need no rules."
  • Rule #1 - Mc Eiht
    "Gyeah...Gyeah...Gyeah Gyeah...C.M.W. nigga 1/2 Oz. And that's gangsta We gon' break it down for ya'll Lil' lesson for ya'll Check it out Niggas recognize the game that I spit Tales from tha street on"
  • Puffy's Rule - Puffy AmiYumi
    "Ureshii gohoubi no hanbun kanashii namida no hanbun Tashitara sore wo nitoubun sore ga PAFII no RUURU AA RAN rarara RANRAN Oyatsu no CHOKO no hanbun MAAJAN no make no hanbun Kicchiri sore wo nitoubun"
  • Rule Again - Death In June
    "I have seen On that far hill Serpents locked In war Love is the law Love under will The heart of the master Scars me The mark of cain A new sun dawns The eagle spreads Its wings The light brings pain Thirst,"
  • Gun Rule - La The Darkman
    "Yo, yo, yo Once, once again Know what I'm saying? Chorus: Darkman stay on the street with a tool For these devil worshippers wit' gats and these ignorant fools Find yourself in the hustle rocking free"
  • Rats Rule - Die Antwoord
    "Rats, rats, everywhere you look, everywhere you turn, there's rats Rats, rats, eating all your books, looking at your photographs Rats, rats, nesting in your closets, hiding underneath your socks Living"
  • Roscoe's Rule - Ozark Mountain Daredevils
    "(INTRO) he lives in a valley where a creek runs by him every single day nothing's around to tempt or try him or get in his way walkin back from the morning sunrise high on top of his hill looking"

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