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run david fly

  • Bacharach / David Medley - The Carpenters
    "Knowing When To Leave Go while the going is good Knowing when to leave may be The smartest thing anyone can learn, go! I'm afraid my heart isn't very smart Fly while your still have your wings Knowing"
  • David Banner - Wyclef Jean
    "(Intro) Wyclef Jean: John Shop!!! Wyclef Jean & Timbaland: You don't wanna provoke! (Wyclef Jean) You won't like me when I'm angry! You won't like me when I'm angry!!!! (Timbaland) Let me tell ya! (Verse"
  • Dancing With David - David Gray
    "Dancing with David I am in the enchanted garden with David He has asked me to dance His eyes thoughtful and disarming i fly to him like a magnet rushes to its mate his POWER is palpable i"
  • Fly - D-Side
    "For so long Youve been holding on Smiling all the way I cant believe youre gone In your eyes We saw the strength to fight The ever fading light Now the memories Ease our pain and set you free Fly Fly away And"
  • Fly - Ellie Goulding
    "In the window Faces staring right past me They're on a date, feeling happy And I go in there and sit with them Make them laugh And be normal For an hour and a half Someone's tired But not mine 'Cause"
  • Fly - Ookla The Mok
    "If I could fly I'd fly so high that you couldn't see me And if I could fly I'd fly so high that you'd want to be me And if I could fly I'd fly today And if I could fly I'd fly away Sunny day outside It's"
  • Fly - Graham Parker
    "Pre> Intro am c (twice) (c) am c As you look into an invisible landscape Dm7 c And the waves of time part behind your back G As your life crumbles and turns into fiction Dm7 c And the end"
  • Fly - Hilary Duff
    "Any moment, everything can change, Feel the wind on your shoulder, For a minute, all the world can wait, Let go of your yesterday. Can you hear it calling? Can you feel it in your soul? Can you trust"
  • Fly - Not without grace
    "Never thought it would be this way Must be something to do with you Now I'm stranded inside this house With walls of glass you see right through And I don't dare to open my eyes Everytime I do I fall Sometimes"
  • Run Run Run - Kalan Porter
    "Do you ever stop to think about lines that run, run, run? And fall past each other on the edge You went and found your distance With your plans, plans, plans Wasted time wasted You make me laugh before"
  • Run - Stonewall Jackson
    "A bluebird a wingin' his lonely way south Tryin' to escape from the cold and the drought He's all alone in the cold grey sky fly little bluebird fly fly fly North wind a blowing oh so cold poor little"
  • Run - George
    "A weapon of fire, emotions mistrust And they're still lying, they won't be to pushed Call me to freedom, too much to bear Take me to reason, and I'll fly from there But if you run, and hide, you'll"
  • Run - George Fox
    "A weapon of fire, emotions mistrust And they're still lying, they won't be to pushed Call me to freedom, too much to bear Take me to reason, and I'll fly from there But if you run, and hide, you'll"
  • Run - Bloody Mess
    "Run Till the end of your time, till you die Till none of your memories survive Till you break like a child and you cry For life I will hunt you down if it costs me my life You’ll pay for what you did"
  • Run - Kasia Stankiewicz
  • David Hockney's Diaries - Television Personalities
    "I want to wear the finest shoes My credit card can buy I want to eat the finest food And drink the finest wine I want the world to stop and stare Whenever it sees me But most of all I want to be In David"
  • If (David Gates) - Perry Como
    "If a picture paints a thousand words, then why can't I paint you? The words would never show, the you I've come to know . . . If a face could launch a thousand ships, then where am I to go? There's"
  • Fly Again - David Phelps
    "Words & music by David Phelps His trembling hands held the church pew that day, stuggling to stand when they asked him to Pray. With wisdom and strength his words were spoken. but his body grew weary"
  • Fly People Fly - Scorpions
    "(Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine) And I see the tears in your eyes The rain will fall tonight And tonight we'll go to the sky Because and we fly All together Fly to the sky Fly to the rainbow Fly people"
  • Fly Eagle Fly - Gotthard
    "He was searching for the light In the silence of the night Something real, to make him feel alive Trying hard to find the way But run out of cards to play No looking back, he crossed the point of no return All"

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