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seet but psycho

  • Psycho - Robyn
    "Psycho Just woke up but it's not a dream you're still and I'm freaking don't wanna know 'bout your plans don't know how this shit began psycho You say you love me I bite my lip But inside I am screaming This"
  • Psycho - The Faint
    "I can't listen while I'm breathing fire I don't think straight when I get pissed off It'd be easier to just calm down 'cause I'm an asshole when I get called out Forget the words I said - I was not myself I"
  • Psycho - Puddle Of Mudd
    "Maybe I'm the one, Maybe I'm the one Who is the schizophrenic psycho, yeah Maybe I'm the one, Maybe I'm the one Who is the schizophrenic psycho She lays down on the fresh lawn She can make everything"
  • Psycho - War Rocket Ajax
    "I have not been the same. Ever since that day when they held me down. And I can't recall the name. But the bubbles stopped and the old man drowned. My life's turned upside down. Since I met that man with"
  • Psycho - Jamie Meyer
    "Here she comes There she goes What she wants God only knows Bad is good Good is worse Honestly Shes my kind of curse Kisses and lies Hello's and godbyes Takes me through pleasure n'pain She drives me"
  • Psycho - Metal Church
    "Stick your fingers in the eyes of night Rip open the Belly of Death Now you'll see What is real Tear down the image of youth all around Steal the dreams from their minds And you'll be All their lies "
  • Psycho - Faydee
    "You go jump up in the air and go psycho yeah yeah yeah baby take it to the Floor baby you ain't gonna get it if your standing on the wall baby come Come come baby I got what you want baby once you get"
  • Psycho - Buzz Poets
    "BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH Send me on down, and take me on down 'Cause I don't say no wherever she goes I will follow Upside down the mind spins 'round but I bet she knows wherever I go I'll be back tomorrow Throw"
  • Psycho - Velvet Acid Christ
    "save you, kill you save you, thrill you sick of your shit, sick of your life sick of your dreams, i pick up a knife i stab into you, i stab into you i kill your future, i kill your dream i stab into you,"
  • Sweet but Psycho - Ava Max
    "he’s sweet but a psycho a little bit psycho at night he’s screamin’ I’mma out of my mind he’s hot but a psycho so left but he’s right through at night he’s screamin’ I’mma out of my mind he’ll nmake"
  • Psycho City Blocks - Psycho Realm
    "We came to drop these styles; it's no shock We rock 'til the cops come and knock non-stop We come from psycho cities and blocks We're raisedby gunshots low life in hip hop Despite the rules I choose"
  • Psycho Mafia - Sonic Youth
    "1988, 10/19, John Peel Session, BBC Radio One Notes: The Fall cover turn on the straight turn up to game and now it comes and when it's done I found my love and the psycho mafia I found my love and"
  • Psycho Girl - Bust
    "Shes so it, it scares me, I don't think, she likes me, And thinking of her name.. It's driving me insane! (Chorus) She's my psycho girl, my psycho girlfriend, Everything I say, she takes it the wrong way, She's"
  • Psycho Girl - Busted
    "she's so weird it scares me i don't think she likes me. And thinking of her name is driving insane.... she's my psycho girl my psycho grilfriend, Everything i say, she takes it the wrong way. she's my"
  • Moto Psycho - Megadeth
    "Responsibility, an anchor around my neck Dependability, made me a nervous wreck Accountability, I live from check to check Volatility, neglect and no respect Got my wheels in motion and I got a path to"
  • Psycho Girl - Ian Hunter
    "(Honest John Plain) If I'd known then what I know now I'd do it all again 'cause I'm crazy and how About my mixed-up, messed-up pretty little Psycho Girl I should've given her a swift body swerve I didn't"
  • Psycho street - Richard Thompson
    "A man sits down to write a letter, but instead he writes a book The book begins - Dear Sir, I don't if you're interested but you're wife is a whore A man gets on a train and proceeds to take all his clothes"
  • American Psycho - My Ruin
    "This is not an exit! This is not an exit...I need to feel something American psycho my confession means...nothing! Abandon all hope - ye who enter here Pre-meditated-calculated I can smell the fear Don't"
  • Psycho Bitch - Tech N9ne
    "I want you to quit Calling me Calling me Following me Following me Why do you trip with me After you get through Swallowing me Never knew this Bianca Would explode Like this Now that I know this I must"
  • Psycho Killer - Marion
    "I can't seem to face up to the facts I'm tense and nervous and I can't relax I can't sleep cos my bed's on fire Don't touch me I'm a real live wire Psycho killer Fa-fa-fa-fa, fa-fa fa-fa-far Better run,"

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