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semi tante girang

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semi tante girang
  • One Cool Guy Semi
    "semi was a poor man, but a loving man was he he ripped his hands up in the (sugar) cane field just to feed his family (always) said he'd do anything for his house of three but oh my darling semi how could"
  • Berryz Kobo Semi
    "Satogaeri wo shita hi wa chotto tanoshii no Bangohan wa sukiyaki da shi ukiuki suru Sore demo mikkamo sugireba sabishii no Keetai mo bashowaru no kengai tsumannai na Yuuguredoki ni sanpo suru Anata no"
  • Herman Finkers Tante Sien
    "Een stoere boerenvrouw, dat is mijn tante Sien Die heeft in haar leven niet zo veel gezien Geboren in Vasse en altijd daar gewoond Geen enkel ander dorp heeft zich ooit aan haar vertoond Haar hele leven"
  • Boudewijn De Groot Tante Julia
    "Ik was een kleine jongen, zondagochtend was een hel. En dominees vertelden me wat ik niet mocht en wat wel. Nou, God zag altijd alles, groot en streng als een agent, Dus in het kerkenzakje deed ik braaf"
  • Terrorgruppe Tante Gerda
    "Sie liegt im Bett und sieht nicht gut aus... ..Schluche und Beutel hngen aus ihr heraus Ihr luft der Stuhl, Ihr zittern die Hnde Tante, bald geht es mit dir zu Ende Um ihr Bett sitzt die ganze Verwandtschaft Und"
  • Dikke Lul Band Mijn Tante
    "Mijn tante heeft er de mond van vol Het is niet te begrijpen Ze brengt ons allen het hoofd op hol Ze wil ons allemaal pijpen Het is een hele mooie vrouw als zij voorover buigt Ze is volmaakt gelukkig als"
  • Ludwig Hirsch Tante Dorothee!
    "Meine Damen und Herr'n! Zum 1. zum 2. und zum 3.! Wer hat noch mehr zu bieten? Zum Beispiel: Fr an Kopf von Hans Moser aus Taubendreck modelliert an ausg'stopften Sngerknaben der wenn man 'n tritt mechanisch"
  • Willem Vermandere Tante Madleine
    "'t Is jammer dat ze dood is mijn tante Madleine Ze weunde in Brussel op 't derde verdiep Ze was late getrouwd en z' had een klein hondje Maar verder geen kinders tot heur groot verdriet Gevlucht als"
  • Semi Precious Weapons Semi Precious Weapons
    "I can't pay my rent, but I'm fucking gorgeous I got big lungs that could kill your chorus If you want to try, you better come inside I can't pay my rent but I'm fucking gorgeous Tell me something I don't"
  • Mr. T Experience Semi-Ok
    "I've got this thing somewhere in between empty and dark always in my heart I've got this glitch on account of which I don't add up but I don't give up hope Cause if you're a bit demoralised and kind of"
  • Pacifier Semi-Normal
    "You got the right to ask a question got the right to understand got the right to choose your company and speak from where you stand all your babies born inside out right on time, wrong way round we've"
  • Pacifier / Shihad Semi-Normal
    "got the right to ask a question got the right to understand got the right to choose your company and speak from where you stand all your pain is born inside out right on time, wrong way round we have come"
  • Eddi Reader Semi Precious
    "Semi-precious, almost flawless Semi-precious, almost flawless I will find you, I will find you Under bridges, where my fear lies In the wreckage, I will catch your eyes In borrowed rooms, by gutter moons I"
  • Tom Waits Semi Suite
    "Well you hate those diesels rollin' And those Friday nights out bowlin' When he's off for a twelve hour lay over night You wish you had a dollar For every time he hollered That he's leavin' And he's never"
  • Biffy Clyro Semi mental
    "I smoke my face in night after nightTo numb the pain and stop the world spinning round and roundBut how was i to know that in my mind Im not so pure Look into my eyes you can see how many different peopleYou"
  • The Fall Of Troy Semi-fiction
    "Waiting on my confidence, to feel the knife run through.Tear you down and leave you here.Cast your fears aside...She was nothing more than a game to me anyway.Call out!With the little bit of confidence"
  • Alex Britti Una Donna Come Tante
    "Io non dico, io non vedo, io non sento, non parlo davvero per rido il mio credo uno spiedo, con un pollo e un bicchiere di vino marredo e se cedo me ne vanto, cos parlo esterno, mi libero e dopo sto meglio alle"
  • Jimmy Buffett Semi - True Story
    "By: mac mcanally With his head out the sunroof And his heart in the right place Plan b was foolproof He drove off to her place He yelled out his feelings Among other stuff It was too much tequila Or not"
  • Jimmy Buffett Semi-True Stories
    "With his head out the sunroof And his heart in the right place Plan B was fool proof. He drove off to her place, And yelled out his feelings Among other stuff. It was too much tequila Or not quite enough It"
  • Mercanti Di Liquore La Semi-Automatica
    "Era un artista con la semi-automatica, un Marcantonio con la faccia asimmetrica venuto grande a famiglia un po' tragica: padre introvabile, sorella alcolica, madre bisbetica. Nell'anno ultimo della scuola"

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