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so hot 16 challange

  • Hot 16 Challange - MIXER
    "Yoshi nominował no to sobie wjeżdżam tutaj tak Chyba trochę pomożemy chociaż YouTube'rzy = rak Już 2-heady mówią Mixer słowa nie wyjąka a ja puszczam Ci te wersy jak Wardęga psa pająka Robię właśnie pierwszy"
  • 16 - Ben Lee
    "I feel had Where's the reckless spirit I'm supposed to have That was crap Your world's joke making me choke I'm so mad I thought my life would be like a John Hughes film I feel had Don't tell me"
  • 16 - Buzzcocks
    "Buzzcocks Miscellaneous 16 You know I don't like dancin' An' I don't like to bop Too much movement's exertion Makes me wish I could drop Dro' dro' dro' dro' dro' dro' drop An' I don't like french kissin' Cos"
  • 16 - Buzzcocks, The
    "Buzzcocks, The Another Music In A Different Kitchen 16 You know i don't like dancin' An' i don't like to bop Too much movement's exertion Makes me wish i could drop Dro' dro' dro' dro' dro' dro' drop An'"
  • 16 - Green Day
    "Every night I dream the same dream Of getting older all the time I ask you now, what does this mean? Are these problems just in my mind? Things are easy when you're a child But now these pressures have"
  • So 16 - Amy Diamond
    "(Ohh ohh) Just a little more to show for I've been down and out by myself Selfish and alone and all Sitting in my room, feeling blue Waiting for someone to call I'm such a fool for love I'm such a girl"
  • 16 Men till there's - Cypress Hill
    "Ladies and gentlemen We would like to present to you a group that is simply just marvelous, just marvelous Ladies and gentlemen, Cypress, Hill 16 men on a dead man's list Yo-ho-ho and a bag of indo!"
  • So Hot - Wonder Girls
    "Wae jakku cheodabonee wae eh eh Naega geureokeh yehpeunnee ee ee Ahmuree geureodago geureokeh cheodabomyeon Naegah jom sukseurobjannee ee ee Naega jeenagal ddae mada ah ah Gogael dolleeneun namjadeul eul"
  • So hot - Fat Joe
    "(feat. R. Kelly) oh oh oh{Yeah Cool & Dre uh} Sexy girl(hey) You know that I (hey) like youI like you babySexy girl(hey) you know that I (hey) will do anything under the sun for youIf you let meI can get"
  • So Hot - Kid Rock
    "You got a body like the devil and you smell like sex I can tell you're trouble but I'm still obsessed Because you know you're SO HOT I wanna get you alone SO HOT I wanna get you stoned SO HOT I dont wanna"
  • So Hot - Ashanti
    "You drive me crazy So I wanna take it to the top Ohh can you make it so hot so hot [2x] Let the fire burn baby Cuz I wanna get close tonight Baby wen you come inside don't forget to turn off the light Come"
  • So Hot - DJ Clue
    "(feat. Foxy Brown) (And I!) Oooh, Nana (New shit! Foxy Brown!) FO wit the X (So Hot!) Whoa, Brooklyn Alright (Oh!) okay, alright, c'mon Mmm (Fresh out!) I said it's gon' butter (My nigga pretty boy!) Bitch"
  • So Hot - Foxy Brown
    "* the original from dj clue's "professional 2" didn't f/ young gavin Fox so hot.. ya can't f**k wit me Fox so hot.. ya can't f**k wit me Fox so hot.. ya can't f**k wit me Fox so hot.. ya can't f**k"
  • So Hot - Atomic Kitten
    "Flash lights movin' hot bodies groovin' I knew there was love in the air Anticipation,my heart is racing I'm yours for the night if you dare If you wanna do it make your move right If you want me baby keep"
  • Hard 16 - Vixen
    "Hard 16 Dady didn't care, mama wasn't there Jenny slammed the door to her heart Packed a suitcase of anger No one tried to save her She headed for the city that shines in the dark But the lights fade away"
  • 16 Days - Lori Carson
    "On the phone Til 4 a.m. We go over everything The last years And how we wasted them On the phone Til 4 a.m. We go over everything Tomorrow keeps on coming I will never leave you, love I will never leave"
  • 16 Jahr' - Udo Lindenberg
    "Sie war gerade 16 Jahr', fast noch ein Kind mit weichem Haar, 'ne Frau zum Lieben. Der Sommer ging, als ich sie sah. Die leeren Nchte schon so nah, die mir noch blieben. Ich malte und frisierte mich ein"
  • Sweet 16 - Green Day
    "Bring me back to an hour ago Time stands still as the years go by Brown-eyed girl that's throwing down a bottle of Old English Back in the warehouse Old days are fine, but are left so far behind From"
  • 16 Tons - Tom Jones
    "[1vsl] Some people say a man is made out of mud well a poor man's made outta muscle and blood..Muscle and blood and skin and bone..and a mind that's weak..but a back thats strong. [2vs] And he was born"
  • 3:16 - Slim Thug
    "(*talking*) Yeah, Slim Thugger, Boss Hogg Outlaws Got plex, with the Boss, ha Something you gotta deal with baby, ha, fa sho (Slim Thug) What's up motherfuckers, it's the show stopper Lil Yo dropper Kappo"

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