Vixen: Hard 16

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Vixen: Hard 16

Hard 16
Dady didn't care, mama wasn't there
Jenny slammed the door to her heart
Packed a suitcase of anger
No one tried to save her
She headed for the city that shines in the dark
But the lights fade away
When you're young on the streets without a friend
Jeanny learned to survive
Put a price on the nights that never end

She's hard 16
Soft to the touch but she's seen too much
She's hard 16
Will her soul run dry by 17

The face of innocence doesn't stand a chance
Between the losers, the takers, the lost
So, Jenny never cried
Locked her pain inside
She's trapped in a time bomb
ready to blow
There will come a day
When the mirror reveals a total stranger
Another lonely runaway in a living hell
she's turning


Jenny please come home
You've got so much to give
So much life to live
So, come home

Autor tekstu: nieznany
Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Vixen: Hard 16

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Vixen: Hard 16

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Vixen: Hard 16

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