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solidier of jah army

  • Solidier - The Piass
    "Cold guns teach you how to kill You become a soldier with your arms Slaughter and death waiting for you You like as a sacrifice for nation's lines Can't take back humanity in guilty times Can't take back"
  • Jah Gringo - Martin Jondo
    "Gringo said I'm Jah Jah gringo said I'm Jah Jah gringo seh seh seh seh I am a gringo of the army of the one ya name Jah I am a soldier on the frontline and I talk 'bout love I man rebel in the morning"
  • Jah - Oswaldo Montenegro
    "I hate Babilon, It's surf la mamma A reggae to to America I hate Ronald Reagan I like reggae music jah Rastafari auóóó! No woman no cry, no woman no cry No woman no cry, no woman no cry It's not surf"
  • Army - Ellie Goulding
    "I know that I mess up But you never let me give up All the nights and the fights and the blood and all the break ups You're always there to call up I'm in pain, I'm a child, I'm afraid But, you understand Like"
  • Army - Ben Folds
    "Well I thought about the army Dad said, son you're fucking high And I thought, yeah there's a first for everything So I took my old man's advice Three sad semesters It was only fifteeen grand spent in"
  • Army - Ben Folds Five
    "Well i thought about the army dad said, son you're fucking high and i thought, yeah there's a first for everything so i took my old man's advice three sad semesters it was only fifteen grand spent in bed"
  • So Jah Say - Shabba Ranks
    "Yes black people (fire) Yes people, world a people Especially I & I black people Mi a chat to unnu inno Yuh try a little grudge, yuh try a little corruption Yuh try drugs Unnu just a say love an"
  • Oh Jah Jah - Eddie Murphy
    "Oh Jah Jah Oh Jah Jah Oh Jah Jah Yeeeeeee Sing it loud Oh Jah Jah Oh Jah Jah Oh Jah Jah Yeeeeeee Goodness gracious Lord have mercy The devil's on the move, and the world's gone crazy Police in the streets"
  • Jah Jah know - Groundation
    "Well now the youth man say, "I have come a long way, between this Earth and Zion" And the warrior say, "I too have made my way as I roll upon this rod of iron" Now dem man go and they shall live up But"
  • Jah Jah City - Capleton
    "Jah Jah city Jah Jah town dem waan fi turn it in a cow bwoy town now.... And I seh Ini promote to di highest level (you better know) So lets burn dis evil concept cah we ah seh dis is a destruction to"
  • Jah Jah Crown - Alborosie
    "Yeah, Alborosie, its just reality, ya know, ready now (Chorus:) Stand up today and not tomorrow Cause its never too late, yeah Dem cyan keep you down now Proudly you wear Jah Jah crown Stand up today and"
  • Jah Bless Me - Jah Cure
    "I know jah jah bless me No wicked heart cant test me No matter how hard they tryyyy O III No jah invess me And ma fanz blessing Nah go mek di riva run dry As far as da wind blow from the rest east side Eye"
  • Forward Jah Jah Children - Jacob Miller
    "Africa must be free South africa Blood fire rastafari Forward jah jah jah jah children Forward jah jah jah jah children The time has come when we all should sing unto jah Day after day the children of"
  • Forward Jah - The Abyssinians
    "Forward Jah Jah forward Forward Jah Jah forward Forward Jah Jah And look at what you see A lot of happenings now On earth, earth these days Forward Jah Jah Forward I praise You've already told"
  • Jah Marley - The Abyssinians
    "Jah-ah-ah-ah Rastafari Jah Jah Jah Jah Rastafari Jah Marley, oh-oh-oh Jah Marley Never forget your history (Jah Marley, oh-oh-oh Jah Marley) We won't forget your philosophy Oh no, oh no You told"
  • Jah jah deh deh - Patrice
    "Say Jah Jah deh deh No matter way dem a say Jah deh deh Yes him deh deh No matter way dem a say Jah deh deh Well again again Ooh na na na na na na na Tell me is it dem or is it me? Is it the bird which"
  • Jah War - The Ruts
    "The air was thick with a smell of oppression The militants joined with angry position Redemption type with a strain of repression Young blood boiling hot with agression Jah war fighting fighting Jah war,"
  • Jah Jah Blow Job - Don Johnson Big Band
    "(Check this) Head first into the fire, see me cursing the entire world I fire bullets out the mouth into a tire wall empires fall, others rise even higher, warfare is there to keep you scared in despair,"
  • Jah Live - Lucky Dube
    "Jah live Jah children Let Rastas never die When everything is going right They forget about your presents But when the tables turn upside down They know that you' re there To my mom who taught me That"
  • Jah Glory - Third World
    "Days goes into evening, yeah ya Night fades away I see a bright sunshine in every morning Lord then a shower of rain Give thanks and praise, give thanks and praise I see Jah glory in the morning sun I"

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