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sonic hedhehog mario game

  • Sonic - Orgy
    "Sonic (Words and music: Jay Gordon/Amir Derakh/Bobby Hewitt/Ryan Shuck/Paige Haley) It's in my head everyday, A braindead revolution Mixed up in so many ways, But it translates the same, It translates"
  • Sonic - Leonardo'S Bride
    "Sand in my eyes sand in my hair Sand in the places I never knew People are cruel when they want to be They turn into monsters Out of the sea You're not like all of the rest You're always smiling and waving When"
  • Sonic - Charlatans Uk
    "Charlatans Uk Some Friendly Sonic Illustrate and beautify This one time painting is sinking so fast What you need is someone like me These weeks are too long, you're drifting too far out Chorus I know"
  • Sonic - Crack Up
    "everything that i got is everything that you want everything that i got is everything that you f**ked (up) the little that you see is nothing to believe high - high - higher ground turn - turn - turn"
  • Marie - Townes Van Zandt
    "by Townes Van Zandt I stood in line and left my name took about six hours or so Well, the man just grinned like it was all a game said they'd let me know I put in my time till the Pocono line shut down"
  • Sonic boom - Sonic Team
    "If you're strong, you can flyYou can reach the other side of the rainbow.It's your right, take a chance'cause there's no circumstanceThat you can't handle (when you use your mind)Sonic boom, sonic boomTrouble"
  • Sonic heroes - Sonic Team
    "What goes up must come downYet my feet don't touch the groundSee the world spinning upside downA mighty crash without a soundI can feel your every rageStep aside I'll turn the pageBreakin' through your"
  • Super Mario Bros. - Benefit
    "(intro) borrow my car.. then u giv it a test.. what the mario test? mario? marios a fucking psycho (verse 1) Its 1986 im in the first grade im workin real hard to get mario laid i gotta save the princess"
  • Super Mario Brothers - Benefit
    "You borrow my car, then you give it a test, What the Mario test? Mario? Mario's a fucking psycho! It's 1986, I'm in the first grade, I'm working really hard to get Mario laid. I got to save the princess"
  • Muscle Game - Black Rob
    "(feat. Mark Curry & Mario Winans) Yeah Uhh, uh oh, startin to feel this, startin to feel it Yo who these cats think they is, takin they biz That's roun here, yo dog don't even go there This is ours,"
  • The Game - Mario Winans
    "Yeah, You shine like diamonds, Oh, yeah, oh, your love is timeless, timeless babe ( oh babe) This is by far the worst day in my live, I never should have let her out of my side. Somebody Some another"
  • Super sonic racing - Sonic Team
    "Come on run awayYou don't have to stayWe're nearly outta timeBut you're doin' fineSo stay on trackAnd don't look backJust feel the paceCome on now raceEverybody's Super Sonic RacingTry to keep your feet"
  • Hade vs. sonic - Sonic Adventure
    "Future-Fu...Fu...Fu...Future-rulez here! "Here I go!" "Yeah! Years ago! My son was born! We must escape, and set him down! I never saw him, since then! Where are ya Sonic? I can't here you!" "Father! Long"
  • Sonic Reducer - Pearl Jam
    "I don't need anyone, don't need no mom and dad Don't need no good advice, don't need no human rights I got some news for you, don't even need you too I got my time machine, got my 'lectronic dream Sonic"
  • Sonic Heroes - Crush 40
    "What goes up must come down Yet my feet don't touch the ground See the world spinning upside down A mighty crash without a sound I can feel your every rage Step aside, I'll turn the page Breaking through"
  • Sonic Heroes - Sega Sound Studio
    "What goes up,must come down, yet my feet don't touch the ground. See the world spinning upside down. A mighty crash without a sound. I can feel your every rage, step aside I'll turn the page. Breaking"
  • Sonic Infusion - Mudhoney
    "Don't hand me that line about Transubstantiation I'm not buyin' and I'm running out of patience I can't afford to believe your kind of Truth Redirecting energies, I'm a shaker, I'm a mover The Truth is"
  • Sonic Dynamite - Pink Cream 69
    "Listen and you will believe. Echeos og screaming to give you glory more than you'll ever conceive thundering walls gonna tell the story Shut down the lights. Release the might Tension hangs thick"
  • Sonic Reducer - Saves The Day
    "I don't need anyone Don't need no mom and dad Don't need no pretty face Don't need no human race I got some news for you Don't even need you too I got my time machine Got my electronic dream Sonic reducer Ain't"
  • Sonic Reducer - Overkill
    "I don't need anyone. Don't need no Mom and Dad. Don't need no good advice, Don't need no human race! But I got news for you: I don't even needja too! I've got my time machine, Got my metallic dream Sonic"

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